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Is it too early to talk MVP candidates? Read Vic's chat Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Hi, everybody. Let's do it.

I'm sorry we got a late start. Something about coding. We'll go a little longer.

Comment From Stan Dederich

On road games, do players hit the town the night before the game or is that a thing of the past?

That is long a thing of the past. They have meetings in the hotel. A football team takes over a hotel and all of its ballrooms. The whole meetings room floor of a hotel becomes the team's camp.

Comment From Typher

Hi vic, how much do you weigh?

170. Why is that important?

Comment From jay

Vic you think Adams or Burnet will play?

I get the sense they're trying to be ready, but it might be a reach. The bye week is on the other side of this game. If they're healthy they'll play. That's the best I can offer.

Comment From Scott

Seems like a lot of fans are looking past the Chargers. Why don't people ever learn?

It's not a name that makes your heart beat faster, but it's a name that made my heart beat faster. I was covering the Steelers when the Chargers had Louie Kelcher, Fred Dean, Fouts and the whole gang. In 1979, they were the best team in the NFL. The Steelers should not have won the Super Bowl that year. The Chargers put a whipping on the Steelers late in the season. That's a franchise that's always been on the verge. I would really hate to see it move to LA. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Chargers.

Comment From David

With Aaron's abilities outside the pocket, why don't we see more planned roll outs?

Do you really want him leaving the safety of the pocket? I'm not afraid of losing, I'm afraid of losing him. He's "The Man."

Comment From Colton

Do you ever get out to the high school games on Friday nights in the Green Bay Area?

I don't and I wish I had the energy to do it. I wish I had a friend that made me go. I am intensely proud of Western Pa. high school football. That's where my fan-type heart is. I grew up on W Pa high school football. It wouldn't mean as much to me to watch high school football somewhere else. If you want to accuse me of being a fan, accuse me of being a fan of my roots.

Comment From Mark

Vic, with 6500 emails in your box, it seems humanly impossible to keep your commitment to read everyone.

It's becoming impossible. I can't read them, but I feel compelled to see them. I literally stare at the screen and look for a word, a name, a hometown or anything that might allow me to say to myself that I read every e-mail. I didn't expect this kind of response when I came here. "Ask Vic" is on fire. I try, folks. I really do. I treasure every question.

Comment From Lambeau Leaper

What time will you be on the air before this weeks game?

1:50? I'm terrible at that. Sometimes they have to come get me and they find me talking to some reporter in the press lounge, and I say, "Oh, I forgot again."

Comment From Guest

What do you see as the main differences between Gurley & Gordon?

I haven't seen Gordon play in person. You have to see a guy in person to get a feel for him. Gurley's size stunned me, just as Bell's did the first time I saw him. I look forward to seeing Gordon play. I know he's a Wisconsin guy and a lot of Wisconsin football fans are as proud of him as I am of the players from W. Pa. I hope Gordon becomes a star.

Comment From Kyle

Vic, ever do the "Jump Around" at Camp Randall?

I've never been to Camp Randall. It looks cool. I'm a football snob. I just sit and watch. I wish I was different, but I've always been like this. There's something about me that won't jump around. I feel a need to soak it all in. I love to watch.

Comment From Torgo

Who is the Best offensive lineman you've covered?

Mike Webster was the best for the longest, Tony Boselli was the best for the shortest, and Carlton Haselrig was the most natural.

Comment From Dan

You know Vic, I wish you had a friend too.

I did that to myself.

Comment From Steve

Sean Richardson is done for the year. Who is your pick to step up in his absence?

Chris Banjo already has. Don't you love a guy like that? He just keeps coming back.

Comment From Dave

What do you think of the job Harbaugh is doing at Michigan?

I had no doubt. Michigan became a winner again the day they hired him. He's a sensational coach.

Comment From PackMan

Are you surprised with Seattle's slow start? Will they rebound from it like we did last year?

They were 3-3 last year. That's a late-season, crunch-time kind of team. I like that kind of team.

Comment From PackerPappy

Week 6 and Baltimore looks terrible, is there enough season left for them to come back?

In that crazy division? Of course there is. They don't start killing each other until November.

Comment From Mark

My wife says she wants to take you out for coffee.

To talk about the Packers?

Comment From Guest

Isn't it too early t be talking about MVP candidates?

Yeah, but not DPOY. I think Clay Matthews is going to have a monster game on Sunday and that'll put him in the driver's seat. MVP is a quarterback award and even though Brady has the lead, it's too early to count out Rodgers. He's got high-profile games coming up against Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. He'll gain a lot of momentum with winning performances in those games. The Favre game is going to be big for Aaron, too.

Comment From PackMan

Name a solid contributor for the Packers this season, that you didn't expect based off of training camp/preseason.

Nate Palmer immediately comes to mind. How about Joe Thomas? He wasn't even on the team.

Comment From Mark

doing anything special during the bye week?

I'm heading down to South Carolina for a visit, but I'll continue to do all the Vics, including the Friday chat.

Comment From JB

Will it be a 60 hour week?

