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Lambeau Construction On Schedule

The Lambeau Field renovation remains on schedule with construction meeting milestone dates after having to make up some time due to playoffs, construction spokesman Stu Zadra said Wednesday.

The total cost on the stadium is $295 million. "Construction costs are $700,000 per day," added Zadra during an hour and a half Wisconsin media tour. "By spending $15 million a month, you can really see the changes occurring quickly."

Since the last tour in January, the east and west area demolition work has been completed and all the rubble disposed. The north and south ends are part of the next phase of construction, which will begin during the summer after the team and administration move to the new offices.

In moving forward with the construction, the east concourse foundation is laid and concession areas have been pushed out into the new concourse. Some merchandise and concession areas will remain in the concourse inner ring. Zadra added that the depth of the walking area in the concourse is more gracious than what was there before with no less than 50 to 80 feet of walk space.

The east entrance plaza, known as the Titletown atrium, is five stories tall with the ground level, level 2, holding the Packer Pro Shop, Hall of Fame and will also be a main entrance into the stadium on the Lombardi Avenue side. The entire Titletown atrium will be completed in 2003, but the Pro Shop will open in the summer of 2002. Controlled access points will be initiated in the atrium to allow visitors to enter and exit the building as they finish construction during the season.

Level 4 is the club level where a ballroom will be completed later in the year to hold meetings and special events. Most of the club lounge will not be ready for the upcoming season, but it will be complete for 2003. Skyboxes sit above the club level where frames are being put in place as they prepare to install the glass encasing the suites. 75% of the glass is already set on the west side of the stadium and they will begin installing the east glass directionally from south to the north in the next couple weeks. From there, it will not be long before workers can enter the suites and start putting it all together.

Although a little imagination is still needed, level 1 is the service level holding the locker room, weight room, player meeting rooms and marshalling area. The freight delivery and TV broadcasting trucks will be held in the marshalling area as well as security and grounds keeping. This area would allow a semi-truck to enter the stadium, turn around and exit, which could not be done previously due to size. This is an important upgrade to the stadium in thinking about concert and event trucks that need access.

The final stop on the tour was the player locker room, which is still nothing more but dry wall and dust. 65 lockers will be placed in the room, which is in the shape of a football and even the ceiling has the detail of the laces on a football. A large "G" will be in the middle of the floor once the carpet is in place. Zadra said the other rooms are pretty much the same size as they were before, but the new construction has allowed for better organized space.

With the construction crew still working around the clock, the stadium keeps changing daily. Dramatic changes will be seen once the next tour comes around, Zadra added.

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