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Inbox: You're beginning to see the signs

It’s all about gaining experience this time of year


Jeff from Brooklyn, WI

Wes, you got your own microphone in "Three Things"!

Dreams do come true. Good morning!

Ethan from Evansdale, IA

How likely is it Josh Jackson is one of the CBs starting Week 1?

That's tough to gauge at this point. We're only four practices in. The Packers have so many options at cornerback with Tramon Williams, Davon House, Kevin King, Jackson, Jaire Alexander and Quinten Rollins, just to name a few. Then, there's Jermaine Whitehead who can play safety or slot cornerback. The veterans and King are getting the most run with the starting defense right now. I'm sure Alexander and Jackson will get ample opportunity to prove themselves before the depth chart is settled.

JJ from Cayce, SC

Read an article the other day about Josh Jackson receiving most of his work so far in the slot. I think this is a really underrated story. Too often the "slot corner" prototype is stubbornly stuck to. I've always liked the idea of putting a big man on a smaller receiver outside the 20s or in certain situations. Do you think these kinds of matchups are on Pettine's mind, or just a rookie getting reps in training camp?

I think it's just a product of Pettine and Joe Whitt Jr. wanting to get the young cornerbacks as much work as possible in the defense. Alexander and Jackson both have outside-inside flexibility. It's all about gaining experience this time of year.

Tony from Ballston Lake, NY

Came to Green Bay for the first three days of training camp and it was incredible. Saw JK Scott put on a great first-day performance that reminded me of Ray Guy and then he sat out the next two days. Is that normal for the kickers to have limited time during camp?

The Packers are careful not to overwork their kicker and punter in training camp. They'll typically rotate the field-goal and punt teams to keep everyone fresh. Scott's leg has come as advertised, though. You can see why Brian Gutekunst was willing to part with a fifth-round pick to draft Scott. I'm excited to see him work in preseason games.

Bart from Point Roberts, WA

Haven't heard anything so far, but how are Oren Burks and Vince Biegel performing? Has anything in their play stood out yet?

Biegel is getting work in the rotation. I'll be tracking his progress throughout the padded practices and preseason. I've been impressed with Burks' athleticism early on. We'll have to see how everything plays out with Jake Ryan, but Burks may have to play an important role this year with Blake Martinez being the only other inside linebacker on the roster with NFL experience.

Phil from Marietta, GA

Can we at least get to the games before we fill up the IR sheet?

You hate to see any player get carted off the practice field, but it was especially tough to see it happen to Kentrell Brice. The guy had a great offseason and worked hard to put himself in a position to compete for a starting job after finishing last season on IR. Again, we don't know the full extent of the injury. As Kevin King said after practice, you just say a prayer, think positive thoughts and hope for the best.

Tom from Beaver Dam, WI

I worked the Packers Experience this weekend in the kids' zone. It was a great time. Did you have a chance to go through it at all? It was great seeing the younger kids do the drills and how intense they were.

I had a chance to spend a little time there with my two godsons Saturday evening. They had an absolute blast. My brother-in-law also made a 40-yard field goal. That was cool. My personal highlight? Not tearing a hamstring as I whiffed on catching a pass from the JUGS machine.

Fans enjoyed the final day of the festival with live music, USA Football kids' clinics, photo stations and more!

Glenn from Muskego, WI

Wes, nice work on the Justin McCray story. Is he getting any reps at right tackle in case of emergency?

Thanks Glenn. I asked him about this on Saturday. While McCray's primary focus is on right guard, he said he's occasionally getting some work at tackle to stay sharp.

Robert from Albuquerque, NM

I get it, people are eager to know who the 53 will be and want any info they can get. But I wish people could at least wait till after the first preseason game before asking who's leading in a position battle. We all know the games pull a lot of weight. Just my two cents.

This comment came literally minutes after Ethan's question. I love the internet.

Darrin from Las Vegas, NV

How do you feel about Rodgers throwing so many picks in training camp? You think the defense is playing that well, or does Rodgers throw balls in training camp he doesn't normally throw in games?

I feel like how many picks Rodgers throws in practice often gets overanalyzed and critiqued. It's practice. I think he's going to be OK. Picks or no picks, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Jaire Alexander have been flying around the ball during the first week of camp. That's what you want to see.

Frank from Wake Forest, SC

A question was asked about the rookie receivers, and the answer talked about Moore and Valdes-Scantling, even Kumerow was discussed. What about Equanimeous St. Brown from Notre Dame. How is he looking? 

All three of those rookie receivers have done some good things. I think J'Mon Moore has raw tools you like and a good frame. Valdes-Scantling is an absolute burner who can gain separation downfield. St. Brown has a solid build and good underneath quickness. As I said on "Unscripted," this is the most compelling receiver battle during my seven camps on the beat.

Brady from Lodi, WI

With camp starting, have you heard any new nicknames for the Packers players getting bounced around?

I think I accidentally gave Blake Martinez one during practice Monday on Twitter when my phone auto-corrected "Blake" to "Boar." I believe the O-line calls Byron Bell "Big Bear." That's one I hadn't heard before.

