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Is this a Super Bowl season?

Are you ready for change?


Gary from Onalaska, WI

What fun? Tell them you're going to work for the Vikings.

If I had to do it all over again, I'd be a football writer, and you damn well better believe I'd cover the Green Bay Packers.

Derek from Janesville, WI

Vic, who was your favorite president and why?

It was Kennedy because I was young and innocent, as was an entire generation of baby boomers. We all lost our innocence with Nixon.

Erick from Charlottesville, VA

Do you realize you've created an Internet utopia? It's hard to believe there is actually a website where people read words and then engage in comments that delve deeper into the themes discussed in the column without trailing off to pointless diatribes. I hope we can keep this standard. We have you to thank for it.

I lobbied hard for the comments section. I promised to keep it clean. They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. Look at what we've done.

Bill from Staten Island, NY

You said let's have some fun this week. I think we'd all enjoy a re-post of the "Final Thoughts" video you and Mike did when you thought your ear might have fallen off. Any chance of seeing that classic again?

I'll never forget the cold. "How can they sit out in this?" I'd ask Mike.

Jerry from La Crosse, WI

Vic, Ernest Hemingway wrote, "Retirement is the ugliest word in the language." Your thoughts?

Hemingway is wrong and so was Coach Noll when he said if you're thinking about retirement, you've already retired. I was thinking about it all last season and I never worked harder in my life.

Aaron from Wrightstown, WI

Vic, the 2014 NFC title game also sticks with me, as bitter of a loss as it was. You say that was the day you fell in love with the Green Bay Packers. Well, that was the day I realized how much this column meant to me. I sent in a message to you expressing the pain I was feeling, knowing it probably wouldn't get published, but it made me feel better. It made me feel like someone was listening. Then, reading the column the following day, I began the process of healing and continued to heal through this column and gained perspective day by day. All we can say is thank you for coming to Green Bay. Packer nation is steeped in tradition and this column has become a new tradition and has helped change this fan base for the better.

Writing is therapeutic. It's always helped me get through the bad days.

Les from Las Vegas, NV

Roger Goodell, Tom Brady and Vic walk into a bar.

Vic sits down at the other end of the bar with Rozelle and Hornung.

Jason from Lewistown, PA

Do you have any memories of Kyle Brady?

He does the best Bill Parcells imitation I have ever heard.

Mike from Windber, PA

First off, thank you for making my lunch so enjoyable over the past few years and I wish you nothing but the best with the change. If you had a picnic with Noll, Cowher, Coughlin and McCarthy, who is grilling and what do you talk about besides football?

Chuck Noll is sipping on a glass of wine of distinct vintage, Bill Cowher is cooking steaks over an intense fire, Tom Coughlin is complaining about the smoke and Mike McCarthy is watching all of this over the top of his play-call sheet. Seriously, how could I have ever been so fortunate to have not only covered these four coaching legends, but also to have asked them questions and to have been graced by their well-considered answers? I owe each one of those men thanks for acknowledging my presence and for educating me about the game I love.

J.T. from Whitewater, WI

If you could ask one question to one player or coach over the period you've been a lover of football, what and who would you ask?

I'd ask Frenchy if he touched the ball.

Tou from Eau Claire, MN

What is a fictional book we all should immerse ourselves into?

The book of life is fiction until we write the words. Imagine the book you'll write.

Sam from Madison, WI

Thanks for talking me down after the "Fail Mary," the onside nightmare, Jairus Byrd-mania and all of the other ups and downs of the past few years. I am prepared for the change because I know better now it's just entertainment.

We take it all too seriously. That's the problem.

Randy from Roanoke, VA

Vic, what will you enjoy most about being able to watch an NFL game of your choice as a fan instead of as a sportswriter?

Now I can watch with both eyes, instead of having to use one of them to write.

Jim from California

Vic, you have told us much this offseason about your idyllic life in the state of humidity, your sartorial splendor consisting of tees, shorts and flip-flops. However, considering other preferences expressed in past years, you have not offered any idea as to your proclivity in shorts. In your out-of-the-office style, are you still partial to khakis, or open to plaids, pastels?

I left Green Bay at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 23. I drove through a blinding snow storm in the Smokies and arrived at my home on Edisto Island at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 24. Shortly thereafter, I peeled off my socks. I haven't worn a pair of socks since. It's a good look for a pair of khaki shorts.

Larru from Cumming, GA

My every day will change next week. Thanks for making them better.

Change is good.

Justin from Sherwood, AR

What are you going to miss the most this season? Free hot dogs in the press box?

I'm most going to miss the walk to the press box. The anticipation was addictive. This was my last walk.

Gary from Tompkinsville, KY

I look forward to the Insider. My family spent 10 days at Isle of Palms in Charleston, SC. Is that close to where you live?

Edisto Island is far from everything. That's why I live there.

Marty from Grafton, WI

Vic, what is the feel in your inbox like today?

There's joy for what we've shared, which confirms we spent our time wisely. What we can't remember is time wasted.

Steven from Racine, WI

You are leaving right before a Super Bowl victory.

I have that feeling, too.

Brandon from Tacoma, WA

Just looked at the roster and I know it's still too early to be set in stone, but where is John Kuhn? I understand he is still in free agent status, but I keep reading conflicting reports about his status and the front office moving on this coming season. Do you have any insight?

Change is good.

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