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Lockout continues; court rules for NFL


As expected, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has found in favor of the NFL and has extended its temporary stay of a preliminary injunction against the NFL's lockout of its players.

"It is now time to devote all of our energy to reaching a comprehensive agreement that will improve the game for the benefit of current and retired players, teams, and, most importantly, the fans," the NFL said in a statement it released on Monday.

"This litigation has taken the parties away from the negotiating table where these issues should be resolved. We remain confident that the appellate court will determine that this is a labor dispute that should be governed by federal labor law. But the league and players, without further delay, should control their own destiny and decide the future of the NFL together through negotiation."

The NFL is seeking a resumption of collective bargaining negotiations. District Court Judge Susan Nelson lifted the lockout on April 25, causing the NFL to appeal Nelson's preliminary injunction to the Eighth Circuit Court. Full story on

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