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No soft stuff next week; 'Ask Vic' for tough fans only

We pause for Labor Day, and then we dig in for the real season


Stan from Batavia, IL

How did Bakhtiari do last night? How much did he play?

He was only in the game for a play or two. I didn't get it. Mike McCarthy was asked about it after the game and he offered an explanation I didn't understand, but I got the feeling a follow-up question would've produced a similar result, so I let it go. Mike Spofford and I noticed that Bakhtiari went to the sideline in a bit of distress last week, but he returned to practice and everything seemed OK. Maybe it was the heat. It was hot in practice last week and it was hot last night. Hey, I think it's a good thing this team had some hot days to practice and play in. I've covered a lot of games in Cincinnati. It can get hot and humid in the Queen City in September.

Adam from Ixonia, WI

San Fran is going to be favored. Yes, we can win, but only if we play very well. We'll probably lose. It's one game of 16. A loss there doesn't mean we're a bad team, or that the season is over. Gotta lose to somebody. Just need to make the playoffs, right?

Yeah, you just need to make the playoffs, but I hate your attitude. Come on, Adam, where's your fighting spirit? This is why we lift all those weights. Season opener in San Francisco. This is what it's all about, baby. If you can't enjoy this one, why even bother being a football fan. It's all about the human confrontation and the 49ers think they own the Packers. You gotta love this. Your defeatist attitude is the result of fear of losing, and it's robbing you of the enjoyment you should be experiencing for a game of this magnitude. I'm sad for you. You don't have to play. You bear no responsibility. All you have to do is watch. That's what I'm gonna do, and I'm gonna love it, because it's great drama. Join me, Adam, in the joy of opening day.

Pat from St. Cloud, FL

I thought you were being kind to some of the questions. Regular-season sarcasm? Can't wait.

You're right. I was Mr. Nice Guy in the preseason. I never use my best adjectives and adverbs in the preseason. The real season is here. The big game is a week away. It's time to let it rip. This is not a place for the timid. Come on, everyone, let's have some fun.

Jeff from Washington, DC

Perhaps we're overselling the importance of the San Francisco game a little bit? It's still just one game, and it's going to take more than one game to establish our identity, especially considering that we want to build a whole new identity.

Et tu, Brute?

Gary from Millston, WI

I think I got it now. The Vikings, Bears and Lions fans will have less fun this year because their teams will have fewer victories.

I think it's fewer fun because they'll have less victories. When does the plane leave for Frisco? Just write, baby.

Mike from Altoona, Manitoba

If the Packers can pull it off, who do you think will be the stand out player of the game?

Aside from Aaron Rodgers, it has to be Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Stopping Colin Kaepernick in the read option is all about your outside linebackers pinching him to the middle. This game is made for Matthews and Perry. Hey, folks, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. When you come back on Monday, don't come back soft. No soft stuff will be permitted next week.

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