Lambeau Turf Gets Treatment


With fall quickly working toward winter, it won't be long until the currently chilled turf of Lambeau Field is back to being the frozen tundra of legend.

So with the team on the road for the next two weeks, and the weather still cooperating, the Packers' grounds keeping crew spent the early part of this week replacing the sod between the hash marks at Lambeau Field.

Tuesday they removed the existing sod from the center of the field. Wednesday, they installed new turf in its place.

The makeover was the most significant of its kind since May, when all 87,000 square feet of Lambeau Field sod was removed, the sand and soil base re-graded, and a new canopy of turf installed.

The Packers have at least three more games to play on the surface this season, with the possibility of more in the playoffs.

To see photos of the turf installation, click here.

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