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Mike Daniels could be setting tone for training camp

"Team to beat" is a meaningless designation


Ignacio from Las Vegas, NM

Welcome back, Vic. What do you think of Mike Daniels' comments? I have enjoyed the energy that he plays with, and looking forward to watching him this year.

He's calling out himself and his teammates to raise their level of performance. Daniels wants to be a leader and I'm sure he fully understands that leading others to a higher level of play begins with taking his own game to a higher level. His comments are symbolic of an aggressive attitude he seems to believe the team, specifically the defense, has lacked. I'm intrigued by his comments. Most of all, I'll be interested to hear and see how his teammates respond to Daniels' comments. They could set a tone for the defense heading into training camp.

Earl from Stillwater, OK

With the addition of Peppers at OLB, where does this leave Nick Perry? Could we possibly see him at ILB opposite Hawk? Or even move Matthews inside and have Perry and Peppers rush off the edge?


You don't move people around just to move people around. If Coach Capers believes he can achieve a strategic advantage by moving Clay Matthews inside for a play or two, to help disguise a particular scheme, he might do it, but I don't see Matthews as a banger or a player whose talents should be wasted on getting caught up in the traffic in the middle of the field. Matthews is an edge rusher. Perry has the bulk to play inside. He sat out OTAs, so we don't know what Coach Capers' plans are for Perry this year, but I have considered the possibility Perry could see some time at inside linebacker.**

Dean from Sandusky, OH

Can you please enlighten me on the purpose of the supplemental draft? Why is it needed? What are the pros and cons for a team to select a player in the supplemental draft?

The purpose of the supplemental draft is to provide entry to the NFL for players who were not eligible for the regular spring draft. Since then, a player might have been suspended or ruled ineligible for what would've been his final season of college eligibility, and he now wants to be eligible to sign with an NFL team. All players must pass through the draft system before they may play in the NFL. The pro for selecting a player in the supplemental draft is a team is able to add a player to its rookie crop. The negative is it will lose a corresponding draft choice in next spring's regular draft.

Ben from Denver, CO

"I did a quick perusal." Now, now Mike. A quick perusal wouldn't be a perusal at all, but rather another common misuse of the word. As it happens, I chose "peruse" as the word-of-the-week here at the office on Monday for just such reasons. Keep fighting the good fight!

You must be very popular with your co-workers.

Harold from Chippewa Falls, WI

Is being a scout for 30 years any way to live a life? Hotels, airports, no home-cooked meals; are there people that like doing that?

Being a scout is all about knowing where to find the best barbecue. If you ask a scout where you can find the best barbecue in a particular place in, for example, his scouting area, and he doesn't know where, then he's probably not much of a scout. When I came to Green Bay, I got an email from a long-time scout friend. The email simply advised me as to where I could find the best barbecue in Green Bay.

Cornelius from Hell, MI

Aaron Rodgers is now 30. How many years do you think he has left to play?

I could see him playing at his current high level for another seven years. At some point as he approaches his mid-30's, I would expect Rodgers to begin scrambling less and throwing the ball away more, and the degree to which he's successful at that style change could determine how long he can play. At this point, it shouldn't even be a concern. I see no decline in his game.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Welcome back, Vic. I think we're the team to beat in the North and the NFC. What do you think?

I think the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC North and the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC. What do those designations mean? Nothing. They are absolutely meaningless.

Brandon from Pembroke Pines, FL

Vic, is it just me or are you looking forward to seeing Richard Sherman match up with Michael Crabtree this next season? I think Richard Sherman's mouth and talent are just what the NFL needs. The rules are changing to make things safe, so the NFL needs some type of edge to it. He provides some humor and entertainment.

When you can play as Sherman does, you can say anything you want. When you can't play, nobody listens. It always begins with playing.

Ross from McHenry, MD

With the inevitable roster trimming to begin when the Packers get back at it, do you have any predictions on who sneaks in or who might get left out?

Trimming is a good word because with the potential for keeping in one way or another a minimum of 61 players, roster cuts aren't nearly as dramatic as they once were. The one thing we already know is draft-and-develop teams tend to keep their draft picks. I saw some undrafted guys in the spring that I identified as solid candidates to stick with the team in one way or another, and there will always be challengers to bottom-of-the-roster holdovers. That's the game; it's a game of replacement. Predictions? I have none.

Aaron from La Crosse, WI

If Cobb and/or Nelson would want too much money for an extension, could you see the Packers trying to trade them for a guy like Robert Quinn or Patrick Peterson, seeing that both the Rams and the Cardinals need WRs?

That would not be my expectation.

Nial from Jacksonville, FL

The NFL football is inscribed with and nicknamed "The Duke." Who is this Duke? Is it Vic?

It's Wellington Mara.

Pat from Edinburg, VA

Vic, will the Packers ever change their uniform and helmets, like Denver, Tampa, New England, etc.?

The loss of brand the Packers would suffer from changing their uniform design significantly, as the teams you mentioned did, would be outrageous. The Bucs and Patriots had very little in the way of brand to lose when they changed their uniform designs. The Broncos had some brand and were taking a risk. I don't see the Packers ever taking that risk.

Nate from Pueblo, CO

Hey, Mike, I've asked Vic this question a couple of times and it hasn't made the cut. I'm hoping it'll have more luck with you. To help with concussions, instead of changing up the helmets, how about modifying the players' cleats so they can't quite get the same amount of pop at the point of impact? Hockey players get nailed but don't have as many injuries, and I think it's because their footing isn't as good.

What you're suggesting is nuts.

Kevin from Milwaukee, WI

Mike you do a way better job than Vic; more football questions and you don't talk down to the fans. Vic's way of doing it comes across as a comic. Thanks again, Mike.

I'll let him know. Maybe you and Mike can have a sleepover.

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