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Ka'dar Hollman 'wants to be coached hard'

Key comments from the Packers' defensive position coaches

CB Ka'dar Hollman
CB Ka'dar Hollman

GREEN BAY — Packers defensive position coaches met with the media on the players' off day Friday. Here's a summary of their key comments.

Defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery

On Keke in the game:

He had two missed sacks, which we expect him to make when he gets back there. It was nice for him to line up against their starting offensive line, have some success in the run game, push the pocket. He played a lot of reps, probably a little winded there, getting in shape. But learning to play at a high level snap in and snap out is going to be key for him.

On Adams:

He's becoming a pro. We just have to get him to play with great technique all the time. When he does that, it's like, wow, this guy is really, really good.

On Clark:

Steady Eddie. He's about his business every day. If he makes a mistake, he fixes it right away. He becomes a leader who leads by example. When he speaks, people listen. He doesn't speak much, but when he does, they listen. The ceiling is as high as he wants it to be. He's got goals and he's trying to reach those goals.

On Daniels' departure:

We played at the same school, we've got a lot of history. We're going to miss him. He was good for our room. I'm sure he'll be pumped to play us twice a year. Great guy, great leader, and I wish him nothing but the best.

On Lancaster:

He's sound in his job. He's a guy I can put him anywhere on the field and he would know it. You may not want him out on the edge, but he's going to know that job, know the guy next to him.

Defensive backs coach Jason Simmons

On Savage:

He's extremely conscientious. He has a high football IQ. He wants to learn, he's willing to learn and he can apply things quickly.

On the turnovers in the game:

One thing I found out, you always get what you emphasize. A major emphasis is creating turnovers, and it's great to see guys go after the ball. It didn't surprise me everybody was extremely competitive and played fast.

On how young players react to making a play:

I would hope it spurs them along to continue to work. As a young guy, you do want to know if you belong, and making a play on a big stage reaffirms that. I'm supposed to be here, I have the talent to be here, and if I continue to work, I can succeed.

On Hollman:

Ka'dar is another one willing to learn. He takes hard coaching, that's what he responds to. He wants to be coached hard, he wants to be a good player. I thought (his game, ups and downs) was competitive. Even on the holding I thought he competed. He's trying to dominate guys. He's a work in progress.

On Campbell coming back:

He's the consummate professional. Every day he comes in ready to work. He doesn't come to work, he comes ready to work. He's a veteran guy that's been around, he doesn't take anything for granted. He's been on multiple teams, and any opportunity he's ready to seize it.

Outside linebackers coach Mike Smith

On Gary:

With Gary, you just can't throw everything at him at once, especially at outside linebacker, him standing up all the time. Every little technique we've got to master. I'm happy where he's at. He's a good player, good kid, practices hard. He's going. Eventually we have to start tying it in and bring it on game day.

Once he starts grasping all these things, he's going to be a dangerous man, I can promise you that.

On the Smiths:

Preston's smart, he can play a lot of different positions. Probably one of the smartest guys in the room, picks things up really quick. "Z" right now, everybody is kind of drawn to him. People have that certain vibe about them. I'm excited to see these guys next week when we all get out there.

We plant the seed of power. You have to know who you are. "Z" recognizes sets, and he'll come at you any way he can. You can't have enough Za'Dariuses on this team, with his strength and power.

On Gilbert and Ramsey getting sacks in the game:

Improvement. I always think we can get better. If we have 10 sacks and 20 pressures, I always think we can get better. You see flashes of things we think we can accomplish.

Inside linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti

On Summers:

Ty played a lot obviously, which is great for him. He needs to play a lot. He played hard, he was running around, trying to make all the calls. He had the look in his eye like he wanted to go play.

There were some opportunities for him to make a couple more plays. Growing and learning is what this process is for. There's stages of everything.

He's been that guy. He was a quarterback in high school, ran around a lot at TCU. He tries to do things the right way, and it wasn't too big for him last night.

On Sheldon kicking himself for missing the INT:

He probably was. Brady went in there, he played hard. He was running all over the place. He would have sent everybody home a little bit earlier, but he made it more exciting for everybody else.

On Burks and focusing on his eyes:

Still working on it. He's progressing that way, but I think none of us are finished products yet, as we shouldn't be. It's still August and the season is coming up quick, so we're still working on it. That's the progression for OB, and really the entire group. That's the big thing for the whole group is putting our eyes in the right spot, and then trusting what you see.

On Martinez:

Blake's done a nice job. He feels more comfortable right now which is nice to see. I'm happy with where Blake's at right now, just in his development. When you start talking about him needing to go make plays, we need Blake to make his plays, and from there it's going to progress to what we need.

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