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It's a comedy act for our enjoyment

Inside linebackers not flying off the shelves


Jered from Baton Rouge, LA

Vic, are you in favor of the proposed rule change that gives each team one possession in overtime?

I'm not in favor of it because it's another sellout to the offensive side of the ball. I don't like whatever-team-has-the-ball-last type of games, and this kind of rule will promote that mentality. Be that as it may, if the game is continually softened, this is the mentality football will have to adapt to make up for the kind of rock-ribbed defense I like but will surely be legislated out of the game.

Robert from Green Bay, WI

Is there a lot of Brandon Spikes fever in your inbox lately? Four out of the top five ILBs are still sitting out there. I wouldn't believe anybody that told me we aren't going to sign one of them.

The fact inside linebackers aren't flying off the shelves tells us inside linebacker isn't a premier position. Why do you want to overpay for one? You can't allow yourself to panic in March.

Matt from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, I've tried to get into your posts but I feel a disconnect. No offense. I'm sure you're a nice guy and been around the NFL a long time, but don't Packers fans deserve someone with some Packers history to cover the team? We had to bring in a former Jag reporter? Are you that talented or does our state really lack the right person for your job?

You're absolutely right, Matt. I'll fire myself today.

Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, the Packers seem a lot more willing this year to let role players move on to other teams. Do you think this is being emphasized as part of a strategy that is determined to move on from last year's tough finish?

That's not it. Tom Crabtree was a role player. This isn't new stuff. You can't keep everybody; the cap won't let you do it. You dig deep to keep your core players, and then you challenge yourself to replace the role players you can't afford to keep because keeping them would mean paying them at a level that would demand they be something more than a role player.

Jim from Manteca, CA

Vic, with all of the electronic wizardry nowadays, a new helmet should be easy. It would have impact sensors in strategic spots. They would detect the force of impact, and if it met the pre-programmed concussion/danger criteria, little red blinking lights built into the outer shell would go off. It would signal to the officials the player should be sent to the sidelines, or else so embarrass the player that he would run off to the bench to hide. Either way, it would reduce the possibility of further injury.

Everybody's helmet would be blinking. You're in the "Ask Vic" Hall of Fame.

Bobby from Burleson, TX

Vic, if the Packers sign Welker, would it make sense to split Jordy and Davante wide, put Wes in the slot and Cobb in the backfield. You could have Rodgers as tight end. This lineup seems like a nightmare for opponents. What do you think?

Where's Eddie Lacy?

Dan from Golden Valley, MN

Vic, Packers fandom needs you to set the linguistic standard. Are we Packer fans, Packers fans or Packers' fans?

Packers fans.

Angel from Mexico City, Mexico

In almost every article or football program I see, the media just keep coming after the Packers for not making any move on free agency. It doesn't bother you?


Bernie from Chesterfield, VA

Will we ever see the linemen standing at the beginning of each play rather than in a three-point stance?

A few years ago – it was during an interview on one of those Sunday morning news shows – the commissioner raised the possibility of three-point and four-point stances being outlawed. The purpose would be to reduce contact to the head. Disbelief was largely the reaction to what the commissioner was suggesting. I believe we're headed for that day. It would represent the single-greatest effort to change the culture.

Mike from Pickerington, OH

Vic, I tried an experiment tonight. I read your column to my four-year-old daughter for her bedtime story. I used inflection with my best silly voices but I lost her at Weston from Marion, IL. My wife was surprised I kept her attention as long as I did. If it's any consolation, you lost to the Berenstain Bears.

Did you tell her it's a game of replacement?

Taylor from Charleston, IL

Am I the only person against signing Wes Welker?

I think so.

Greg from Danbury, CT

It seems to me Coach McCarthy has made the statement for the next season. By passing the play-calling responsibilities to Tom Clements, McCarthy is saying the leadership will get better. This time, he's putting complete responsibility for improvement squarely on his shoulders. I like that.

He would tell you he is completely responsible for everything about his football team.

Fred from Monroe, WI

Are the "Prospect Primers" on the website young men you feel the Packers likely have an interest in for the draft?

At some point in the scouting process, the Packers will have had interest in every prospect eligible for the draft, and a report will have been written about each of those prospects. As the draft nears, teams begin targeting specific prospects.

Jason from Maumee, OH

Is it the fans that have wide receiver fever, or is it a case of the national sports media reporting unfounded and irresponsible rumors?

Free agency is all about drama. It's for people that enjoy drama and are accepting of rumors for the sake of drama. If you're someone that wants factual information, this isn't a good time for you. This is absolutely the most ridiculous event on the NFL calendar. The money that's being spent on players that, in many cases, were unwanted by their previous team, is insane. This year's event was taken to an even higher level of insanity by the wild flurry of trading. My approach to free agency is that it's a comedy being acted out for my enjoyment.

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