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Nick Perry 'from the first play was very impactful'

Key comments from the Packers' coordinators and defensive assistant coaches


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and defensive assistant coaches met with the media on Thursday. Here's a sampling of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on the challenges of a new stadium)

"The lighting. First thing I noticed when we went to Minnesota last year was the lighting being different with the open ceiling. We have to take care of us. We can't go down there and try to do anything special. We have to go down and not play with hesitation. Just go out and play."

(on Davis)

"I'm a Trevor fan. I've been a Trevor fan since I've known him. He doesn't get too high or too low. He has a lot of confidence. He wants to do well. It's hard to take a guy and tell him not to try to make something happen. He's going to get better and better as we go. You don't question his toughness or whether he's scared or anything like that. He wants to do it."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on Week 1 vs. Seattle)

"I thought we got off to a good start. You take it one week at a time. I like the way the guys competed. Their play style I thought was excellent. The pursuit, the finish, the tackling. I thought they played smart. There weren't a lot of mental errors. Those are all components of what it takes to be a good defense. We're preparing to go down there and play better than we did last time."

(on Chicago's effort vs. Atlanta)

"I was impressed with the way Chicago played them. You take away a couple plays – that's always the case against a team like this, because they can do the distance on any play – but I thought Chicago did a nice job against them. Atlanta is a real rhythm team. Their quarterback is a real rhythm player. They don't turn the ball over a lot. You have to find ways to disrupt that rhythm."

(on Falcons RB Freeman)

"He's shifty. He's strong. You see him break a lot of tackles. You have to have people athletic enough to cover him but physical enough to get him on the ground when he's got the ball in his hands."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on preparation with so many OTs on the injury report)

"You just continue to go through the process. As of right now, we have two more days of preparation. The injury part of it, that'll work itself out. When we do get down to Atlanta, we'll have a plan in place."

(on Murphy vs. Seattle)

"Overall, he did a good job. A young kid getting to jump in there and play quite a bit, it's something he'll continue to build on. From an attitude standpoint, he has the work ethic you look for and the paly style you look for, and I think he'll continue to improve."

(on catching defenses with 12 men on the field so often)

"We have a quarterback whose football IQ and awareness is off the charts. It's all Aaron."

Associate head coach/linebackers Winston Moss
(on Perry's game vs. Seattle)

"We thought he had a good matchup on the right side, and he obviously responded. From the first play, he was very impactful. When you set that standard, you have to hold yourself accountable to that. I believe he'll hold himself to that. Nick will accept that challenge."

(on the overall pass rush)

"It's exciting to have these options. You add Brooks and the level of play Daniels is on right now, and you add Nick and Clay to that, and Lowry and Clark into that mix, Dom has a lot of tools, a lot of options. Big-time challenge this week. Matt Ryan gets the ball out quick. We're going to need all hands on deck to put as much pressure on him as possible in order to have any kind of success. We're developing guys to be very versatile in our pass-rush schemes. We're trying to give offenses as many targeting problems as possible."

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac
(on Daniels' big game)

"For us in the football world, the opposing coaches and us here, Mike has been a really good player for a while. When I go to the combine, a lot of offensive line coaches talk to me. 'I like the way that kid plays. He plays hard.' Anytime you have a big game on a big stage, (other) people start to notice it. But we've been going about it as business. That's what we expect from Mike, and he's really humble in that way with us."

"The hardest thing for me is to tell him you're going to sit the bench this series. 'No, don't take me out.' It's not being selfish, he just loves to play. That's where he's getting better and more mature."

(on Dial)

"I've watched Quinton for years. Always thought he was a really good player. When you break down films of other teams, he's a player that I noticed did a good job playing with his hands. He's a bright kid. He picks it up pretty quick. I just want to make sure we don't overload him playing all the positions right now."

(on Clark)

"Kenny is getting better every game. I thought he had some really good disruptive plays in there. I like the progress he's making."

Safeties coach Darren Perry
(on the safety play in Week 1)

"We played one game, and those guys were solid. They're building chemistry. First time out of the gate, it wasn't bad."

(on Julio Jones)

"He's just a hard guy to cover, period. He can run through zones. He's just a dynamic player, and we have to be conscious of that. That's what makes him great, what makes him special. He does present a lot of problems, and if you give Matt Ryan time, he can find him."

"You have to be aware of him, but you don't want to get yourself out of position to where you're exposing your other guys. It looks like that's what happened to Chicago last week when (number) 81 (Hooper) made the big play."

Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt
(on King)

"Kevin's coming. He's a smart kid. Has the length, can run, can bend. His time will come to get on the field. I'm not going to try to rush him."

(on House guarding Jones in '14)

"It's irrelevant, so we shouldn't even talk about it. That was a different season. I'm worried about the '17 season."

(on Randall and Rollins playing outside/inside)

"Those guys have the ability to do both. How we see fit to deploy them each week, you'll see on game day. We'll have different matchups throughout the year."

(on Jones)

"There is nothing he can't do. With his speed, the deeper he gets down the field, the faster he gets. He doesn't top out at 40 yards. Jordy Nelson is like that, too. That's how he runs past people, even if those guys time faster than him. That's what Julio does. He's just a special talent, but he's not a one-man show."

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley
(on the playing time of the inside LBs)

"Going into each and every week, it's probably going to be a little bit different. All three of those guys have to play a big part in special teams, and if they're not getting a ton of reps on defense, their reps are going to be up on special teams, and Coach Zook is counting on them to lead those guys. I think they all deserve to play and can play. It's just week to week."

(on balancing the snaps with special teams)

"It's tough to cover a punt or cover a kickoff and then go right in and play defense. We'll do our best to stay fresh and maximize on both sides. It's a long year, and we'll try to keep them rotating to maximize their ability late in the season."

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