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It's about finding the cutback lanes

To beat the Panthers, you better stop the run


Terry from Canton, MI

Vic, enough about the offense. What type of game will the defense have to play against the Panthers?

Stop the run or lose. That's the way I see it.

Craig from Buffalo, NY

The remainder of the schedule looks incredibly challenging and I couldn't be more excited about it. Give me a team in the playoffs that's been battle-tested over a team that blew out opponents all season.

I completely agree. Fans want the season to play out as a neat little package of expected wins and losses that'll deliver homefield advantage for the playoffs and a quick and painless trip to the Super Bowl. Yeah, sure. It's more likely the season will unfold with a series of highs and lows, the latter of which will require overcoming adversity. The 2011 season was ready to have a bow wrapped around it until the Giants sneaked into the postseason, bowed their neck against all of the adversity that team faced, and then got hot. There are several examples of that happening, and the 2010 Packers are one of them.

Tim from Sires, WI

Vic, when Lacy is running at his best, he's a one-cut runner with power. It seems like he has been trying to bounce it outside a lot. The highlight from the Broncos game was his one cut for a touchdown, as he ran over a defensive player. He needs to get back to that style of running if the run game is to take off.

You're describing a back finding the cutback lanes in a zone-blocking scheme. It's at the heart of a one-cut runner's success.

Luke from Derby, KS

Vic, were you on the Cam Newton conference call? It really wasn't good.

I missed out on that one.

Adrian from Winston Salem, NC

Vic, I was just looking at the remaining schedule and noticed Oakland is 4-3. Do you think they could be a surprise team to make the playoffs?

Didn't I make the Raiders my surprise team of the year back in the spring?

Tim from Upland, CA

Vic, I'm hearing a lot about how Aaron Rodgers needs to throw receivers open. Can you explain what that means or entails?

It means throwing with anticipation so the receiver might come open as the ball is arriving. In other words, with apologies to Wee Willie Keeler, throw it where they ain't.

Chris from Sun Prairie, WI

Vic, the Panthers are first in rush offense and 29th in pass offense. Is it reasonable to assume we might see a loaded box this weekend? Keep it simple.

That's scheme – it still has to be executed – and if that's what a team has to do to win, then do it, but I'd rather the Packers be able to win straight up. If you load the box, you better guess right.

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