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Now they know what it looks like on offense

The defense had one big missed opportunity


Marjorie from Roseville, CA

It was a hard one to lose. We were there to the last second and our guys never gave up.

They don't get much tougher. The Packers were done in by two future Hall of Famers making an amazing play. What are ya gonna do?

Darren from Kingston, Canada

What a game – entertaining yet heartbreaking. What a performance by all three phases against one of the top NFL teams in their own backyard. What a rebound for Hundley. What do you think is one of the most important take-home messages for the team after this game?


Now they know what it looks like on offense. It's just about putting together one more drive. The next step for Hundley is to follow this up. He didn't do that after Chicago.**

Alan from Nixon, Ontario

I'm kind of scratching my head, Mike. How did the Pack lose this game? QB rating was good, turnovers were in the plus. What do you think was the biggest reason the Pack lost?

Because the Steelers are probably going to the Super Bowl.

Chris from West Plains, MO

Man, is it getting salty out there on the internet. Hundley puts out a stellar performance for his fifth game playing with live ammo and he still gets dragged through the mud like he's Snidley Whiplash, tying people to tracks. Honestly, how much does this negativity affect a young quarterback's play? We talk about mental toughness, moving on from losses, and hitting the pavement the next day, but with the immediacy of social media and the ability to tweet directly to a player, this has got to affect him some, right? I don't like losses, but is loyalty dead?


I sure hope not. There are no moral victories in the NFL, but if you can't appreciate an effort like that, something's wrong. I'm sure there are Pittsburgh fans who aren't enjoying the win because a backup QB came into their house and took them to the wire. It's the way of (some parts of) the world.**

Walter from Long Beach, CA

Win or lose, that was the game with the most class I have seen this season. Only seven total penalties, and a down-to-the-wire finish? The respect shown between these franchises, coaches, and players is noteworthy and is an example for the rest of the league. I wish every game was that exemplary of what this sport is about. Anyone who is hating on the Pack or the Steelers is a fool. That was awesome football, and it is why we watch the game.

That game was the NFL in a nutshell. It reaffirmed that it's a week-to-week, any-given-Sunday, who-knows league, though I wouldn't have minded an eighth penalty there with about a minute left.

Ryan from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why use instant replay at all if it can't be used to call an obvious helmet-to-helmet hit on a quarterback?

I will continue to say it until I'm blue in the face. I don't think the NFL can be taken seriously about these player-safety issues if it's not going to use replays to get the calls correct. Watt will probably get fined, but the Packers would rather have the 15 yards and a drive-starting first down.

Drake from Portland, OR

I think the reason the Packers lost was, simply, the Steelers were a better team. Hundley and the rest of the team played great, and playing like that would have beaten many teams, but the Steelers are one of the best teams. Such a great effort put out there by the Packers, and I'm very proud of them despite the loss. Playoffs are not happening at this point, but seeing Hundley continue to develop over the next few games should be fun.


The shame of it is an offensive performance last week even barely resembling this one would have beaten Baltimore, and the Packers' season would have a whole different look to it right now. Green Bay's odds are long, yes, but until 10 wins are no longer possible, no reason to wave a white flag.**

Joe from Asbury, IA

Looks like we have ourselves Run The Table 2.0. With Atlanta and Carolina sitting with seven and eight wins already do you believe 10-6 would even get the Packers in IF somehow they did get the job done?

Both of those teams play the Vikings the next two weeks, and the big three in the NFC South are playing each other a bunch down the stretch. That division still might get both wild cards, but nothing's a given based on the schedule.

Jim from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Should I feel encouraged or discouraged? I really don't know how I feel after this game.


Green Bay visited Heinz Field to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Week 12 matchup. Photos by Evan Siegle,

It was there for the taking. No getting around that. I can understand both.**

Matt from Minneapolis, MN

The TV sideline reporters and network commentators fill the fans in on a lot of details during the game. How much information does a team get regarding the opposing team's injuries and player statuses as they occur during the game?

Anything that is reported in the press box or on the TV broadcast can easily be relayed to the field.

Connor from 999 Oaks, CA

When is the front office going to stop protecting McCarthy? Packers shouldn't have had a chance entering this game, yet they should have won. McCarthy more than anyone else needs to be fired.

If you're being facetious, bravo. If not, I hope you realize how ridiculous you sound. As always, there are arguments regarding strategic decisions, but McCarthy obviously had plenty to do with getting the team to bounce back and play a game like that when no one outside their own locker room gave them a chance to win.

Rick from Calumet, MI

In regards to the query from Mark in Naperville, I doubt medical marijuana can be directly addressed in the next CBA. Until the issue is settled on a national level, some teams like the Packers do not have legal access to medical marijuana, where a team such as the Lions does. However, I could imagine a scenario wherein testing for THC would be removed from the results.

That would be the crux of it for the players – will the league continue to test for it?

Mark from Gillett, WI

When does Rodgers begin practicing? Off IR?


Take a look at some highlights from the moments leading up to Sunday night's Packers-Steelers game at Heinz Field. Photos by Evan Siegle,