No, because there won't be a 12-hour gameday.

Comment From Michael

With the defense's impressive play early this season, it's easy to forget that they have been playing without Morgan Burnett. What impact do you suspect his return will have on the defense's performance?

When you get a guy back, he usually takes the place of a guy you've just lost to an injury. That's the nature of the game. It is absolutely a game of replacement in every way. Never think in terms of a full roster.

Comment From Jerry

Vic, do most Packers' players live in the Green Bay area during the season or in the larger city of Milwaukee?

I think they all live right in the Green Bay area. This is a dream place for players during the season because they can live close to the facility and they don't have to worry about rush hour traffic. That's what I love most about Green Bay. I wasted hours in traffic in Pittsburgh and Jacksonville. Here, I go to work any time I want. I never have to consider the time of day.

Comment From Garrett in Seattle

"If---" by Rudyard Kipling. I think you've quoted it before, but I didn't recognize the line and looked it up. It's always a pleasure to read that. Do you have any other favorite poems or poets?

I'm not a poetry guy. It just doesn't click for me, but that one does.

Comment From JZ

Vic I know you aren't a man of making predictions, but in your gut, how many Lombardi's do you think #12 will get to hoist by the time he hangs up the cleats?

I'm not clairvoyant, but I absolutely believe he has another in him, and if he gets it this year, I'll tell you I think he has another in him.

Comment From Josh S.

Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. If you could only experience a football game with ONE of the 5 senses, which would you choose?

That's a great question. See the leaves or smell the leaves? Hear the crowd or feel the crowd? I don't know. I'm thankful I don't know. I want to use them all. I love football.

Comment From Lonny

If you were facing the Packers, which would you attempt to take away: run or pass?

Right now, pass. If Eddie Lacy gets it cranked up, run.

Comment From MIke

Just an estimate - how many of your questions everyday are just people being mean?

Not a lot, but I think they deserve to be acknowledged. It's an edge game and I think the column needs some edge. We're edge people.

Comment From Christopher

Is the inbox for Ask Vic Chat as bountiful as just plain old Ask Vic?

They're rolling in here faster than I can pick em and answer em. I apologize to everyone whose question I don't answer.

Comment From Ben

Where will the Ask Vic Hall of Fame be located?

Natrona, Pa. It's where I was born and raised. It's a wealthy town on the Allegheny River.

Comment From Lonny

Great article by Cliff Christl on Bobby Dillon. Who's the best player on the worst team that you've covered?

The inaugural Jags is probably the worst team I covered, and they had several outstanding players: Boselli, Brunell, Jimmy Smith. Cliff's story on Dillon is sensational. Imagine the challenge that man faced. God, I love the old guys.

Comment From JimmyC

Who's the best QB from Western Pa?

1. Unitas, 2. Montana, 3. Marino, 4. Namath, 5. Kelly, 6. Blanda, 7. Willie Thrower, 8. Sandy Stephens, 9. Tom Clements, 10. Lujack. What Clements did in the Orange Bowl to beat Alabama is one of the greatest plays in college football history. Look up Thrower and Stephens. They were Michael Vick before it was allowed.

Comment From BrettGB

Vic, I really enjoyed the "Cenex question of the day" week. Will you do it again?

I'd love to do it again. Cenex has been a great sponsor for this column. I'm very appreciative.

Comment From JB

Who today would pop an eye in and keep playing?

Mike Daniels. He might pop both eyes in.

Comment From Scott LC

Thanks for doing these chats, Vic.

I love doing this. It makes me think. Most of all, I get to find out what interests my readers.

Comment From brian

Did you see Pa. is going to 6 class playoff system?

Yeah, Heinz Field might have to go to artificial turf.

Comment From Beau

Do you have a rooting interest the rest of the way in the baseball playoffs?

I'd like to see the Cubs win.

Comment From Torgo

You've said that you've covered 3 truly intimidating players, who were they?

Joe Greene and Greg Lloyd were two of them. I can't remember the third. Let me think on it.

Comment From Orvis McCreedie

Do you have a single play from your time playing that is most memorable?

It has to be the Immaculate Reception, but there are others. Morten's miss in Jacksonville is one of them and the Fail Mary here.

Comment From Lauren

Do you think that Green Bay will ever build a covered stadium?

No chance. The franchise would lose its mystique.

Comment From Orvis McCreedie

I meant a play from when you were playing in school vic

Oh, yeah. The first play of my high school varsity career. I was sent in to catch a pass, but one of the guys in the huddle saw me coming into the game and thought I was replacing him, so I ended up having to pass block against a guy a hundred pounds heavier than me. I stuck my helmet right in his midsection (if you know what I mean). Watching the film the next day, everybody in the room let out a yell when it got to that play. The coach paused the projector, got up and shook my hand and said, "Welcome to the varsity, Ketchman." There were cheers. You don't forget moments like that.

Well, we went a little long, and I'd like to go a lot longer. I'll never forget my time in Green Bay. I cherish every moment of it. Thanks, folks. Let's do it again next Friday.

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