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Packers Aid Local Homeowner Through 'Rebuilding Together'


For most of the year, the work day for Green Bay Packers employees starts and ends at Lambeau Field.

But not so last week for approximately two dozen individuals with ties to the organization, who got out into the community to participate in the annual event known as Rebuilding Together.

Picking up power tools and paint brushes, the Packers employees did their best to spruce up the house of a local homeowner in need.

"She was thrilled," said Sherry Schuldes, Packers manager of family programs, of the 95-year-old homeowner whose house was at the receiving end of the makeover. "She was just so excited and appreciative about the little things that we were able to do for her."

The 'little things' included the installation of new windows throughout the home, a new door and two new air conditioners as well as the application of a fresh coat of exterior paint.

The house was the ninth in as many years to receive some TLC from the Packers, who used to cooperate with the project when it was called 'Christmas In May.'

Among those volunteering their time was Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman.

"As a member of the Green Bay Packers, getting out in the community is a part of our job description, and it's a part that I really enjoy," Kampman said. "Some people don't really feel that this is something that we have to do, but I really feel that it is so worthwhile.

"When you get a chance to see a reaction from people like we did with this homeowner, that's really what it's all about."

The Green Bay Packers are just one of 21 corporate sponsors that came together this spring to see 13 local homes overhauled free of charge to the homeowners in need.

With the Packers participating since 1996, the Green Bay chapter of Rebuilding Together has been in operation since 1994, seeing approximately 140 homes refurbished thanks to its many corporate sponsors and thousands of volunteers.

This year's recipient -- the 95-year-old Green Bay resident -- has lived in the same home for 33 years.

"I think as volunteers, we get as much out of it as the homeowner," said Schuldes, who along with head trainer Pepper Burruss, organized the project for the Packers. "Just to know that you can impact someone's life and help them to continue to have some kind of independence makes it all worthwhile."

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