Dan from Catonsville, MD

I was able to attend the first three practices this past week. What I noticed in those practices was something different from practices in prior years. The team seemed to have an edge to it, and a real sense of urgency from both players and coaches as they went through practice. Did you feel/observe the same things?

I do. I see a bunch of players, rookies and veterans, who want to get better and prove last year was an anomaly. There's been good competition brewing at several positions, which in turn, creates a good energy in team periods.

Gordon from Newport Beach, CA

Wes, why is the development of a backup QB so elusive? So many team blogs are chiming in about how the backup QBs in camp are struggling with basic accuracy and recognition. These guys were great in college, but now what gives?

The struggle is real for college quarterbacks coming into the pros under the current CBA. That's a reality of football in 2018. You have to adapt, but that doesn't make it easy. Sure, there are guys such as Carson Wentz and DeShaun Watson who come in and look the part, but most QBs need time to develop. Look at Jared Goff and Case Keenum.

George from North Mankato, MN

How has Montravius Adams looked so far in camp? He could be a catalyst for this defense. He's able to play multiple down-lineman positions and should be able to spell Muhammad Wilkerson, Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark to keep them fresh. Any signs of being hindered by his foot?

If Adams has had any mental hurdles to overcome with the foot, it hasn't shown in practice. He's flashing a quick first step and a competitive demeanor. You can watch film and take mental notes until you're blue in the face, but improvement comes on the practice field. Adams wasn't able to do that last year after the foot injury. He's still a young player who has a lot of room to grow, but you're beginning to see the signs that made him a third-round draft pick.

Chris from Marshfield, WI

It seems there are a lot of Bretts in the Green Bay area. Then I realized, Favre was the man in the '90s and such, people probably we're naming their sons Brett around there more than elsewhere. Now they're adults. And time marches on.

You sure it wasn't for Brett Conway? Around the same time.

Chris from Eau Claire, WI

What is the most important things for young players at this point in the season: mastering the playbook, outperforming their counterparts, building chemistry with teammates, or just staying healthy?

Staying healthy goes without saying for every player on the 90-man roster. For young players, I think it's mastering the playbook and building chemistry. Those two factors are what help build a foundation for future success.

Rob from Buckinghamshire, UK

Have the offensive and defensive lines brought back "The Belt" this year?

"The Belt" has yet to make an appearance at Nitschke Field this summer. Not sure if it will.

Christopher from Hagerstown, MD

Have either of you guys ever been to Larry's place for a beer and a brat? Have either of you ever asked him over to your place?

No, but he offered to buy me a beer a couple times. Imagine his reaction when I told him I don't drink. He was gracious enough to order me a cherry soda, though.

Mike from Rapid City, SD

Just a suggestion, why not take a day off and let Larry run the Inbox? I am sure it would be colorful.

I barely have enough time available in the day to write Inbox and my responsibilities don't hold a candle to Larry's.

Jack from Townsend, MT

Any news on Cole Madison?

I can already tell the Cole Madison question is going to be the new B.J. Raji question. Folks, we're not hiding anything. There's no timeline. If there are any updates, I'm sure it'll be everywhere within seconds.

Flavio from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Just curious about what happens to players' apparel (helmets, gloves, pads) after practices and games. Does each player take care of his own apparel, or is it taken care of by team staff?

The Packers' training staff puts out bins for players to throw their pads, helmets and jerseys into after practice. During the season, they'll collect apparel from lockers and start the laundry immediately after games.

Margeaux from Tallahassee, FL

I dropped my tablet Saturday night and it broke. I had to buy a new one and "lo and behold" I can now send questions to Insiders without using my laptop. Ever since the upgrade that hasn't been possible. Just another example of a perceived negative turning into a positive.

Awesome. Welcome back. If you're having problems with the new site, please be sure to update your software and use the newest version of Chrome or Firefox.

Joe from East Moline, IL

Do you think DeShaun Watson will pick up where he left off? Or do you see him coming back to reality now that there is film on him? I think the Jags got hosed last year in the AFC title game, but I'd sure like to see a Houston-Jacksonville AFC title game this year.

Teams will be better educated on Watson in Year 2, but I think he's smart and talented enough to stay ahead of the game if the knee is properly healed.

Jeremy from Newnan, GA

When will the two-a-day Insider Inbox return?

When the sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

Jamie from Rhinelander, WI

How does Packers clothing work for you guys? Do you have to purchase your own shirts in the Pro Shop or do you get a per diem?

I'd say 30 percent of my Packers clothing is given to me, 30 percent I purchase myself, another 30 percent originates from the annual clear-out at the distribution center, and 10 percent is stuff Ma Hod sees in the Pro Shop. No per diem.

John from Chippewa Falls, WI

How often do you guys save a question to use as promotion for a story you're writing?

Maybe once per season.

Leandro from Lexington, KY

Wes, I finally sat down and watched "Draft Day," and I have the Inbox to thank for that recommendation. My favorite part was, of course, the extended cameo by a young Biff.

Are you saying I look like the intern?