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Live Chat To Welcome Lee Remmel, Friday


A day after being named the Green Bay Packers' first official team historian, Lee Remmel will take part in a Live Chat on starting at 2:30 CT, Friday.

Remmel has been associated with the Packers for 55 years, first as a reporter for the Green Bay Press-Gazette and then with the team's public relations department.

The team historian position is the latest of many honors received by Remmel over his career. In 1996, he was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. In 2003, the Packers named the Lambeau Field press box in his honor.

Remmel has enjoyed a working relationship with all 13 head coaches in Packers history. He's one of only 12 individuals to have worked all 38 Super Bowls.

Friday's Live Chat is the first of what will be many opportunities in the near future for Packers fans to interact with Remmel via the team's official website.

As part of his team historian responsibilities, Remmel will pen two regular columns for, including a Q&A column centered on Packers history.

Those taking part in the Live Chat are reminded of the following tips:

Be courteous and respectful. will not post any profanity, and chat guests are unlikely to answer questions that are rude in nature. If you have 'tough' questions, think about how you want to word them so they will get answered.

Be thoughtful. Among the hundreds of questions submitted, the ones that stand out tend to get the best answers. Anticipate some of the common questions and try to ask something unique. Chats are often bogged down with the same questions being asked over and over again. Be different.

Send questions once. Sending the same question multiple times will not get your question noticed. Instead, your submissions will be flagged and ignored.

Finally, have fun!

Click here to get to the Live Chat page.

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