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It wasn't just the pick, it was the whole package

The target was the mystery


Justin from Centerville, UT

Are you kidding me??? Oh, okay.

A pretty good summation of the immediate reactions.

Jamie from Lincoln, UK

You must be exhausted already! You spoke about Gutekunst preparing for every possible scenario, but he gave you guys a run for your money! Fantastic move to start Gute's first draft, I love it.

That was an action-packed first round. I'd never gone into a draft thinking the Packers could go in so many different directions, and then the sequence that played out had not even crossed my mind. I'd say whew, except there's no way Gutekunst is done trading.

Johan from Pembroke, ON

Hey Insiders, will Alexander's play be able to help lessen the Packers' lack of game-changing linebackers? Those guys seem to be hard to come by, but the Packers have kept the cupboard a bit bare at that position. Maybe something happens today or tomorrow though. Help me try to understand this pick?

It wasn't just the pick, it was the whole package that came with the trades. I'll let other readers help explain.

Eric from Kenosha, WI

Let's see if I have this down. The Gute basically traded a third-rounder this year for a first next year and got his speedy corner? Wow.

If you don't want to confuse the issue with all the somewhat negligible shifting of late-round picks, which is fair enough in my book, then yeah.

Jason from Johnston, IA

With Edmunds and James still available I was mad for about 10 seconds. Then I saw what we got in return for trading back and watched as we ended up with one of the best corners in the draft. Gute knows what he's doing.

The net of this trade on the draft value chart is squarely in Green Bay's favor even if the Saints win the Super Bowl next year.

Ryan from Oshkosh, WI

So the Packers had Alexander higher than Edmunds and James on their board?

More likely equal, or very close to it. Gutekunst's read of the board was somebody he liked was going to be there as long as he could move back up into the late teens.

Dan from Oak Creek, WI

If you read some of the reactions after the Packers traded back, it's like the world came to an end. What was your first thought in the moments after the trade was announced, and what did you think of the move to trade back up for Alexander?

I thought right away after the first trade he was going to try to trade back up, but after Edmunds and James went, I didn't know who the target was. That was the mystery to me.

Eivind from Nordfjordeid, Norway

Jon-Eric Sullivan described Jaire Alexander as "twitchy." I am not a native speaker, nor well-versed in football terminology, so can you please explain what that term means for a CB?

I take it as a reference to the suddenness of his reactions, and an emphasis that there's plenty of quickness to go with the straight-line speed.

View photos of Packers first round draft pick CB Jaire Alexander at the 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas. Photos by NFL, AP and Perry Knotts, NFL.

Kelly from Irvine, CA

With making a pick comes leaving other players available for other teams. While every team is better after the draft, were there any picks made by our most immediate competition that might prove especially difficult for the Packers to contend with in the future? Thanks for all you do.

The Bears got as close to the next Brian Urlacher as they ever will with Roquan Smith, at least potentially. The Vikings got Mike Hughes where they did probably because of the off-field stuff, or he'd have been picked higher. It will be interesting to compare his career with Alexander's down the road, because he was the next corner taken, 12 spots after the Packers picked. The Lions taking Frank Ragnow is not a sexy pick, but he and Kenny Clark could be in for a lot of knock-down, drag-out battles in the years ahead.

Dan from Athens, OH

Here's hoping Jaire plays well right away and the Saints pull the ole first-to-worst switch next year!

The Saints obviously feel they're close to another Super Bowl, with Brees in the final stages and coming a fluke play from the NFC title game last year. They may be right, but this is the NFL.

Charlie from Superior, WI

We need to find a way to draft Harold Landry on Friday. He won't last long and this isn't the deepest draft for pass rushers.

That first pick in the fourth round is all the Packers really have to make a meaningful jump in the second round, and if you do that to, say, go from 45 to 35, you have no picks from 35 until 133 without making more trades.

Cindy from Los Angeles, CA

Good morning! There seems like a lot of good talent still available on Day 2. What package of the Packers' late-round picks look like it could get them an additional second- or third-round pick?

