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It's hard not to have expectations

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John from Prescott, WI

Vic, I think Rodger Goodell should be the fourth head on the NFL Mt. Rushmore. He has overseen the greatest increase in both fans and revenue, ushered in the era of the casual fan and has been forced to confront issues with both safety and conduct of players on a continual basis. Whether you like him or not, he has done a lot to shape the NFL as we see it today.

The commissioner will be defined by his efforts to change the culture. It's at the heart of the player-safety movement. Just think of what he's trying to do: Change the game from an attitude of physical punishment to an attitude of passive aggressiveness. If he can pull it off, without the game losing popularity, he'll go down in history as one of the greatest sports league commissioners ever.

Jason from Squaw Valley, CA

If Brett Hundley plays well enough to become a starter, what would be better, to trade him for a draft pick or keep him and let him start after Aaron retired?

Is that a decision we need to make now? Shouldn't we at least wait until he plays a preseason game before we start asking that question?

Ed from South Beloit, IL

Good morning, Vic. Perhaps there is a place on the plaque in front of Mt. Rushmore for Ed and Steve Sabol. Thanks for all your hard work.

The Sabols and their creation, NFL Films, did much to romanticize and popularize the NFL at a time when baseball was king, but let's not forget the Sabols were Pete Rozelle's creation. That's another reason Rozelle is on my Mt. Rushmore.

Phil from Tampa, FL

Vic, what is it about horseracing that brings back the sportswriter we all miss? I've read several articles on American Pharoah's recent accomplishment, and the writing is dripping with emotion.

It's because the horse can't talk. Sportswriters don't have to interview him. If the horse could talk and he was interviewed, he'd probably say he just wants to contribute, or go into some boring explanation of hoof technique.

Raym from Harrisburg, PA

Vic, what one thing about your job, if any, makes you a little uneasy?

It's the potential for regret. There have been times I've expressed an opinion, and then I've changed my opinion. It hasn't happened often, but it's happened. You want to be sure, but you can't; new facts emerge.

Adrian from East Orange, NJ

Do you think Ralph Wilson's efforts in keeping the AFL together in its infancy warrants a spot on Mt. Rushmore?

It warrants a spot on the old AFL Rushmore. A lot of people want to put Al Davis on the NFL Rushmore, but there wouldn't have been an Oakland Raiders if it wasn't for Wilson.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, can you please un-ban me?


Rob from Webb City, MO

Vic, do you think Packers fans can get over their Brandon Spikes fever now?

What I'll never understand is why the average fan thinks he knows more about free agents than 32 teams that possess an army of scouts and spend a fortune in acquiring information on those players. I had people in my inbox who were actually angry the Packers weren't pursuing Spikes.

Brett from Houston, TX

Photos from the 18th annual Junior Power Pack Kids Clinic from Saturday, June 6, inside the Don Hutson Center. Photos by Elizabeth Lasee,

When did the NFL realize it could make a ton of money? Is there a commissioner or owner that is credited for getting the NFL to where it is today?

The NFL began pushing the revenue envelope especially hard during the Paul Tagliabue years. I consider him to be the revenue commissioner. The club seat concept blossomed during his time at the helm, and so did sponsorship.

Chris from Cortez, CO

What is your favorite memory of your first NFL game?

It was the colors. I had never seen a color TV at that point in my life. Football was a black and white sport for me. The first game I ever attended was at Forbes Field, between the Giants and the Steelers. I can still see the Steelers' yellow helmets and the Giants' scarlet-red letters on their white jerseys. The colors fascinated me.

Aaron from Seymour, IN

Is it wrong to think Rodgers would have multiple championships if the team would address some needs in free agency, as the Patriots do? Keep the draft and develop, but address a need now instead of waiting three years for it to work out or not.

Didn't the Packers do that last season with Julius Peppers? How many free agents do you want to sign? What young players wouldn't be on the roster today if they had signed more free agents?

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

What was the original intent of the facemask? Minimize eye poking?

Protect the gash on Otto Graham's face.

Bryan from Madison, WI

I hope this finds you well. I can't disagree with any of the names, and I certainly agree there should be an African-American player on the list, but shouldn't there also be a place for Steve Sabol? Talk about a guy who changed the game.

I'm getting a lot of votes for Steve Sabol, and that's heartwarming, but if you're going to carve a mountain of rock to look like a man's head, do you want people pointing at it and saying, "Who's that?"

Alper from Green Bay, WI

Who would Vic Ketchman name the MVP award after?

Jim Brown; he's not prominent enough in the NFL's account of history. I have young people in my inbox asking me who Jim Brown is. That's bad for the NFL. The NFL continues to be lax in its regard for history. It's a mistake. Celebrate your history; don't ignore it.

Ramon from Paramount, CA

Using your crystal ball, how many rings can you see on Aaron's hand by the end of his career?

I just don't think like that. What I can tell you is I have great excitement for this coming season.

Adam from San Jose, CA

What do you love most about football? What do you like least?

I love physical contact. It's what attracted me to the game and it's what still attracts me to the game. I like stats the least.

Dan from Waupun, WI

Is "Ask Vic Day" still July 29th?

Greg from Wauwatosa, WI

Do you believe the offense is set up for an historic league performance this year?

I don't see a weakness. I'm not a fan of expectations, but it's hard not to have them for this offense this season.

Sean from San Diego, CA

The Vikings seem to think this upcoming season is their year. Are they a real threat to the Packers solidifying the NFC North?

If solidifying the NFC North means winning another division title, then, yes, I would consider the Vikings a real threat.

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