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Packers at Eagles Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Eagles game. See his take on the first half.

All right folks, let's go.

Comment From Guest

What has happened to Clay Matthews? It just looks like the tank's half empty

He's playing hurt again. That was a nasty hit he took from Barbre.

Comment From pipebernal

Can the defense just stop them?

You'd sure like to get a stop when they start on their own 1. The offside on Perry was foolish. Wentz has been more impressive than I expected with his scrambling.

Comment From Matt 

We're winning, and it's not painful. I'll take it.

Hey, first time in a while the Packers have led at this stage. Another half to go, but the offense got off to a great start.

Comment From Dave, UK 

That second TD catch from Adams...

Unreal throw, fantastic catch. To have that kind of concentration and snag that was impressive. The DB never saw the ball.

Comment From Scott H 

Once again a long drive for points. 2nd and 24 and we still cant stop them. What is the defense problem this week?

I don't know. The coverage in the secondary is just not holding up. They went from 2nd & 24 to 3rd & 6 because of one easy pass and the offsides.

Comment From Guest 

We have 4 first round players in our pass rush, you're going to tell me they can't get through a banged up offensive line?

They've gotten better pressure in this game, I believe, but Wentz has done a good job getting out of there. I didn't expect that.

Comment From Bill Goehring 

Why would McCarthy call time out at the end of the half. He knows his defense stinks

He's playing it like he should. 1:40 on the clock, third and 11, every coach in the league would take a timeout there. He's always going to be confident in his guys. That's how he coaches.

Comment From Matt 

How's Randall looking?

He has covered tighter than anyone we've seen for a few weeks. He's been beaten on a couple of plays, but the guys weren't wide open on him.

Comment From Wes 

Keeping the blitz going will certainly help the defense make an impact in the 2nd half.

Capers has called a number of different blitzes in the first half. I wonder how many more looks he has for the rookie QB.

Comment From Shaun 

I get the feeling we need to keep scoring to win this one

No question.

Comment From Mike, VA 

Would love to see Cook get involved in the second half

I expect him to.

Comment From Bill 

Yea but the defense allows a score in the last 2 minutes every game. Every game this year.

Very true. Has been a huge problem for this defense all year. I don't disagree there.

Comment From Andy 

Do you think we will see Michael tonight?

I don't know. I would have thought we'd see him by now, but I don't know what the game plan is.

Comment From Guest 

I don't understand how we can dump so many draft picks on the D and we can't get pressure or defend the pass. It looks like this entire team is waiting on someone else to make a play

It kind of does look like that. Peppers and Rollins made two nice plays there at the end to help hold them to a FG. But after the Daniels sack, someone has to make a play, I agree.

Comment From Osweopac 

No confidence in this defense the edge of my seat every series

I don't blame you. This is no star WR corps in Philly either, unlike last week in Wash. The coverage should be better, and they've shuffled some guys around on the O-line. The pressure should be better, too, though as I said, I think it is better this week than it has been.

Comment From Matt 

Packers OL is holding up well against that tough front.

I agree. Spriggs has a tough matchup with Cox. Rodgers is getting the ball out quickly a lot, and when he's not, he's getting out of the pocket to run or throw it away. Playing smart.

Comment From BrettGB 

How is Jason Spriggs doing?

After a rough first play, he's done pretty well from what I can tell.

Comment From Guest 

Terrific punt! But were you as surprised as I was that they didn't go for it on 4th and 3 from the Eagles' 45?

No, the punt was the right call there. Have to help the defense out. You can't give up points when they start on the 1, though.

Comment From Darrell 

Why no flag for that cheap shot on Matthews in the first quarter?

I can't remember what the rule actually is on the blindside blocks. They changed something with it this year, and the refs told us back in training camp, but my memory is failing me.

Comment From Shane 

Still can't help but hope a big second half of this game propels the team on a playoff run.

Works for me.

Comment From Wes 

I think this game will come down to whoever has the ball last.

Very well could be.

Comment From Jeremy

This offense is fun to watch. Did anyone think Rodgers would be leading a read-option for a first down? Go Pack Go

For those who don't see any creativity in this offense given the circumstances, I don't know what else to say. That was quite a call.

Comment From Obvious 

This D won't cut it against Seattle, Detroit, or probably Houston. They need to get bodies back, not lose more

No reason to worry about those games now. Worry about this one and find a way to win it.

Comment From Luke 

Hey Mike, what's different this game?

The offense started fast instead of waiting until the fourth possession to score, which is what happened the last 2 weeks. Rodgers settled in early.

Comment From Max 

Whatever funk Rodgers was in seems well in the past now.

Without a doubt.

Comment From Matt 

Still not sure what to make of Wentz. Sometimes great, sometimes a stunning lack of awareness.

Packers need to force him into a rookie mistake. I think that's why Capers has been aggressive with the blitzing, despite the coverage weaknesses.

Comment From Jason

I'm happy with the game so far, though it'd be nice to see the Packers finish those sacks. Otherwise, good stuff.

For sure. OK, here comes the kickoff. I gotta go.

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