Packers-Bears Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Opening Statement

"I'll start with the injury report. Donald Driver banged his knee and he did return. Aaron Rouse had an ankle sprain but came back for one play. Johnny Jolly had an ankle and at the end did not return. James Jones banged his knee at the end. Joe Porter had a concussion and did not return."

On losing 7 games by 4 points or less

"We lost a game tonight to the Chicago Bears. It doesn't feel very good. I'm not thinking about the other games right now. It was a tough, hard-fought football game as they always are. There were a lot of opportunities. The Bears made some key plays, particularly on special teams that factored into the outcome. We didn't make enough plays to win."

On the blocked field goal

"The kick looked low to me. I don't have all the communication yet on the mechanics of the play."

On the play of Aaron Rodgers

"Aaron had a solid day. He had one interception of a quick throw. We had some big play opportunities on offense that we didn't hit. Aaron managed the game very well. He threw very well in the conditions."

On the weather conditions tonight

"During pre-game, we all watched the wind. We got out there and threw the ball during pre-game and I watched Aaron throw the ball. I didn't take anything out of the passing game, I will say that. I didn't take anything out of the plan and we exercised the plan that we practiced all week."


On losing after leading for most of the game

"Offensively, we didn't cash in on our opportunities. We didn't get a touchdown when we were first and goal and we ended up with a field goal. We didn't convert a third down in the third quarter, and we missed a field goal. With the amount of yards we put up, and the efficiency with which we moved the ball, we have to put more than 17 points up there. The defense did a great job and put us in a good situation. We just didn't score enough points on offense to win the game."

On whether the Packers played hard tonight

"Oh, yeah. There's a lot of pride in that locker room. Guys played hard. We dominated the game. We had a lot of yardage and converted third downs. But we just didn't score enough points and we didn't convert on the first and goal... For as well as our defense was playing and as well as they covered the pass, it should have been a two-score game."

On the feeling on the Packers sideline

"The feeling on the field was that we were going to win. We felt good from the start. We kind of felt it out in the beginning, it was cold out there. We had a couple of first downs and changed field position, and we started to get rolling a little bit. We felt very confident, and they weren't able to stop us. When we played them at home, we had the same feeling but the Bears played completely different. They brought a lot of pressure. Our guys picked it up well and we had good checks at the line of scrimmage. We made enough plays offensively, but we didn't convert in the red zone. "


*On the missed FG *

"On this cold night I found the one lose spot on the cold ground and I felt my foot give way just a little bit. It's just one of those I need to get my balance and get it up and through. That's one I wish I could get back."

On missing a game winning FG

"Obviously I'm frustrated. I had a chance to help the team win here and it's really disappointing. I don't like doing these interviews and it sucks this has happened twice this year."

On whether the team's play and results are like "Groundhog's Day": things keep repeating and repeating

"You know, a little bit. It seems like the same scenario keeps happening; we're right there, so close we just have to finish off. Today was one of those days where I had a chance to do it [win the game] and I just didn't do it. We just have to keep fighting back. This team never says die. It's one of those disappointing loses, but we have to rally together and finish off the season."

On whether he was happy with the height of the missed kick

"Obviously, it got blocked, so it might have come off a little low. I'll go back and look at the film and evaluate it after that."

On the field condition and footing

"I didn't seem to have too much of an issue. On one of my field goals, I felt my plant foot slip a little bit, but I might have just attacked it a little too hard. Other than that it [the field] seemed to be in decent shape.


On whether this has become like a nightmare

"It is a nightmare, you know. Every game I've been in we're just not closing. We got one game left - it's going to be hard, but I think the guys will go to work on Monday, study hard and go out there next Sunday and put on a show."

On the pass completion near the end; did he bump into A.J. Hawk

"I bumped into someone, but I don't know who. They had the right call at the right time. They made a play."

On next weekend's game

"There is no pressure on us and there is no pressure on Detroit. We're just going to go out there and do what we have to do and take care of business on Sunday.


*On the fake punt *

"It was supposed to be a throw and I think they noticed I was in there. It seemed like everybody had two guys on them.

On how the fake punt progressed

"I came out and went through my reads and everyone was covered and then looked to run. It was fourth-and-four and I saw a little opening, enough room to get the first, so I ran and got down."

On who his targets were on the fake punt

"For the flat route I think it was Tory [Humphrey, TE] and Jermichal [Finley, TE] on a deep corner route. Everyone on the defense ran out there and had it covered."


