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One helps the other perform better

First practice only three days away


Nick from Plainwell, MI

First Monday without Vic...take a deep breath, we can do this! Any coping strategies you recommend?

You can try to guess what his answers would be to the questions, or we have an archive of all his work if you just can't survive. Otherwise, hop on, let's go. First training camp practice is only three days away.

Brandon from Tulsa, OK

We all know the Janis hype was pretty high the past two years. My question is, would you agree that the Ty hype is even higher? I don't think I've seen this many Packers fans declare a guy HOF material before he's even had a full season at his position.

Fantasy football drives a lot of the hype in Montgomery's case, which is fine, but it's called fantasy football for a reason.

Richard from Kettering, UK

I do not understand why you can't tell us exactly what is going to happen with the secondary this season?! Considering we've only lost and gained a few players, a few of whom have got back to full fitness, they all have one year's more worth of experience, and we have a few rookies who have never played in the NFL before, it seems absurd that you can't tell me exactly how they are going to perform! Please put some extra effort in to work this out as I'd rather just know now than actually have to watch a season unfold before my eyes, especially if it will be as dull as last year!

I'll give it all I've got.

Peder from Sturgeon Bay, WI

If there were an "All-Pro" for position coaches which Packers coach gets a nod?

The first one that comes to mind for me is James Campen. He's been the lead offensive line coach for a full decade now, and he's had exactly one first-round draft pick as a starter the entire time – Bryan Bulaga – on a draft-and-develop team. Yet, other than brief rough stretches early in 2009 and '12 when a few too many sacks piled up, his unit has readily been recognized as one of the strengths of the team, and he got the ship righted in plenty of time in those two aforementioned seasons as well.

Curt from Westby, WI

You said that all the plays are installed in OTAs and training camp. Would the Packers add a new play during the year due to personnel changes, injuries, or maybe some divine inspiration?

Sure. Often those additions to the playbook are variations of concepts or plays they've already installed. Maybe one member of the personnel grouping changes, or the formation, or a potential check, either at the line of scrimmage or for the receivers running their routes.

Tim from Pilesgrove, NJ

I know the readers are gonna blow up on this, but as a 50-plus-year Packers fan, I have to admit I really like the all-white color-rush uniforms. I wouldn't complain if they made them their away uniforms. Thoughts?

I wouldn't mind sprinkling them into the road schedule here and there.

Horst from Imperial, MO

What happened to the Rock? Haven't seen any of his videos lately.

Training camp is right around the corner, so "Three Things" and the "Rock Report" should both be making their return. Stay tuned.

Cameron from Augusta, GA

Mike, your response to Rich from Michigan about being a "fan" of the Pack made me somewhat sad. Would not the fact you spend so much time around the facility and staff and coaches and players make you want to root for the people that make up the Packers? That's one reason I love this column and website so much, it allows me to know the team better and thus I cheer for their success as much as the joy of "my" team winning.

That's pretty much what I meant by saying the job is more fun when the team is winning. It's great to see people you've come to know and respect do well and succeed, and it's much more enjoyable to work in that kind of environment. But I have to maintain some measure of detachment in order to provide the readers with analysis that's meaningful and not just talk-radio blather. It's also necessary for personal sanity when I have no control over the outcome. This is a cut-throat business. Every week from September through December, it's either thumbs up or thumbs down. Some Mondays are better than others. You learn as you go how much you can let your emotions intrude.

Lori from Brookfield, WI

Mike, you wrote "fans react, reporters analyze" when watching a game. How did you learn to turn off your reactions?

You have to in order to spend a career in press boxes. I'm not saying I don't react at all, but I have to keep the reaction to myself. Or else I just punch Wes in the shoulder.

Gene from Los Angeles, CA

Hey guys, does Donald Driver ever quit smiling? It's wonderful for him to be so honored. We were honored to have him on our favorite team.

It was great to see Driver's big smile again on Saturday night. Ron Wolf mentioned during his press conference that the personnel staff**had a fourth-round grade on Driver in the ’99 draft**. I don't think I'd ever heard that specified before.

Mike from Fort Wayne, IN

Now that Vic is flip-flopping into the sunset, what are your ban criteria? Just want to keep my boat from drifting into murky water.

It wouldn't be any fun to publicize the criteria now, would it?

Brad from Green Bay, WI

I enjoyed reading your comments to a question about the website hits (mobile vs. desktop), behind the screen topics are just interesting to me. What is something that goes on regularly behind the scenes that the fans don't know that you wish we did?

