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Is the goal to win or to just get better this week? Read Vic's chat

Packers.com Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Hi, everybody. Let's go.

Comment From Guest

Inside push or edge rush. Which is better to disrupt Manning?

*In the face. He loves to step up; hates to step out.         *

Comment From JohnnyV

Arguments in Ask Vic comments about Brady being considered the best of all time over Rodgers. Purposeful placement?

Absolutely not purposeful. Hey, this guy has won four Super Bowls, played in six. Look at the body of work, the records. This is an amazing player, and he's showing no signs of age. Your question stuns me.

Comment From Guest

Do we play conservative and rely on an average opposing offense being stopped cold by the D, or do we take some risk on offense (risk = getting Rodgers hit, hit, hit, hit.....)

I'm just not into all of this strategy talk. It's not me. We're at that point in the season now: Do what you do best. That's playing to your identity. The Packers have established an identity on defense. They'll do the same on offense once they get their people back.

Comment From #36 Leaper

Vic, I thought there was a fan event in Denver this weekend. Did something fall through?

There is no Packers Everywhere this weekend in Denver. If I said there was, I was in err and I apologize. The next one is in Arizona.

Comment From David

What will the return of Morgan mean for this defense against Manning?

He's their communicator.

Comment From Guest

Hey Vic, what's your most memorable interaction with a fan during a game?

*It's only happened once. It was in the Metrodome. The press box is in the seats. A Packers fan walked by. He saw me and made a fuss over me. I loved it!              *

Comment From tghn

Is the goal to win or to just get better this week? Seems next week is the week to win.

Just win, baby.

Comment From Matt

We hear a lot about Talib... How good is Chris Harris Jr.?

These are the types of questions I can't answer. He has an interception return for a touchdown. He must be good.

Comment From Jon

What is the one thing you appreciate from this era of football compared to past eras?

I like that question. I'm going to think on it more, but my first response is the contemporary game produces a lot more walk-off games. I like them.

Comment From Don

Elvis or Beatles?

I'm a Motown guy. I never got into the Beatles or Elvis.

Comment From #36 Leaper

Is there a place you like to dine in Denver?

We used to go to a place across the mint. That was a long time ago. Media contingents don't do the Saturday dinners anymore. I miss them.

Comment From Tyler

Would you be in favor of the Pack going after Watt in Free Agency? Read a rumor on that today.

The cap hit would be unPackerlike. Let me put it that way.

Comment From Shane

Will you be wearing khakis on Halloween?

Probably. I'll be in Denver. I only take khakis with me on the road. It's a way of keeping clothes to a minimum. Khakis go with everything.

Comment From PackMan

After last night's game, there's a lot of talk if the Pats can go the distance without a loss. Do you see that happening?

The way they're playing, it wouldn't surprise me. They are amazing.

Comment From David

Elway was one of those guys who 'encouraged' the team who was going to draft him not to by letting them know he would go play baseball instead of play for them. Do you feel this is a right players have or should they simply appreciate being drafted?

*I always felt the Colts should've just picked him and let him ride the minor league buses for awhile. That might've softened him.  *

Comment From MattTallahassee

Manning has lost the passer rating battle in 2 of their 6 games. Rodgers has won it all 6 games. Do those stats mean anything?

I think it's a sensible indicator, but the Broncos defense is No. 1 overall, No. 4 against the run and No. 1 against the pass. It also leads the league in sacks and has scored four touchdowns. You have to factor that into consideration when you use stats. For the Broncos, the passer rating stat doesn't work, for the obvious reason. Don't isolate stats. Use them to complement each other and tell a story.

Comment From Allan

Vic, how are you preparing for altitude in the press box? Extra carbs and water?

No, I'll be fine. You know, this isn't my first trip to Denver. I've covered a lot of games there, in old Mile High and in the new one, whatever it's called. I covered a playoff game there in 1977 I'll never forget. It was the Joe Greene Paul Howard game.

Comment From Frank K.

What have we heard about Lacy and his ankle?

*He's painted a very positive picture about his condition.            *

Comment From #36 Leaper

Did you ever interview Lyle Alzado?

Several times. He was a delight. I love the old guys. I'm sad he's gone.

Comment From Aaron

Are you starting to feel the chill at the gas pump yet?

I bought gas the other day when it was cold and rainy. I didn't enjoy the experience.

Comment From Bruce

Vic, are we ready to run the ball 35 times?

Why, they're No. 4 against the run. I'm not a scheme guy, but my thoughts are that you pass on running downs to keep the Broncos from pinning their ears back and rushing. That's old-school football and it still works.

Comment From Pete Puma

Any memories or thoughts about Steve Atwater?

*Man, could he hit. He couldn't play that way today.      *

Comment From Scott

How important in time of possession in this game?

If the Packers can control time of possession, they can play this game at their tempo. I'd like to see them throttle back a little this week; make sure they have a full tank for the fourth quarter.

Comment From Guest

Vic, is there a reason we have seemingly abandoned the screen game? We used to be heavy slant and screen, it doesn't seem to happen much anymore.

You're living in the past.

Comment From Frozen Tundra

Denver CB Aqib Talib was featured on the MMQB column and discussed how he's done extensive film study on Rodgers over the bye. My guess is that Talib, who is one of the best corners in the league, is looking for tendencies to allow him to 'jump' routes. With that in mind, should we expect some 'new wrinkles' offensively to keep Denver's #1 defense in check?

