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Motto? Just win one game

Disguise blitzes and coverages; tackling at a premium


Jonathon from Eden Prairie, MN

Does anyone remember the 2012 Ravens finishing the regular season 1-4 through the last five games? Who won the Super Bowl that year? If they can, then why not us?

One play in one game turned the Ravens hot. The Broncos safety came up when he should've gone back, and the Ravens were on their way to the Super Bowl. It can happen for the Packers, too. Just win one game. Maybe that should be the Packers' motto in the postseason.

Dan from Port Hueneme, CA

Vic, you lost me. Who are Helen Dorsett and Peggy Lou Baldwin?

They're each one of Sybil's 16 personality characters. Helen is easily frightened but determined to succeed (Vic, please tell me we're going to win). Peggy is angry and assertive (fire everyone!). Marjorie Dorsett laughs (chortles) a lot. I correspond with all 16 of them every morning. I've come to know them all very well.

Tom from Bismarck, ND

Vic, your baseball Hall of Fame answer was likely the smartest thing you've ever said. Have you ever been to Donora?

Many times. It's famous for giving us Stan Musial and the Griffeys, and a very good and underrated NFL running back named Deacon Dan Towler. Monongahela, the town directly across the river, gave us Joe Montana. Back home, Donora is more famous (or infamous) for something not related to sports: the Donora temperature inversion. The air is clean now, but most would tell you that's the bad news.

Nick from State College, PA

GM Vic is looking for a new head coach. How does GM Vic go about getting a feel for a candidate's ability to lead men in such a short amount of time?

You ask him everything, from his opinion on players signing autographs in training camp to travel arrangements for road trips. Before you can hire someone, you have to know his beliefs reflect yours. One more thing: I would ask my candidates to tell me what they would say to the team upon meeting them for the first time. That's a big one for me. I believe in first impressions. I want to know what my first impression would be of the man I'm thinking of hiring.

Henry from Jackson, WY

Today's column reminded me of my freshman psychology class. I'd agree Helen and Peggy Lou accurately describe Packers fans. Which of Sybil's personalities would describe Pittsburgh's and Jacksonville's fan bases?

Jacksonville would be Ruthie Dorsett. She's a baby. Her personality is still developing. I think that's symbolic of Jacksonville, a young and developing NFL market. One day, Jacksonville is going to be an NFL treasure. Pittsburgh would be Mike Dorsett. He's a builder and he has olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair, and he drinks Iron City and smokes Marsh Wheelings. He's Robert DeNiro in the "Deer Hunter."

Adam from Hillsboro, KS

Vic, how will the weather impact the game on Sunday?

This is something we'll have to monitor. The forecast calls for early rain and then clearing skies in the afternoon. The forecast is for a high of 59 and winds of 10-20 mph. If the forecast holds true, the game will be played in warm, windy conditions. In my mind, that favors short passes. Tackling will be at a premium; the Packers must not allow yards after the catch.

Peter from Copenhagen, Denmark

New rule: Fans cannot demand firing of the head coach without coming up with an alternative. Would this stop the fire-everybody madness?

There are no rules for fans, nor should there be. They pay for the right to do anything they want. What the fans must understand is they are in control of the game. Their purchases determine the cap. When they demand that coaches be fired and teams absorb the contract costs, and when they demand that teams spend outrageously with cash-over-cap money in free agency, the fans effectively drive their costs upward. It's the fans' call. The media will do whatever the fans want the media to do.

Spurgeon from Butterburn, UK

Do you have a vote for the NFL Hall of Fame? What qualifies someone to vote?

Each NFL city has a representative on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee. Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette is the Green Bay rep.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Should we cheer for the Seahawks this weekend to keep the chances alive for a home playoff game this year?

I'd love to see that happen, but I wouldn't have a problem with going back to Minnesota for a title game. What if the Vikings get hot? What if they beat the Seahawks and then beat Arizona? They almost won in Arizona a few weeks ago. Nobody has mentioned the possibility the Vikings would host the Packers in a title game. Why not?

Tony from Burbank, CA

Vic, what would you think about Tom Coughlin joining the Eagles? Would he be a good fit, or would Tampa be more intriguing for him?

Coach Coughlin would fit anywhere. He immediately raises the bar for the team and its players. I always thought Notre Dame was the perfect fit for him. I never understood why they didn't hire him when they did the George O'Leary thing.

Grant from Andover, MN

Vic, if you were on the Pro Football HOF selection panel, which finalists would get your vote?

I would favor the selection of Favre, Faneca, Atwater and James to the Hall of Fame.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, if you were running the defense, what would you do to make Kirk Cousins uncomfortable?

Disguise blitzes and coverages. All quarterbacks are afraid of what they can't see. Coach Capers is a master of disguise.

Dan from Madison, WI

"Nearly all of the strategy suggestions I receive from fans involve not having to execute. They're all about deceiving or tricking the opponent in some way." Agreed. Why not put Cobb in the backfield to match up against a linebacker and use him the way the Patriots did with Shane Vereen to win the Super Bowl?

That's a great idea.

Michael from Elizabethtown, KY

I have a good feeling about this game. The media has really talked up the Redskins, and for good reason. But I feel this gives the Packers the edge they need. How often do players read and listen to media? And how much do you think it affects them?

Coach Noll said teams are affected by everything: fans, media, officials' calls, wives, kids, bills, flat tires, two o'clock feedings, etc. He said the ability to limit those distractions is what allows a team to focus on its job. A lot of  players would tell you they "don't read the newspapers," so to speak. I'll tell you that's a fib. They read, and that's why teams need to manage the media that covers them. The media creates an overall feel for the game. It can also create distractions. In my opinion, if it's news, it needs to be reported, but I don't think it's fair or ethical to go out of your way to create a distraction. You don't cultivate news sources by working against them, and it doesn't serve your readers to do that, either.

Jay from Medford, WI

Vic, who do you think is the strongest player leader on the Packers this year?

If I was in the huddle with Mike Daniels, I couldn't give anything but my best effort. He's my kind of player.

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