I don't know if anyone cares, but I'm most proud of the operation we've developed for road games. From our digital staff, we have a handful at the game and others back at home base. The communication is constant in order to get photos matched up with stories, for videos to be processed and posted in a timely fashion, etc. It takes a huge effort by a lot of really good people, and what we're able to accomplish now vs. five or 10 years ago is cool to see. Road games are our biggest challenge, and there are many involved whose names you don't know. That's one reason Wes and I drop a mention into the column here and there.

Matt from Hartford, WI

We haven't really talked pizza. New York style, thin slice, Chicago deep dish, Hawaiian, stuffed crust, calzone, thick crust, anchovies, meat lovers, what's your pleasure?

I love Chicago style loaded with toppings cut into big pie pieces, or classic thin crust with one topping cut into squares. Nothing else measures up.

Jon from Waukesha, WI

Here's a two-point question: It's the NFC Championship Game, at Lambeau. The weather is awful, wind and snow. The Packers score a touchdown in the final seconds to draw within one. With the terrible weather, do you go for one to tie, or go for two to win?

If the weather has been having a significant impact on the kicking game, and I didn't think the odds of a 33-yard PAT were much better than a two-point play, then I'd probably go for the win.

Patrick from Pagosa Springs, CO

In Sunday's "Celebrities who follow the Packers" photos, one name was left out that probably shouldn't have since he is also a shareholder, that being Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press" fame. Just thought you should know.

We**posted a video last year**of Todd explaining his devotion to the green and gold.

Tom from Herndon, VA

As a Wisconsinite who has visited the south for my job, I had to be educated in the proper use of y'all. It is important to note that y'all is singular as in, "Hey Joe, y'all need to get to practice." While the plural form is "all y'all" as in, "All y'all need to get to practice."

All y'all need to ease up on the repetition.

Corey from Kings Park, PA

I'm more worried about the pass-rush than I am the secondary. Matthews and Perry both have had injury issues in recent years and the depth behind them is mostly young and unproven. Won't a poor pass-rush add more pressure to a secondary already under the gun?

No question. It's why I was surprised the Packers didn't draft an edge-rusher until the fourth round, but if that's how the draft board fell, it's how it fell. Most important, it's about both facets helping one another perform better. You get a few plays each game the rush gets there a half-step sooner, the coverage benefits. And if the coverage can hold an extra half-second for a few plays, the rush might get home. It's those few plays each game that can stop drives, or get a defense in trouble.

Justin from Roswell, NM

The more airtime he gets, the more I like Mike Daniels. Do you have a favorite story or interview with the man that is becoming the face of the Packers' defense?

He's done a lot of great interviews, but I think my favorite moment was the coin toss last year in Minneapolis in Week 2. His staredown of Adrian Peterson was classic Mike D.

Ryan from Beijing, China

Has Kirk Cousins found a way to get guaranteed money without signing a long-term contract? I'm going to assume almost $45 million is more than the guaranteed money he would have earned in a long-term deal. The perks of being a quarterback, I guess.

It's worked out that way to this point, but only because Cousins has stayed healthy.

Don from Cedar Rapids, IA

If a quarterback needs to be "the man" to make an offense successful, what position does a defense need as "the man"?

Forced to pick one, edge-rusher would be my choice.

Jordan from San Jose, CA

Mike, in a previous column comparing Rodgers and Brady, you mentioned the competition being tougher for Rodgers. Here is stat that backs it up: Rodgers has won one game in the playoffs where his QB rating was under 90 and Brady has won 10 such games.

Interesting. Rodgers also has lost four postseason games with a QB rating above 90, and Brady has only lost two.

Jack from San Francisco, CA

I know it's too early for roster projections, but for lack of better news, I read one. I was shocked to see the projection of the Packers keeping seven receivers, none of them named Geronimo Allison. In my mind, he seems to have the edge for the fourth spot on the depth chart after his strong play last season. Am I crazy? How much does the one-game suspension hurt him?

No roster projection is going to have Allison on the 53 because at the final cutdown, he'll be placed on the reserve/suspended list for one week. The Packers won't be deciding until after the season opener if he's on the 53.

Eric from Madison, WI

After reading the article on the safeties and corners I realized that Randall had four interceptions last year. I know he was a bit of a liability at times throughout his injury-riddled season, but if he snags four interceptions during a bad year, I can only imagine what he does during a good year. Could it be our defensive backs turn into a strength of this team if they stay relatively healthy?

We shall see. I've been saying all offseason it's a group with plenty to prove, and the veteran addition (House) and two draft picks are in the same boat. I like that kind of motivation in professional athletes. Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt had the line of the spring: "There are no get-out-of-jail-free cards for the way we played last year."

Roger from Indianapolis, IN

Regarding fans predicting what Green Bay will do this season, Yogi Berra had it covered: "I never make predictions, especially about the future."

The Inbox needs more Yogi.

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