The picks at the top of the fourth and fifth rounds, plus Green Bay's fourth-round compensatory, could get the Packers back near the middle of the third. Then the other three fifth-rounders could get you back into the middle of the fourth. But you have to find a trading partner and be willing, most likely, to do a three-for-one to make a significant move back into the third or fourth.

Dennis from Toledo, OH

Just wondering, for security purposes regarding the draft board, do you know if the Packers, and for that matter other teams, use an air gap computer to store the vital information on before the draft? For those not familiar with the term air gap it describes a computer completely isolated from the internet and any network computers connected to the internet, thus being unavailable for hacking.

I don't know for certain, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. You've made me curious enough to find out.

Take a look at Packers 18th draft pick CB Jaire Alexander at Louisville. Photos by AP, NFL and College Press Box.

Theodore from St. Louis, MO

Now that we're done mock drafting, can we get to mock cut-downs?

I expect those to come rolling in Monday.

Page from Havre de Grace, MD

When I was in middle school, some kid knew I was a Packers fan and gave me a rookie card he happened to have. I couldn't have cared less so I left it in a drawer in my parents' house. I was helping my parents do some house cleaning last week and sure enough, there's an Aaron Rodgers rookie card staring me in the face as I open that drawer. What does a man do with such a gift?

Frame the card, find the old middle school friend, and take him out to lunch.

Dylan from Houston, TX

I caught you using Dez's words to respond to Bradley from Riverview, FL. After review though, I didn't catch it. In three years, hopefully there will be an Inbox rule change and I can say I would have caught it again.

Nicely done.

David from Florence, AZ

So Wes was watching the '05 draft in a lady friend's dorm room. How did that turn out?

Most popular question that came in Thursday before the start of the draft. It's up to him if he's going to tell us the rest of the story.

Chris from Vancouver, Canada

Insiders, there is a die-hard Packers fan with season tickets to the Bears. He was not allowed on the field for a ticket-holder event because he wore Packers colors and is now suing. He does pay good money for the tickets, but it is their stadium. Where do you stand if the same thing happens in Lambeau?

I would like to see the Packers fans buy that Bears fan a beer.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Does Aaron pull that old pinstripe suit out of the closet each year to watch the draft in?

I hope not. I hope he's saving it to ship to Canton someday.

Sam from Skokie, IL

I would add to the list of Hall of Famers drafted Sterling Sharpe. He was a No. 7 pick, and without his career being cut short, he was definitely HOF material. He was better than brother Shannon, who is in the Hall (and Shannon would agree). He was not only prolific, look at all the clutch winning TDs he got open for when everyone knew the ball would go to him.

Totally concur. Sharpe would fall under the "should've been" category in Wes's original answer. I was actually surprised to learn when I talked to Sharpe at the NFL Honors event that he doesn't really think about his HOF chances, even now that players with shortened careers, like Terrell Davis, are getting in. In his shoes, it would be hard for me not to dwell on it at least a little.

Al from Green Bay, WI

So, what did we learn about Brian Gutekunst last evening?

That when he says he's prepared for every scenario, we can believe him.

Greg from Cuenca, Ecuador

The pressure for Vince Biegel to perform just went up exponentially.

He doesn't strike me as a guy who's going to back down from the challenge. But I don't disagree.

Jeremiah from Denver, CO

What happens if the Saints go 0-16?

The Packers spend all of next offseason on the clock.

Matt from Waunakee, WI

Not many mock drafts saw that coming.

Ward at 4, Edmunds and James lasting until 16 and 17, Moore going before Ridley at receiver, two running backs besides Barkley in the first round. No one really knows what these teams are thinking. No one.

Patrick from St. Paul, MN

I'd absolutely love to find out which players they would have stayed pat for had they been on the board.

Or if there was a serious phone call made to Denver when Chubb slipped to 5.

Daniel from Appleton, WI

Just think of all the pre-draft speculation the two of you will have to read next year with the two first-round selections!

Can't wait.

Tyler from Crane Lake, MN

1-for-1 on Prospect Primers already, keep up the great work.

Fingers crossed.

Nick from Emerald, WI

As I sit here on a slow day working in a liquor store, may I suggest the New Belgium Brewing Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze for that Saturday beer. You know, it really does matter which beer it is.

Duly noted, but we're not there yet.

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