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Now what, revenge for the loss in 2011?

Mike McCarthy kept his team on an even keel


Dave from Westminster, CO

The last time the Packers played the Chiefs, in 2011, the Chiefs ended Green Bay's undefeated season. The fans want revenge! Do you think the players will want revenge?

It's all about revenge, baby. That loss must be avenged. The 49ers? Revenge! Especially Kaepernick. St. Louis? Revenge for intercepting Brett Favre six times in a playoff game. San Diego? Revenge for trading John Hadl to the Rams, who traded Hadl to the Packers. Denver? Revenge for beating the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII. Carolina? I don't know, but I'll think of something. Detroit? Revenge for Thanksgiving Day 1962. Minnesota? Revenge for signing Favre. Every game is about revenge. How dare the other teams try to win. Don't they understand, the Packers are the only real team? It's mandated we win. If we don't, we'll hate you until we do.

Steve from Hilo, HI

With all the injuries affecting nearly every team, do you think the league will expand the number of players on the team and the practice squad?

When the league really wants to go to 18 games, that's the card it'll play to persuade the players association to agree. Why give away your cards for free?

Taylor from Amarillo, TX

Vic, I thought the timing was perfectly executed when the Packers moved Cobb to the backfield for those few plays. It's a look that's been on tape, so I'm sure the Seahawks prepared for it, but it seemed like it caught them by surprise. Would you agree and did McCarthy elaborate on this?

A guy named Chris brought two boxes of giant pretzels to the press box for me, and I got so excited about the giant pretzels I missed the Cobb-in-the-backfield drama. I'm sorry, but the giant pretzels were really good. He brought me some gourmet mustard, too. He must be with concessions. Aaron Rodgers elaborated on it; on Cobb, not the pretzels. I quoted Rodgers in yesterday's column. I didn't understand any of it anyhow.

Alan from Prior Lake, MN

Coach McCarthy is tied in wins with Coach Lombardi. Do you know if that includes playoffs?

McCarthy passed Lombardi last season, both in regular-season and all-time wins.

Harsh from Cincinnati, OH

Where will you rate the Packers running game in the league. Do you think we are in the top five?

It's currently No. 10, but the sample is still too small for it to be accurate. Yeah, I think the Packers have a top five running game. What's impressive about the Packers' current ranking is it was achieved despite having played against the Seahawks.

Kevin from Richland Center, WI

Vic, Pete Carroll is throwing a fit on a couple of calls he feels the refs missed. He claims the play should have been blown dead when Aaron's hard count got them to jump offside, resulting in a 53-yard pass interference call. The second one is on Elliott's interception and the subsequent fumble recovery. Is he stoking the fire to create a rivalry?

No, he's trying to light a fire under his team for its next game. He's trying to create within his team a feeling it was wronged and it's us against the league so we're going to have to play better so we can overcome the forces that are out to get us. It's an old coaching tactic. Kevin, we're over the top on this rivalry thing. The Seahawks game is over and they're not on the Packers' remaining schedule. It's time to let it go. I assure you, Coach Carroll has.

Aaron from Point Pleasant, MD

Vic, from last year's AFC Championship game until now, the Colts' receivers seem to be failing to create separation. When you see a problem consistently with a group like that, who do you hold accountable, the receivers or the coaching staff?

The receivers' parents.

Ben from St. Paul, MN

How will the coaches look to avoid a letdown after an emotional victory?

Mike McCarthy did that last week by not making Seattle an emotional game. The fans made it emotional but McCarthy didn't. He made it just another game. Aren't you glad he did? You can't play that revenge card every week, as I tried to do in my first answer. If your preparation is based on revenge, what do you do to prepare for your next opponent? I think we're being provided a fantastic learning experience. Since the moments immediately following the NFC title game loss, my inbox has been full of fans seeking revenge, yet, Coach McCarthy never played that card. He put that game behind him, created a "new year" feeling within his team – he even grew a beard – and, as a result, the Packers are 2-0, have a fresh feeling and have presented you with the satisfaction you so desperately sought. Fans would not make good coaches. They're too emotional.

Tom from Batavia, IL

When are coaches going to wise up and not have their players jump into the air and bump each other in celebration? The risk of ACL damage and being out for a period of time or possibly the entire season is not worth the risk. I hope the Packers will mandate their players not do this.

I saw a Notre Dame player sustain an ACL injury last Saturday doing a jump-in-the-air celebration. I thought to myself, when did the knee become so fragile? The old guys played in the roll-block era, and I can't remember ever having heard the term ACL used. Football has gone ACL crazy, despite rules that forbid going low. Now we can't even celebrate without getting hurt.

Chad from Tarpon Springs, FL

Compared to the 1990s, what is the current zeitgeist of the league?

The spirit of the '90s was change: unrestricted free agency and the salary cap. The spirit of the league currently is division, the result of Deflategate. Even fans and media are divided on this issue. It doesn't feel good and it's going to feel even worse if the league pursues its appeal, wins and suspends Tom Brady for the postseason. I think it would be best to allow natural causes to render a verdict.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, Richard Sherman was pressed to the point of almost being a liability on Sunday. Not that he didn't play extremely well, but it seemed we went at him directly, which challenged him on penalties and in coverage. Do you think he gets a hall pass too often by teams avoiding him?

Other than on "free" plays, I didn't think the Packers targeted him. I think you watched the game with your heart, not your eyes.

Robbie from Charlotte, NC

Brees out, Romo out, Cutler out, Stafford out; what is going on out there, Vic?

The rules aren't working. Open spaces have made the game more dangerous. We need to tighten it.

Ryan from Abilene, TX

I've watched the game four times now. Morgan Burnett's presence in the secondary was a huge difference.

So, it wasn't Dom Capers, it was Burnett? Very interesting. Players, not plays, huh?

Blair from Los Angeles, CA

Vic, this PAT rule change has me really excited for crazy drama. Are you excited for the potential PAT drama?

Yes, I am. I think it's a wonderful rule change. It's added an exciting play to the game. The rule change is in the kickers' heads. It's even gotten to Adam Vinatieri. Now they're missing short field goal attempts. Wait until the weather gets cold and windy. I think going for two is the way to go. I can't help but wonder what impact going for two had on the Steelers-49ers game. The Steelers had a 16-0 lead. Emotionally, it's the equivalent of scoring two more touchdowns. It has to be demoralizing to the defense.

Scott from Fitchburg, WI

What first impressions have the 2015 Packers given you?

I have the impression this is going to be a very good season.

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