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No winter chill for Packers fans

Plans for "Ask Vic Day" are not underway


Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, are you getting any questions about moving back instead of moving up in the first round?

Some fans want to move up, others want to move back. Mostly, they want to move. Why? Because the draft excites them and trading up or down creates more possibilities for entertainment. The draft is No. 1 in suspense. There's nothing like it for creating anticipation.

Jacob from Evanston, IL

Vic, the big story in the NHL right now is the implementation of a new replay system to challenge offsides and goalie interference calls. I've been a lifelong hockey fan and for the first time I don't know what offsides is anymore. Why do we have this obsession with instant replay and slow motion? It is fundamentally changing both of the games I love.

Replay review is a do-over and we love do-overs. I mentioned in yesterday's column unrestricted free agency has probably had the greatest impact on football since creation of the inverse-order draft. I believe that to be true, but replay review might be No. 2.

Steven from Pinehurst, NC

Vic, if you're a team in need of a quarterback and don't feel "The Man" is in this draft, do you ask your scouts about quarterbacks coming out in the next year's draft and then decide if you take one this year or not?

If you don't have "The Man," you're desperate to find him. You'll draft a quarterback this year, next year and every year until you find "The Man."

Mike from Cottage Grove, MN

Vic, I'm not trying to be derogatory but aren't you really a football writer and not truly a sportswriter? You expound on how soccer isn't a sport and a couple of others. Wouldn't a sportswriter not demonize certain sports? I don't consider myself a sports fan because I have no idea about hockey, rugby or lacrosse and have absolutely no interest in soccer. I'm a football fan and more specifically a Packers football fan.

I've also covered baseball, basketball, golf and a few other sports, but I'm not a sportswriter until I cover soccer and the new genre of "I can't play the important sports so I have to play these sports" sports? Not in Vic's world. Vic is a sportswriter.

Nathan from Phoenix, AZ

Robot Vic, please say what I want to hear when I want to hear it. Please respond with the correct number of words. Please have the same opinions as me and share them with gusto.


Tyler from Menasha, WI

Vic, being a big Steinbeck fan, have you had the chance to visit Monterey, Calif.? Steinbeck is all over that small city, and it's a pretty fun place to visit.

I visited Monterey in "The Pastures of Heaven." I had a great time.

Jake from Franklin, WI

Vic, what is to stop a team from infinitely pushing out money? Not sure if I'm asking this right, but can't a team just mortgage the next year every year?

There's a five-year limit on signing bonus amortization, but you could stagger, extend and restructure contracts in such a way to push out money well beyond reason. Pushing the money out isn't the issue. How do you push out the value of the players whose contracts you're extending? That's the issue, because roster attrition is the ultimate governor. When your cap is so full of dead money you can't field a competitive team, you're done.

Gary from Stevens Point, WI

Will there be an "Ask Vic Day" this summer?

There will not be an "Ask Vic Day" this summer, as my role on has changed since last season ended. The column will continue, but some of my other duties have ended, and I'll remain at my home in South Carolina through the offseason. Last year's "Ask Vic Day" had a special feeling to it. As the sun set on Lambeau Field and we watched the video on the north scoreboard, I thought to myself, "What if this is the last one?" It was a poignant moment for me. This has been my life for a very long time, but it's time for it to change.

Matthew from Oshkosh, WI

I'll be honest, Vic. When I heard Aaron Rodgers' name announced, I turned off the radio. I thought we had just drafted the next Kyle Boller.

Rodgers' success has taught us all a lesson about stereotypes.

Kylon from Talofofo, Guam

Vic, when the Packers' modern success boom finally goes bust, I will be a sad fan, but I will also be a patient fan knowing our time will come again. Your column helped me achieve that peace. But for now, I will enjoy the time we are in and be thankful.

There will always be growth in the spring. Packers fans have gone a long time without feeling the grip of winter.

Brandon from Phoenix, AZ

Vic, what do you think is the best example of a draft pick that was considered risky due to off-field issues, injuries, etc., but turned out to be a home run for the team that selected him? Tyrann Mathieu jumps out as a recent one, but curious what you think.

Dan Marino taught a lot of teams a lesson about rumors.

Sean from Falcon, CO

Could we get a three-round, Packers-only mock draft from you, Vic?

The seven days of the draft? A big guy for the defense, an inside linebacker, speed at wide receiver.

Greg from Brooklyn, WI

I pity Anthony from Green Bay not appreciating your one-word answers. Some of the best retorts are one word. My favorite is General McAuliffe's reply to the German demand for surrender at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge: Nuts.

I like Joe Greene's answer when he was a rookie and the veterans told him to stand up and sing his college fight song: No.

Marilyn from Wacousta, MI

I love reading your column. I learn a lot and there are smiles every day. Anthony from Green Bay counted six one-word answers. I think I like those the best. They make me laugh.


Matt from Ames, IA

Vic, of the 50 Super Bowl winners, 48 had a higher-rated defense than their opponent. Defense wins championships.

That's a great stat; I trust it's accurate. If it is, it's telling.

Phil from Tampa, FL

Any chance there'll be a "Packers Everywhere" rally in Jacksonville?

I have a feeling EverBank Field is going to have a lot of green in it on opening day. Jacksonville would be a great place for a "Packers Everywhere" pep rally.

Kabir from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

How would you match the following to defensive positions: weed whacker, edger, mower, tiller, plow?

Safety, cornerback, pass rusher, linebacker, nose tackle. Remember the "Video Ask Vic" on animals?

Martin from Grafton, WI

Vic, I was disappointed you didn't reply to Merriman from San Diego in Pittsburghese. Could you please rephrase your answer?

If da grass isn't cut by da time I git home from work, da only ballfield you'll see this weekend will be in yinzes dreams.

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