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No more analysis; I like to watch

Did the Packers announce they were going to run the ball?


Paul from St. Paul, MN

Some players lose their edge after they sign a big contract. I think it may have given Mike Daniels more of an edge. Thoughts?

There was never a concern Daniels would take the money and run, so to speak. That's one of the reasons re-signing him was a no-brainer. He's your best defensive lineman, he's entering the prime years of his career, and his dedication to the game is unquestioned. Daniels is a "poster child" for draft and develop.

Joe from Clio, MI

Has journalism changed its standards over the years to reflect modern times? Would your professors in journalism school look favorably on the work you and other team website editors do, or is there a more broad definition of journalism where it wouldn't be considered a conflict of interest?

There have always been conflicts of interests. We discussed them in ethics class a long time ago, as they pertained to newspapers. I remember one of the examples: "The son of the newspaper's No. 1 advertiser was involved in an accident. His passenger was injured. She is not his wife. The advertiser requests the newspaper not include her name in reporting news of the accident. What do you do?" If you don't trust the accuracy of my accounts, or my belief in them, you should not read what I write. The decision is ultimately yours.

Jake from Franklin, WI

Vic, I loved hearing the Eddie chant late in the fourth quarter. One thing I love about us winsome Packers fans is we love to see our players succeed and triumph over their crucibles.

Packers fans love a blowout more than any fan base I have ever witnessed. Steelers fans begin heading for their cars when it becomes apparent the issue is no longer in doubt. Packers fans stay and cheer louder. I can feel the walls of Lambeau Field relax when the Packers get a big lead. I can almost hear the walls begin to giggle.

Ted from Las Vegas, NV

What happened to Crockett in the Dallas game? He gave us a great kick in the butt the week before, but not one carry vs. Dallas?

This is from my chat last Friday:

Comment From C-Lee: I agree that Lacy will be our main RB this Sunday, but what do you think Crocket's role will be?

I think we've gone Crockett crazy. Do we even know he'll be active?

Comment From Andrew

Who would be active if Crockett isn't?

Lacy, Starks, Kuhn, Ripkowski; how many backs do you need?

Dan from Austin,TX

Am I wrong to root for both a Packers win and a Woodson pick six?

Packers fans are loving people. I'm not that loving.

John from Swayzee,IN

Turned on my TV and what did I see? McCarthy with a clipboard, plain as can be! Chortle, chortle, chortle all day long, all the way to Santa Clara, I'll sing my song! Coaches, not dogmatic journalists, Vic.

Run it left, run it right. Run all day, run all night.

John from North Lake, WI

Vic, can you envision a time when the NFL creates more drama at the end of a game by allowing a touchdown to be worth more than eight points?

When I was a kid, there was a postseason all-star game – it might've been the Blue-Gray Game – in which the losing team got the ball back after scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter, if the other team held more than a one touchdown lead; it was something like that. Maybe the NFL will do something like that to increase entertainment value and guarantee game-long TV ratings. Goodbye prevent defense!

Jeremy from Wayland, NY

With McCarthy calling plays again, do you think we'll be seeing the no-huddle make a strong comeback? Rodgers thrives on causing defensive confusion.

Mike McCarthy refers to the no-huddle as the Packers' base offense. Comeback? When did it go away?

Daniel from Brooklyn, NY

I might agree the plays we saw yesterday are plays called six weeks ago, but what I saw was a distinct holistic style of play-calling in which the run and pass were more woven into a sense of deceiving the opposition. I felt defense viewed the Packers offense in a predictable way up until yesterday.

Four consecutive runs by Eddie Lacy to open the game caused unpredictability? I thought I heard Coach McCarthy's voice over the PA saying, "WE'RE GOING TO RUN THE BALL!" You're just telling fibs now.

Jonathan from Ithaca, NY

The win over the Cowboys was exciting to watch. We saw what you have been saying we need to see all season, Eddie Lacy running over defenders. If the run game persists and the defense holds up, do you think that's enough to go deep into the playoffs?

No, you need to throw it, too, but you don't need to make explosive plays with the passing game to win it all these days. We have precedent on that. Do you remember my prediction for the impact the new major point of emphasis on pass defense would have? Wednesday's "Video Ask Vic" will answer your question. This too-slow stuff is baloney.

Todd from Fountain Hills, AZ

Yes, you have to execute, but it isn't just the play-calling, as it is scheme. You mentioned the first plays by Lacy. What I saw was a better blocking scheme, more use of Kuhn to spring Lacy, more on the edge. It doesn't matter who is calling the plays, but coaches need to plan to put players in a position to succeed.

So, Coach McCarthy saved all the good schemes for when he called plays? You've gone play-calling crazy. I think we need to remind ourselves of something: The Packers were 8-4; the Cowboys were 4-8.

Doug from Orcutt, CA

What direction do you see our arrow pointing today?

If you're referring to the Packers' big-picture arrow, it's pointing up and it's been pointing up all season. The weekly arrow points up or down depending on a team's most recent result. That arrow doesn't require discussion; just look at the standings. It's the long-range arrow that invites analysis and debate. A team with a healthy salary cap, a young and developing roster, a star quarterback, a Super Bowl-winning coach, an esteemed general manager and a full complement of draft picks? I think we all know where that arrow's pointing.

David from Elgin, SC

How does the defense get worn down when the offense is on the field for the same time?

More energy is required to play defense.

Marc from Brentwood, TN

Is it true that due to the division-record tiebreaker, if the Vikings win their next two games (in which they will be favored in both), the Packers will have to beat them in Week 17 to win the division, no matter what the Packers do the next two weeks?

Yes, it's correct. If the two teams finish in a tie, and the Vikings win in Green Bay, the Vikings will claim the division title on the strength of a better division record. If the two teams finish tied and the Packers beat the Vikings in Week 17, the Packers will claim the division title on strength of the head-to-head tiebreaker, which is No. 1 on the tiebreaker list.

Nick from Hollandale, WI

On the topic of giving up long runs this past Sunday, do you see this as a repeated pattern down the road for our defense, or just a few plays that got away from them?

Lapses in performance will not be tolerated. The Packers defense must achieve FULL CONSISTENCY!

Lou from Vancouver, WA

Do you think we could see a receiver benched in the next few weeks because of lack of effectiveness or drops?


Tom from West Bend, WI

Do you like Jon Gruden's announcing style?

Yes, I do, but I muted the TV as I watched last night's game. I needed a break from analysis. I just wanted to watch the game.

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