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No chortling in my inbox this week

Expect memorable drama this Sunday


Thomas from St. Johns, FL

Vic, I hope you're feeling well and healing is complete. Besides a win, what are you looking the most forward to in the game against Dallas?

Drama. I think this game is going to include some memorable drama.

Ken from Louisville, KY

Vic, Only seven more games left in the whole season. What are we going to do? Hopefully, the Packers will be in three of them. It will make the winter more bearable.

I don't want this season to end prematurely. I could say that of any season, but it's especially true of this season. I've had a feeling since training camp that this team would make this season long and memorable.

Jimmie from New York, NY

Vic, Jerry Jones is bringing Chis Christie to the tundra as a good luck charm. What do you think of this political circus stunt by the governor? I can tell you us Giants fans aren't happy.

New York and New Jersey aren't exactly Republican strongholds, but Texas is. Hey, what are the Cowboys going to do, touch his belly as they run onto the field?

Jayke from La Crosse, WI

Vic, both teams have to play in the frigid weather. Is acclimation the only real advantage to the Packers?

Aaron Rodgers is a pretty good advantage, but I think the weather also favors the Packers. You can't create this kind of cold in a place such as Dallas. If I played for the Cowboys, I'd see a hypnotist. I'd do anything to get some help because I'd rather play in 110 degrees than play in any kind of cold. It takes all of the courage I have just to get out of the hot shower on these cold mornings.

Paul from Deforest, WI

When will the Cowboys arrive in Green Bay?

Most teams arrive at the site of the game the day before the game. The Cowboys' plane will land, the door will open and a blast of frigid air will let everyone on the plane know they've arrived in Green Bay. Each player has a personal strategy for defeating the cold. There's nothing else they can do at this point.

Derek from South Point, OH

Are the press boxes around the league enclosed? I've always wondered this. Sometimes you watch games in cold markets and the announcers are dressed like they are going to build snowmen and ski, instead of call a football game.

Derek, if the press boxes around the league weren't enclosed, I'd be working in the sintering plant.

Adam from Charlotte, NC

I know you're a Steelers fan, but has your time in Jacksonville and Green Bay imparted some fandom in you for the Jags and Packers?

You bet it has, unless the Jaguars and Packers are playing the Steelers. When I see the Black and Gold come thundering out of that tunnel, my upper lip begins to quiver and I stand, swing my towel and chant here we go, Steelers, here we go.

Jeff from Post Falls, ID

Vic, who covers Jason Witten? The Packers have to prevent those all-too-important, drive-sustaining completions to him.

I would expect Morgan Burnett, Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews will all spend time covering Witten.

Keith from Greendale, WI

Vic, we all understand reporting is your job, so you look at things in an unbiased fashion. Don't referees have normal 9-5 jobs and the NFL officiating is just a weekend gig for them? I think it would be more likely those guys would have a favorite team since officiating is essentially a paid weekend hobby for them.

There's been no chortling in my inbox this week. My inbox is filled with worry about everything from biased officials, biased announcers, biased politicians and biased media to ticket-buying Cowboys fans. Is it Sunday yet?

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