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Match ups appear to favor the Packers

Playing their best football, but with higher targets to reach


Noah from Brisbane, Australia

Vic, what will be the key to success against the Falcons?

I think the key to success for the Packers is to play to their identity. That'll work.

Chris from Decorah, IA

Do you think we missed out on a run similar to this one last year due to Rodgers' broken collarbone?

The Packers were hitting their stride when Aaron Rodgers was injured. It compromised a big chunk of the season, so I have to believe it lowered the team's ceiling. I think the combined effect of several injuries were the real problem.

Matt from Muskego, WI

Love the style and brand of football the Packers are currently playing. I feel like big victories are mounting and the team is clicking on all cylinders. Do you believe this Packers team is peaking? Is it the right time to peak, given a fair amount of season remains and the team is really very healthy in comparison to previous seasons?

The Packers are playing their best football as we head into the final month of the season. I also think they have higher targets to reach. How can it be any better than that?

Courtney from Butte, MT

For road games, I think Packers fans fill stadiums better than other teams. No one fills stadiums better than Packer fans during home games. Don't you agree?

I agree. This is the best place in the league for attendance vs. tickets distributed.

Ross from Ankeny, IA

Vic, can you please remind a large contingency of fans that first things first. Win the division. This Super Bowl talk is nauseating and premature. Can't we enjoy the rest of the season first?

It's December; loosen up. Everything now is about the postseason. How do you discuss any of these games without acknowledging the postseason?

David from Arequipa, Peru

It seemed that early in the season the Packers weren't getting their sea legs. Do you think there was a specific turning point in the season, or a gradual improvement?

I think the Week 4 game in Chicago was a turning point.

Mike from Oconomowoc, WI

Vic, I read your comparison of Rodgers to Terry Bradshaw. I respect your professional opinion, having covered Bradshaw during his playing years, however, I feel like I need to give you an obligatory come on, man. While Rodgers may not have the rings, yet, I think he is better in all facets and I can't wrap my head around the comparison. Could you please explain in more detail the similarities between the two?

They're both great athletes with strong and accurate throwing arms. They're also the best big-play quarterbacks I've covered. Aaron Rodgers is more of a technician, and Bradshaw was more of a bomber, but that's also a product of their eras. Bradshaw played in a deep-drop era. He played during bump-and-run coverage, which meant you had to drop deep to buy time for your receivers to get off the jam and achieve separation, and that meant you had to have the arm strength from a deep drop to get the ball there now when that window opened, because it was going to shut quickly. Rodgers has the arm to have played in that era. The big difference between the quarterbacks is that Rodgers plays in an era that protects the quarterback; Bradshaw played in an era in which the quarterback was live to the ground and head shots were not only legal, they were encouraged.

Saul from Washington, DC

Vic, since the Falcons have the 32nd-ranked pass defense in the league, do you suppose they will attempt to mask that deficiency and play cover two all game and try to get pressure with their front four? If so, do they have the guys up front to make that happen?

Mike Smith is a cover two guy. He always played cover two against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady when he was the Jaguars' defensive coordinator. The Patriots didn't get pressure with four, right?

Tom from Chippewa Falls, WI

Is there a reason the NFL can't take over Saturdays? I'm assuming it isn't just tradition but is likely due to TV deals.

Bite the hand that feeds you? That's not good business. College football has been very good to the NFL.

Ben from Hudson, WI

Vic, I can't help but think the consistency in the Packers' play this year is a big result of the health of the team. What do you think?

There's no question about it. Last year at this time, Clay Matthews was struggling with a thumb injury that would end his season, Casey Hayward was out with a season-long hamstring injury, and Aaron Rodgers was about to miss three more games due to a broken collarbone.

Mike from Richmond, VA

You mentioned the shutting down of football at UAB as a harbinger of things to come, but do you think if college football starts to shrink that minor league pro football will arise?

It's possible but unlikely. If college football shrinks, and it has shrunk considerably since the days of unlimited scholarships, the NFL will have to do more developmentally, and it has with its practice squads and regional scouting combines.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

Atlanta has a strong, balanced offense. My perspective is that will give the Green Bay defense a chance to continue improving. What's your perspective on this game, Vic?

If football is all about matchups, then I think the Packers are in good shape for this game.

Tudor from Saint Augustine, FL

I think Coach McCarthy is a great coach. I'm curious if he would have all those accolades and victories if Aaron wasn't the quarterback, though. This plays toward your view of it all starting with talent. It's why I don't credit Belichick as much as many do. He would not be where he is today without Brady, and there's simply no way to argue that. I consider what Arians has done this season far more impressive for that exact reason.

Doesn't Belichick get credit for identifying Tom Brady's talent and benching Drew Bledsoe in favor of Brady? Coach Belichick is a very bold manager of his football team. I remember back in 1993 how he cut Bernie Kosar in the middle of the season, due to eroding skills, and Browns fans went nuts. Belichick was right.

Ethan from Grand Forks, ND

People were worried the Vikings game could be a trap game. Now people are worried the Falcons game could present a letdown for the Packers. Are these scenarios really as common as some pundits and fans seem to think?

There are two kinds of Packers fans: those that worry and those that chortle. The worriers outnumber the chortlers.

Carl from Elm Grove, WI

What a surprise. Vic thinks Bradshaw is equal to Rodgers. I totally disagree. How does a lifelong Steelers fan get a job working for another team, for which he has no history and very little knowledge or respect for the greatest team in NFL history?

Oh, please like me.

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