I don't know. I'm sure that answer doesn't satisfy you, but it's the truth.

Comment From Del

The Patriots were throwing and scoring late in last night's blowout game. That's partly why people complain the Packers "play conservative" with a lead at times, do you agree?

*You do whatever it takes to win. If that's the mentality they want to establish, then the Patriots' penchant for winning justifies it. It's not how I would play. Win the game, preserve your players. A coach's job is not to ease the fans' tension.   *

Comment From Joe

How much non-Packer football do you watch? Is that part of the job?

*I watched a college game and a pro game last night. I learned something valuable from the college game. One of the teams was playing cover zero all night, and I'm seeing more of it all the time. Why? Because the QBs in college aren't good enough to consistently beat it. That's scary for the future. *

Comment From MattTallahassee

"Gimmicks can be recycled." Any guesses on the next gimmick?

*We're going to see the wildcat again. This time, it'll be part of a third-QB, goal-line, short-yardage package.    *

Comment From Chris from Ironwood

The Packers have a pretty tough run of quality non-divisional opponents to go along with the always tough NFC North games. Can they win the division and secure a first round bye with 12 wins?          

Yes, but I don't think that'll do it for the whole playoffs. It could take 13 or 14 this year.

Comment From Scott

Hey Vic, where's your place in South Carolina? Can you have "Ask Vic" day there? My parents used to take me to Kiawah Island, and I absolutely loved it. Did your house survive the flooding?

I'm two islands down, Edisto Island. It's remote and I love it. I have three crab traps I've never used. I'm going to learn to live a new kind of life, just as I did when I came to Green Bay. I like that kind of stuff.

Comment From Joe

For all the hype this week, next week's game is more important. Do you agree?

In terms of tiebreakers, absolutely, and tiebreakers are huge. We all know that, right?

Comment From Seth

Vic, when you're watching a game you're covering, what specifically are you watching?

Everything I can't see on TV.

Comment From Jesse

There's a bar here in San Francisco that serves "Pittsburgh style" sandwiches. is that really a thing?

*I've heard of steak Pittsburgh style, but not sandwiches.            *

Comment From Steve

What is steak Pittsburgh style?

*It's cooked at a ridiculously high temperature, which sears the outside into a crust, but the inside stays pink. There's a place in Charlotte that advertises it, and I think I saw one in Minneapolis, too.            *

Comment From Carl

I have covered high school and college football for 36 years. Every game seems exciting and different in some way. I will quit when that ceases to happen. Same with you?

*Natural causes will get me before then.              *

Comment From John

I used to live in Cleveland and they sold Pittsburgh style sandwiches. Think Primanti Bros. - coleslaw and French fries.

Comment From Ric from Longmont, CO

I went to a steak joint in MN called "Pittsburgh Blue", and the waitress recommended against ordering our steaks "blue".

*That was probably the place.    *

Comment From Carl

Would you be shocked to learn that Dom Capers, as a youngster in southeast Ohio, used a scissors and ruler when he mowed lawns for money to make sure the edging was the perfect heigth? Detail oriented even then. Loved interviewing him over the years.

Coach Capers is the most gracious interview I have ever known. He is a wonderful man and he knows more about defense than I could ever imagine. I am beyond thankful I'm spending my final years covering him.

Comment From Seth

Vic, do you know the reporters that cover the other teams around the league?

*Not as many as I did. Many have retired. But I still have close friends in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Dallas and Chicago, to name a few.             *

Comment From Rockin Ron

Vic, Do you still have a place PA? I was born in Butler, ever been there?

*My family is gone from there now. I have friends and memories left; that's all. I played my first-ever organized football game in Butler. It was junior high and we won the game. I watched Terry Hanratty play at our place. Butler turned out big-time players in the 60s, including the Saul brothers.       *

Comment From Eric

Vic, you've been in the Fox Valley area for several years now. If you were to move your (young) family back to the area, where would you target to set up home?

I owned a home in De Pere for four years. I love De Pere.

Comment From Brian

Which team in the AFC (if any) can realistically challenge New England for the AFCC this year?

*I've thought about this. Denver has the defense to do it. I think they're the one.            *

Comment From Owen

Can you name one current college qb that you DO like?

*Not yet.              *

Comment From C-Lee

Not the Bengals?

*We're going to find out about the Bengals this week.   *

Comment From Seth

Vic, have you ever personally witnessed a press conference rant, similar to Denny Green vs Chicago a few years back? How does the room feel when that happens?

Not a rant, but I've covered press conferences in which a coach or player has struggled with his emotions, and it's not fun. I covered Arnold Palmer's press conference at his last U.S. Open. I felt uncomfortable seeing him hurt so badly.

Comment From Raff

Vic, Do you think the Packers are more physical on defense this year?

*I do. The young players are coming into their primes and they're starting to fly around. I think the Packers are going into a long run of strong defense.           *

Comment From Matt

Any sense of how Davante Adams is looking in practice? I notice he is still a limited participant.

Media is not permitted to watch more than the opening moments of practice.

Comment From Guest

Whatever possessed you to leave Pittsburgh to go to expansion Jacksonville? The weather?

*Opportunity. This is my job. If you're not willing to pursue career advancement, you're really not committed to your career. It's really difficult to make fans understand this. Maybe I should just give up. One more time: My job is No. 1.   *

Comment From Brian

Is there any question you would like to answer but nobody has asked?

Not really. I'm going to sign off by saying thanks. It's going to be a great weekend. Enjoy it, please.

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