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Lambeau Leap most wholesome celebration in sports

The goal is to win the division title


Jack from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

In the spirit of moving on, when do the "Prospect Primers" start? I'm excited to get the big guys early.

Easy, big guy. The "Prospect Primers" are shot during the scouting combine, which doesn't begin for the media until Feb. 18. Let's all take a deep breath and step away from football for a couple of weeks. This is a little bit of a dead zone we're heading into now, until the combine, when we all officially turn the page to a new season. The pursuit of new talent gets our juices flowing again.

Iggy from Merville, BC

I like the way the Packers players avoid the over-the-top showboating. Is that a coaching thing, team culture/tradition or more of a reflection of what the players already bring?

I think it's all of that. The Lambeau Leap is the most wholesome celebration in all of sports. It unites player and fan, and I think the Lambeau Leap is a symbol of what Packers football is and will always strive to be. Packers values are reflected and embraced by the players and fans in the Lambeau Leap, they are encouraged and enforced by a coach that supports that culture and tradition, and they are nourished by a personnel department that looks for players that fit within that culture.

Goose from Morganton, NC

How easily do you think the Seahawks will be able to turn the page?

Not as easily as you just turned the knife.

Aaron from Bethlehem, PA

Vic, the Patriots don't win a Super Bowl since Spygate, and now they get one after Deflategate. What, if anything, does this do to the organization, Brady and Belichick?

It creates suspicion.

Paul from Milwaukee, WI

Is LB the Packers' No.1 need in the draft and free agency?

I don't know about free agency, but I think it's the Packers' greatest need heading into the draft. First of all, a 3-4 team always has need at linebacker. When you have those many guys on the field in any one position group, you must be vigilant about drafting linebackers every year. Secondly, those are your special teams stars, and the Packers need to improve special teams play. Thirdly, the Packers could use some competition at the inside positions, to help move Clay Matthews back to where he belongs on the outside.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, what are your thoughts on Ron Wolf getting into the Hall of Fame?

It was a slam dunk; no doubt about it. My information is that no one in the room stood up to speak out against him. Wolf resurrected one of the premier franchises in all of sports. He'll always be remembered for trading for Brett Favre, and that trade was the first step in the Packers' rebirth. It's a feel-good story for the ages.

Les from Las Vegas, NV

Vic, did you enjoy watching the Super Bowl and evaluate at the end, or were you writing storylines in your head?

I sat and watched the game. I didn't spend a whole lot of time analyzing it; I just enjoyed watching a really good football game that was being played on the biggest stage in sports. I can remember when Super Bowls were seemingly always bad. They're much better now. The salary cap has done its job.

Brian from Louisville, KY

How will your history book record the 2014 season?

I will remember it as the season the Packers were super but missed the Bowl.

Alan from Albuquerque, NM

Vic, could any modern era player ever surpass Unitas as No. 1?

I reserve the top spot for Unitas because he invented the game we play today. I will, however, give thought to Tom Brady replacing Unitas at the top. Brady invented another kind of game. He invented a bolder game.

Jim from Plain, WI

Vic, Coach McCarthy has stated the goal is to win the North Division. Should the goal be changed to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs?

That's the next goal. In my opinion, the goal should always be to make it into the playoffs, and winning a division title is the fastest and most secure way into the playoffs. Then you begin thinking of seeding, and then you think about winning the Super Bowl.

Raymond from Des Moines, IA

Out of curiosity, I peeked into the Seahawks website, looking for an "Ask Vic" kind of column, and someone like you to put that game into perspective for them. I found nothing, and no outlet for their anger, disappointment or pride as fans for a good season. For a team that boasts about the 12th man so much, they have no interaction with someone such as yourself, and that is sad for them. My condolences to Seattle's fans. We, too, know the heartache you are feeling now.

I love packers.com and I am intensely proud of its work and the Packers franchise's commitment to it. These team sites are great platforms for the team and its fans to unite.

Kurt from Lake City, MN

Would McCarthy ever give up play-calling?

I hope not. He's the best play-caller I've ever covered.

Jonathon from Winona, MN

Vic, I almost didn't watch the Super Bowl because I was too bitter about the NFC Championship loss. However, I let a friend talk me into going to a Super Bowl party and I'm glad I did. It was a great game for both teams, and I feel like I got some closure and regained perspective. Are you as ready as I am to see this year's new talent at the combine?

I missed the Senior Bowl because the Packers were in the NFC title game, and I'm way behind in my grasp of the 2015 draft class. That'll change at the combine.

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