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Letters To Majik


Majik: I think Samkon Gado's decision to throw the ball out of the end zone to avoid a safety was brilliant. How many other players would have had the presence to think that quickly? - Chris, Edgerton

Chris, I actually didn't agree with the decision Samkon made to throw the ball out of the end zone. I thought he should have eaten the ball and given up the safety. I understand what he was thinking, but he could have easily been called for a fumble. This would have resulted in an easy seven points for Detroit instead of two points for the safety. The Packers got very lucky on that call.

What do you think the situation at halfback is going to be at the start of next season? If Samkon Gado keeps playing at the rate he is for the rest of the season, do you still keep Ahman Green as starter and Gado as the backup? Do you think the Packers will let Najeh Davenport (a personal favorite player of mine) leave via free agency?- Mike, Merced, Calif.

Mike: Both Ahman and Najeh are looking for new contracts. This definitely could come into play as to who will be here for next year. I hope all three return. This would be a very healthy situation for the Packers. If Ahman is back healthy, he deserves the opportunity to reclaim his starting position. Samkon will definitely bring more competition to the position.

How many players from your playing days in Green Bay do you still talk to or see on a regular basis?- Sam, Madison, Wis.

Sam: I actually stay in touch with quite a few players. I have a lot of very close friends from the teams I played on from 87-92. It's not easy to stay in touch. Every one kind of goes there own way when they retire. But to the credit of my old teammates, we still communicate all the time.

What a great feeling to get a much-needed win in Lambeau Field! I was fortunate enough to have been there to be part of the win over Detroit Sunday night. The smile is still on my face. After listening to Brett Favre's comment that he felt the crowd was especially electric Sunday night, my question is how much does that affect the motivation and performance of a player? We, as fans, would like to believe that we are the 12th man on the field, but is that fact or fiction from your perspective? - Kathleen, Eau Claire, Wis.

Kathleen: I can't tell you how much players appreciate having a great home crowd. It helps keep the players up, knowing that the crowd is so into the game and behind their team. Playing in Green Bay is like no other place in the NFL. It's such a privilege to be a part of the "Packer Nation" as a player and as a fan. It is one of the most unique places in all of sports.

In your estimation is the improved Green Bay defense of playoff quality? What areas need improvement to become championship quality? - Guy, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Guy: The defense this year has been much improved. I think Jim Bates has done an outstanding job implementing schemes that specifically fit the talent of his players. He has a very hard working group of men who are still learning from him. With the addition of maybe another premier pass rusher, this will be a playoff caliber unit next year.

With the way the team has been depleted by injuries and with some players not being as strong as led to believe, should the Packers go for the best physical player in the draft with their first-round draft pick, or should they look for a player that would work best in this type of system? Do we look for the high impact player or just the physically sound athlete? - Chris, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

Chris: The team will be in a draft position this year to pick a big time impact player. Whomever they choose with their first pick, they will have to make sure that this player will be able to contribute in his rookie season. An example of an impact player from last year's draft is Shawn Merriman from the Chargers. He is having a great rookie season as an outside linebacker /defensive end.

With the season running down and no hope for the playoffs, besides the fact that the players are professionals what else motivates someone to give it their all when there is nothing on the line as far as a shot at the playoffs?- Jim, Hudson, Wis.

Jim: Every NFL player has worked his entire life to get to the level that they are playing at now, and every game is an opportunity to do something special that will be a positive memory for the rest of his life. Being able to do something for a living that has been a life long dream is such a privilege for every one of these players. Believe me when I say every game is worth winning when you work as hard as these players do every week.

Don "Majik" Majkowski was inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame earlier this year. His career for the Packers spanned six seasons (1987-92), including being named to the Pro Bowl in 1989 when he led the NFL in passing yards. In addition to his duties with, Majik provides football analysis for WSSP-AM, SportsRadio 1250 in Milwaukee, WDUZ SportsRadio 107.5 & 1400 The Fan in Green Bay, WTSO - ESPN 1070 in Madison, WDEZ in Wausau, and WIZD in Stevens Point. Visit Majik's Web site,, for more information.


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