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Lombardi Trophy arrives at Lambeau


The Vince Lombardi Trophy is finally back home.

It arrived at Lambeau Field Thursday on a Brinks truck, fresh off its return from Tiffany & Co. in New York City, where it was engraved with the final score of Super Bowl XLV.

For those who didn't get a chance to see it during its various post-Super Bowl travels, it will be on display for a few days beginning May 5 in the Packers Hall of Fame as part of a special exhibit on the championship season before heading out on the road for the organization's 'Tailgate Tour.'

The trophy will be part of the Hall of Fame exhibit from May 5 through May 9 before leaving for a week so fans at the 'Tailgate Tour' stops can see it. The trophy will return to the Hall of Fame exhibit at some point following the conclusion of the 'Tailgate Tour.'

"Fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Super Bowl trophy," said Krissy Zegers, Packers Hall of Fame and stadium tour manager. "They've been anxiously awaiting it since the day we won."

The exhibit, entitled "Return to Titletown," fills the Hall of Fame's special display room and is divided into five sections – four "quarters," one representing each four-game segment of the regular season, plus "overtime" for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

The Lombardi Trophy will reside, of course, in the overtime area, along with the George S. Halas Trophy for the NFC Championship. The Halas Trophy was sent to Tiffany's for a proper engraving as well.

In addition to the trophies, the exhibit also includes several memorable photos and graphics, plus the "Super Bowl saddle" that became the signature item in the lobby of the Omni hotel in North Texas that served as the Packers' headquarters during Super Bowl week.

Other pieces of the historical record from the season can be seen, too, even down to some of the equipment used by the training staff to help care for the seemingly countless number of injured players throughout the year.

The Lombardi Trophy, of course, will attract the most attention, but that's natural. One of the most popular places within the Packers Hall of Fame is where the previous three trophies, representing the victories in Super Bowls I, II and XXXI, reside.

Each has its own tower and display case in the center of the Hall of Fame room, which houses the plaques of all of the shrine's inductees dating back four decades.

When the "Return to Titletown" display closes sometime around early September, the Lombardi Trophy will get its own tower and display case as well, and move to its permanent home next to its three likenesses.

"Everybody wants to see the trophy," Zegers said. "It's their touch to the Super Bowl if they weren't there, and even if they were, it's a nice little reminder."

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