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It's the definitive question for this game

Mike McCarthy, Pete Carroll are leaders of men


Phil from Sedgleyl, England

It's pretty obvious Aaron won't be goaded into throwing the ball anywhere near Richard Sherman just to prove a point, but are there any players you can think of past or present who wouldn't be able to resist such a challenge?

I don't know because in 43 years of covering the NFL this is the most ridiculous issue on which I have ever reported or expressed an opinion.

Dick from Saint Cloud, MN

Just read Julius Peppers on the verge again. I couldn't help but think of Reggie White, obtained in free agency, close to several Super Bowls, and came to the Packers to fulfill his dream.

I expected more and better storylines this week than what has surfaced, which is to say next to nothing. I never expected Peppers to steal the spotlight with his media conference yesterday, but he did. I'm ready for Sunday.

Justin from Athens, GA

Similar to the need of a tight end for depth, what are your thoughts on nose tackle?

You can never have enough big guys.

Ben from Saint Joseph, MI

I was wondering, are all football fields crowned in the NFL? How much does it vary, and how does it impact the game?

NFL fields are largely flat. A groundskeeper once told me NFL fields by and large have a one percent crown, which means they veritably have no impact on the game. The last time I covered an NFL game that was played on a field with a big crown was in 2001, when the Seahawks were playing at Husky Stadium. College fields can have big crowns, which was especially true during the wishbone era when teams wanted to get their backs running downhill on cornerbacks. A high crown can cause sideline passes to sail high.

Raff from Wallingford, CT

Vic, in your opinion, can the Packers bang with the Seahawks?

Thank you for asking the definitive question for this Sunday's game. I think the Packers can bang with the "Legion of Boom," but I anxiously await proof of that.

Mark from Round Rock, TX

Do you remember your response to the shellacking from Week 1? Seattle is better than you thought they were. Guess what: They are even better now. They have the best defense in the NFL, while the Packers defense still cannot get off the field. Both quarterbacks are at their best when extending plays out of the pocket, but Rodgers' calf injury takes that away. The Packers will have to go all in to stop Lynch, and Wilson will scramble just enough every series to keep them on the field and put up touchdowns.

You're forgetting about Aaron Rodgers' magic wand. Beware the magic wand.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, what do you think of the coaching matchup between Mike McCarthy and Pete Carroll for this Sunday's game? What makes each of them a good coach?

They are leaders of men.

Adam from Auckland, New Zealand

In his press conference, Julius Peppers said this of Mike McCarthy: "He's a player's coach. He's a strong leader of men. You never have to wonder what he's thinking." Looks like someone's been reading "Ask Vic".

That's not it. It's just a fact. Lombardi, Landry, Noll, etc., were leaders of men. They didn't pencil whip you; their players whipped you.

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