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Lions have some lofty rankings on defense

It's all about shrimp and being a fan


Mike from McHenry, IL

I have been watching "Finding Giants" on NFL Network. While they were at the Senior Bowl, they had to make a stop at J. Rodgers Barbeque, and I couldn't help but think of you telling us to ask a scout for the best barbeque joints. I figured you must have stopped there at least once in your years covering the Senior Bowl. However, during the entire series, I kept hearing them say the same things you have been saying on this site for years, and probably for a long time before that. Thank you for your honest opinion, whether it shines a favorable light on the team that pays you or not.

I've eaten there, but when I'm in Mobile, I'm all shrimp, baby.

Peter from Benton City, WA

Vic, I hate to nitpick (which is, I think, originally a reference to lice) but recently you made the statement "It's a unique problem for every team in the league." That is nonsensical. A problem cannot be unique to everyone because if everyone has it, it is not unique.

I know that. Peter, this is a sports column, not the World Book Encyclopedia. By the way, thanks for that lice information.

Tim from Menasha, WI

The Lions defense is No. 1 in yards and points allowed, and in sacks? Should we be concerned? Does that explain why Rodgers could only score seven points against them?

Yeah, that's why the Packers struggled to score against the Lions. The Vikings did the same six-man box thing and the Packers killed it. The Lions have some very good X's. The Lions are undergoing a makeover. Jim Caldwell is changing them. What I'm going to be interested to see is if Coach Caldwell can complete the makeover by December.

Matt from Scott AFB, IL

Vic, how are you? I'm clear on the fact that watching the games from the press box is your job, and because of that you can't waste your time cheering for the team, as it would not only be unprofessional, but also would hurt your finished product, as you're trying to meet your deadline and write an accurate and detailed account of what you see. That said, after the game, and after you finished your work, do you find yourself taking pleasure in a Packers victory? Is there any time for you to be a fan of a team or are you simply a fan of the game?

On the plane on the way back to Green Bay, after I finished writing my stories, I went nuts. I started running up and down the aisle. Matt, seriously, I enjoy watching the team I cover win. I don't know if we can ever get past this question.

Christopher from Navarre, FL

I'm just wondering if you are a Packers fan. If not, what team do you like or you went for growing up?

The Bears.

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