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Nothing wrong with hard choices

The film tells them more than we'll ever know


Matt from Roanoke, VA

I know you guys have a lot of draft questions, but I have waited to see if this would be touched on before I submitted. There is a lot of hype around the RB position heading into the draft, but I'm a little conflicted. Are the Packers in the market for a lead back, or a complementary back to Montgomery? To me if they weren't confident in Ty to carry the load, they would have gotten Blount or Peterson in free agency.

I think the Packers would like to find a second feature back to develop as an effective option to share the workload with Montgomery and/or take over in case of injury. There's nothing wrong with giving the offensive coaches hard choices. The deep crop of backs available in this year's draft makes going young with that option a prudent move.

Steven from Montclair, NJ

Predicting a perfect March Madness bracket is close to impossible, but people love to try. I imagine creating a perfect mock draft is also close to impossible. How come no one talks about that with all of this mock draft craze?

The only time someone might hit on a perfect first-round mock draft someday is if trading picks weren't allowed. Otherwise, no way.

Chuck from Hot Springs, MT

Charlie from NC asked about Prospect Primers. You also had Beau Sandland from Montana State last year, however, you got him on waivers.

Two points for the impressive memory.

Jace from Eagle, ID

Why has not reported the Packers claiming Ego Ferguson off of waivers?

Because he's not on the roster and won't be, due to him not passing his physical.

Adam from St. Louis, MO

Gunter, Randall, Rollins, Lowry, Clark, Elliott, Fackrell, Martinez, Ryan, Thomas, Brice, and Clinton-Dix. All 25 or under and all have flashed potential on defense already. Throw in a few draft picks and then of course our mainstays Burnett, Perry, Matthews and Daniels and ask me how our defense is supposed to get any better this offseason? My answer in one word: Age. So excited for our young defense this year! Go Pack Go!

The Packers did not spend on defense in free agency. They're counting on the "develop" half of draft-and-develop to take the defense up a notch, with competition from another draft class thrown in. They trusted the process at 4-6, and they're trusting the process now. It doesn't make for offseason headlines nor please the entire fan base, and there are no guarantees, except that it'll be fun to watch. I can't wait either.

Pat from West Bend, WI

Do you think TT ever looks at mock drafts and chuckles to himself?

Only in 2014.

Justin from Shannon, IL

Who was your favorite football player to watch growing up? I've grown up with Aaron Rodgers, so naturally, he would be my favorite.

Walter Payton.

Andrew from Tomahawk, WI

Remember when fans booed the Rodgers pick, but were fanatical about the Abbrederis pick? Time makes fools of us all. What is your favorite "Huh?" moment in the draft that did and did not pan out?

As far as the early rounds, I remember wondering who Jermichael Finley was and believing the trade up for Jerel Worthy was a must. Our gut reaction to picks is usually rooted in familiarity (or lack thereof), and even the guys who do this for a living are wrong all the time, so I don't give my own immediate thoughts much, well, thought.

Jacob from Kaukauna, WI

I have a way to get the NFL Draft to Green Bay. Agree with the league to play a game out of the country in exchange for hosting the draft. The city will generate the income from the draft it would lose by missing a game and Packer fans from another part of the world will be able to attend a Packer game. Win-win for all involved.

If Mark Murphy reads the Inbox, maybe you've given him an idea.

Ryan from Somerset, WI

Can we get Vic's Masters pick for Thursday's Inbox?

He texted me Jon Rahm.

Scott from Sauk City, WI

Wes' point about Rodgers and Romo both sitting on the bench for three years begs the question, is it better to spend three years on the bench learning the game, or is it better to be thrown to the wolves on Day 1? There's certainly something to be said for learning the mental aspect of the game before being required to perform on the field, but so many teams get so desperate for a QB that I wonder how many careers are being ruined on guys that aren't ready to jump right into the starting role.

That's the age-old debate in NFL circles, and it'll never be solved definitively. I believe if the player is talented enough, he'll eventually rise above the struggles of playing "too soon" and make it work. As rookies, Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman combined for 27 starts, 48 interceptions, and a 3-24 record. They were far from ruined. I've also come to appreciate what Mike McCarthy has said often about young quarterbacks – it's not whether a young QB is ready, it's whether the team is ready for a young QB.

Darren from Wakefield, MI

C'mon Biff, no "Miracle On Ice"? I like comedies too, but...

Best non-baseball sports movie in my book.

Chad from Anderson, SC

Insiders, with the Tony Romo situation finally wrapping up, I have a question about the salary cap and retiring players. I read that Romo is officially retiring, yet the Cowboys are designating him as a post-June 1 cut to save on the salary cap. I thought when a player retires, the team is no longer on the hook for that player's salary. Would you enlighten us on the process, please?

