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Never pick against a great quarterback

Bill Cowher likes the Packers, too


Thomas from Fruit Cove, FL

Vic, who do you think has a more difficult job in the cold, the QB or the WR? The QB has to attempt to grip and throw the cold rock, while the WR has to catch it and then secure it before he gets hit and hold onto it after he is hit.

Whoa! What about all of the other stuff the quarterback has to do? What about reading the defense, making new calls, changing the play, making sure his wide receiver isn't covering up the tight end, communicating all of that information in below-zero temperatures? Playing quarterback in cold weather is a noble act. He can't ever submit to the weather. He must at all times be focused on the game and not on how to stay warm. It's amazing what these great men can do in such adverse conditions.

Robert from Maplewood, MN

I'm cheering for Philly. If ever there was a place for the Packers' good fortune and luck to change, it's in Carolina.

I'll take my chances in Carolina. I think this team would love to play a game in some warmer weather.

Timothy from Hartland, WI

Can we be honest? The 49ers clearly have the physical and mental toughness advantage. Just watch/listen to the interviews with their players and coaches. The Packers have not had 49ers-level toughness for a while now. How can you deny it?

The 49ers are a tough bunch. This will be a great opportunity for the Packers to prove their toughness.

Terry from Palestine, IL

Vic, I saw Bill Cowher on the CBS early news show this morning and he says he favors the Broncos and either team that comes from the Packers/49ers game to reach the Super Bowl. He thought either team from that game could go all the way. As a Packers fan, I like his assessment, but I think his picks actually have credibility. The Packers seem to be getting hot at just the right time. I agree with coach Cowher. What do you think?

He's possibly the best tactical coach I've ever covered. He's very underrated as a bench coach. He always expressed his belief that the team that started fast after halftime would be the team that would win the game, and I had never paid much attention to that philosophy, but when I did, I saw he was usually right. Coach Kire knows his stuff. He has a high regard for the Packers, and it's because he knows the value of a star quarterback. Never pick against a great quarterback.

Mike from Chicago, IL

Vic, I don't remember if you've addressed this in the past, but what are your thoughts on the current overtime rules?

I don't like them. I like the old rule; first to score wins. The new rules are wimpy.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

This morning on NFL Network, they were bashing Packers fans for not selling out their playoff tickets. They were claiming we gave up on the season and we'd prefer to grab a beer from our fridge and enjoy the couch. This was extremely insulting! Calm me down, Vic.

Shut down Rodgers and play for the higher draft pick. Remember that? Weren't the ex-jockos at NFL Network promoting that insanity? Let's play.

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