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New facts emerge in the Clay Matthews saga

The division system is here to stay


Lorenz from Cape Town, South Africa

Vic, you asked how much Clay aligned inside vs outside. According to, he aligned inside the tackles on 29 snaps, over them on four and outside of them on 23. He also aligned all over the place from outside the left tight end to outside the right tight end.

So he wasn't just an inside linebacker, huh? Interesting.

Mark from Walton Hills, OH

Vic, Coach McCarthy stated he is not going to label Clay Matthews as an inside linebacker. I think if he is to label him, it would be as a roving linebacker. I guess I am also wondering if we might do the same thing with Julius Peppers.

I think the Packers should use their linebackers in a sunburst formation. Here's how it works. All four linebackers huddle at middle linebacker, and then at the snap of the ball they all run in different directions. I call it the "Ketchman Sunburst" defense. Wadda ya think?

Harry from Houston, TX

It wasn't just a position change for Matthews last game. He looked angry. No celebrations after sacks or tackles. No smiles. He was all business. Intense. I think the players around him fed off that as well.

Inside linebackers are meaner than outside linebackers.

Paul from De Pere, WI

You said you see/feel something special percolating. I think the really intriguing thing is the Packers have not played their best football yet. The trajectory is still up. We have good, young players who will continue to improve through the end of the season.

I totally agree.

Richard from Madison, WI

Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN's "Tuesday Morning Quarterback," whose opinion I normally respect, says the NFL needs to revise the playoff system because, if the playoffs were held today, the Saints would be in and the Packers would be out. Do you have an opinion on this one way or the other?

That's a tired, old argument that's useless commentary because there's no chance of the NFL dropping the division format. It was proposed at the 2008 owners meetings and it didn't even get enough support to get to a vote. The division system is the star of December. TV loves it, and what's good for TV is good for the league.

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