The pro-rated portion of the signing bonus and restructured/deferred money from his last contract still have to count against the cap at some point. The post-June 1 designation allows the Cowboys to spread out the remaining cap charges over the next two years, rather than have it all accelerate onto their 2017 cap.

Bryce from Billings, MT

Do you think Romo should be in the Hall of Fame? He was 2-4 in the playoffs and never made it to the NFC Championship Game. But, there are other QBs in the Hall that have done less in the playoffs. Do you think QBs in today's game are held to different standards than QBs of the past?

The standards are different because the game is different. Tony Romo put together an impressive career in the NFL's pass-happiest era to date, but he's not a Hall of Famer.

Tim from Madison, WI

I'm curious if you will post a glass-half-empty question. For all the talk about an unstoppable offense, there is a post-ACL 32-year-old as the No. 1 WR, a good young WR with one year of proven success, an injury-prone slot receiver whose production has waned and a converted WR at RB. Our offense could be very good, but it is not a guarantee.

I understand where you're coming from, and I believe health, as always, will be a huge factor. But a lot of teams would kill for the collection of personnel you listed, and you didn't mention two veteran additions at tight end, two of the better offensive tackles in the game, and a rock-solid center. All that led by McCarthy's mind and Rodgers' talent should be pretty good.

Brian from Holmen, WI

Do you know if the minicamp in June is open to the public?

It usually is, and one day per week of the OTAs leading up to minicamp is normally open, too, but nothing official has been announced yet. Stay tuned.

Kevin from Neptune, NJ

I was reading an article based on reviewing teams' offseasons thus far and the article talked about how losing Lang will be a big blow to the Packers because "there is no Lane Taylor to step in this time." I found it funny because according to most writers last year, there was no one to step in for Sitton when he was released.

The angst after Sitton's release was intense, in part because Taylor had been flagged for three penalties (two of them holding) in the last preseason game in Kansas City. In his first press conference after Sitton's release, McCarthy dropped the hint that the film showed the holding penalties were awful calls. I'll never forget that. They always know more than we do.

Fans showed up Wednesday night for the Packers Tailgate Party to benefit Bay Area Youth Network, a non-denominational faith based youth organization. Photos by Matt Haberkamp and Aaron Popkey,

Scott from Kingsport, TN

What is your favorite ride at Universal? I still think Spider-Man is the best.

I'm old-fashioned, as well as rather timid, so I can never get enough of Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls.

Chris from Bozeman, MT

Just a thought. I get why the best pass-rusher lines up on the QB's blind side (meaning the LT needs to be the best blocker). Why not line up on the opposite side? Wouldn't this force the QB to evade towards their backside arm, leading to a much more difficult throw against their body? I know that the Russell Wilsons and ARs can spin out and still throw well either way, but most can't. I see this blind side thing evolving.

It has evolved some, but for me, it still comes down to this – defensively, is it better for the QB to know he only has three seconds to get rid of the ball, or to wonder if he only has two?

Scott from Wausau, WI

Mike stated that he preferred to change the challenge rule to a two-strikes-and-you're-out format. It seems to me that in a league that is always trying to limit game length, one strike and you're out is a better idea. Replay was supposed to fix the obviously wrong calls. With two strikes, you can challenge the borderline call and know you still have one left. If you didn't have a second chance, some of those challenges wouldn't happen and games would shorten.

Point taken, but if replay shows an official's call was close, but wrong, the fans aren't going to buy the head coach going to the podium after the game and saying, "Well, it wasn't obviously wrong, so I held onto my challenge."

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

The sandlot comment and your answer got me thinking. We didn't have any specific rules except that no team could load up with unfair talent. The only thing I can remember us arguing about was "was that a catch or not?" Some things never change.

But some do. We had no rules protecting quarterbacks.

Pam from Boise, ID

Why do I see both "est. 1919" and "est. 1921"? Which is correct or what is the meaning for each date?

The Packers were founded as an independent club in 1919. Their first season in the American Professional Football Association (which became the NFL) was 1921. For more detail and nuance to that history, Cliff Christl has provided a ton of material for the site and**his page**is a treasure trove of info.

Brett from Marietta, GA

Mike, thanks for sharing your golf history. Have you ever been to Augusta National? If not, and borrowing from Ferris Bueller, "If you have the means, I highly recommend it."

It's on the bucket list. My dad got there a few years ago, and I'm forever jealous. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Nick from State College, PA

What is favorite press box food? Also, how do you eat your hotdog? (Warning, there is a correct answer.)

There's hardly a press box I enter in which I don't at least try the popcorn, and I eat my hotdog one bite at a time.

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