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It's almost time to let it rip

Packers fan made a big mistake; he moved to Chicago


Zach from Denver, CO

Vic, what is the significance, if any, of the head bob you give at the end of the "Final Thoughts" intro?

Maybe I'm trying to send a message: Don't take any of this too seriously, folks. I'm just trying to help you have fun.

Michael from Berlin, Germany

Vic, Kansas City is a perfect 9-0 without a top-notch QB. Even though I agree with you that you basically can't have any kind of sustained success without "The Man," there seems to be no way of denying that the Chiefs have been proving the opposite for more than half a regular season. How long would they have to keep winning in order to prove that a lot of top-tier talent at other positions can be enough compensation for a rather average or slightly above average QB?

The playoffs define everything. We'll see. I watched the game against Buffalo yesterday. With all due respect to what the Chiefs have done this season, and I banged their drum long before the season began, I was not impressed by what I saw yesterday, and that is especially true for the Chiefs run defense. I didn't see a lot of top-tier talent.

Mike from St. John, WI

Vic, I was shocked to read your story about your greatest football memory. You're telling us you weren't on the high school team yourself and didn't play? I always hear guys telling me they were only 120 pounds in high school, but I'm not always buying it.

I was eight years old. Can't go to school, can't go to the game. This was THE game. It was a disappointment so big that I'll never forget it. As it turns out, not being allowed to go to the game provided me with an even greater and longer-lasting memory. I learned something that night. I learned how to sit silently and listen. I learned that if you stare hard enough and long enough into the glow in the sky, you can see what's happening. I saw it all. Maybe that's why I like to watch.

Tyler from Columbus, OH

Saw a great hit in the Bills-Chiefs game, on Dexter McCluster inside the red zone. The hit was completely legal, physical, entertaining and the receiver walked to the sideline. Is it just a matter of time before defenders adapt to the new strike zone of hitting, or do we still need to further change the game by taking off facemasks?

I'm seeing evidence of defenders adapting to the new strike zone. They're going for the knees. I saw it in a couple of instances on Sunday. Brandon Meriweather is spot on. I'm glad he said what he did. All we've done is move the place of injury. The game needs to be reshaped.

Eric from Washington, DC

Vic, the quote you mentioned from Greg Lloyd is hilarious. What are some of your favorite quotes from players over your many decades as a sportswriter.

One of my favorites belongs to a pitcher named Jerry Reuss. Marriage was something he struggled to sustain, and he said he had developed a cynical attitude toward marriage. Instead of getting married, every four years he was going to find somebody he hates and buy them a house. I loved Chuck Noll's "nobody knows" quotes. Chuck was very good at subtle humor and at sending subtle messages. If he felt it was taking longer than normal for a player to return from an injury, then when he was asked by a reporter when the player would return to action, Chuck would say, "Nobody knows." It makes me laugh just to write those words.

Ian from Chicago, IL

Vic, I grew up in Wisconsin and I'm a huge Packers fan, but I currently reside in Chicago. Any places you recommend that I can find some Packers love tonight in Chicago?

I can't help you. You've made a terrible mistake and you're going to have to live with it.

Graeme from Melbourne, Australia

Just heard you on "Final Thoughts." Yeah, go get 'em, boys.

Let it rip, Graeme. We all need to let it rip. The Packers players need to let it rip. It's almost time to let it rip. Are you ready for some football? I am.



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