On the defensive breakdown in the fourth quarter

"I don't know. I wish we had the answers because we wouldn't have let it keep happening. I don't know, but it comes down to the time to make some stops, we really haven't been making them, and I don't know what the reason for that is."

On the loss becoming more and more like Groundhog's Day (repeating itself)

"Obviously, when you lose anytime, it's not anything you want to do. We've been in a lot of these games and let them back in and let them take the game towards the end. I don't know. If we had the answer for that - why we let that happen - we would stop it somehow, but we didn't do that tonight. When we had the game, it was in the defense's hands to stop them and get off the field, and we didn't do that."


On the loss

"Could have, should have, would have. We've been saying that for the last . . . however long. This is a tough one to swallow. The way we played tonight: We got great production on offense; we didn't get the points we would have liked. Great production on defense; we gave up a couple of late scores - kind of what we've been doing. And, again, we have to get the feeling back; we have one more opportunity with one more game to get this feeling back and get ourselves back (on track). I am still a firm believer that we are winners in this locker room, and we have to get the feeling back."

On whether the close losses test the team's pride and confidence

"I guess it reveals your character. We're just going to continue to battle and fight."


Opening Statement

"I'm really proud of the job our football team did tonight. At halftime, there's not a whole lot for us to say. I understand why we were getting booed, we hadn't really showed up at all. But you have to play two halves. In the second half, the team really came through. Offensively, we didn't get a lot done in the game, until we had to. It seemed like two weeks in a row, the last couple drives when we had to come through and get points on the board, we were able to do that. Defensively, I thought we played hard throughout the game except for a few third-down conversions early. I thought the guys played hard, hung in there, playing the run and the pass. Special teams - from the recovered fumble to Danieal's return, Devin's return. Of course, Robbie Gould coming through like he's done so many times. I don't know if I've ever been prouder of a team for a game, just how you hung in there and found a way to win the football game at the end. We start a four-game season, we finished three of the games, we still have ourselves in position with a little bit of help and now it's down to one game. All we can do is get another win and see what happens."

On the blocked kick

"You know our season was on the line. In the time out, we had a little time to really hit the guys one more time. I just said 'hey, we really have to block this kick.' And Alex Brown came through as he has many times in the five years I've been here. That's what the team needed."

On locker-room emotions at half-time

"Just total disappointment with how we played. All the things we talked about getting ourselves in position, showing up. Thought we had an excellent week of practice but for some reason we didn't come out and play the way we ended up playing at the end of the football game. But again, normally it's how you finish. It's about the finish and I'm pleased, to say the least, with how we finished the game. "

On special teams

"Well, we have gotten a lot of plays from our special teams, but we're set up that way. We practice that way. We rely on our special teams. Their plays win football games for you...we have good players there, we have a good scheme, but still a lot of teams say that. It's still good to be able to get that type of production from them."


On the play of the offense versus Green Bay

"We weren't playing good, we weren't running the ball, we weren't throwing the ball. We just weren't playing well at all. So, we just said, 'This our season.' It's coming down to this and if we don't do [anything], we're done. It definitely wasn't pretty but we got the win."

On confidence going into next weekend:

"I'm confident, but we have to play better football. At least the offense has to go down there and play some better football. We're playing a tough team in Houston. It's a tough place to play so we have to get a big win on the road."

On the final kick:

"Oh yeah, I knew it was (going to) be in before he kicked it. He's money in those situations and he's done a great job."


On the attitude of the team coming out of halftime

"We just had to come out in the second half and make it happen. We didn't pretty much have a choice. We've got to win this game to keep our chances alive so we just have to come out. We've just got to come out and make plays."


On the success of the offense in the fourth quarter

"We're very confident. We go through that a lot. We've been put in a lot of situations this year where we have to drive down. We got put in a situation like that and we won the toss (in overtime). We've got to go ahead and try and pound it down there and try to get in great field goal position and that's what we did."


On the play of the team

"This was unbelievable. We came out here in the first half and play terrible. Coach (Smith) came out and challenged us and said we're not going out like this. We had to come out in the second half and do a lot better. We put together a few drives, ended up tying it up, the defense came through big time blocking the field goal, took it into overtime, made a few plays, kicked the field goal and won again in overtime. Just an unbelievable win today."

On the Bears still having a chance at making the playoffs

"That's what we're working toward. We've just got to take care of our business next week, go to Houston and play a good game there and win and hopefully Minnesota loses."


On feeling confident when kicking a game winning field goal

"It's what you live for as a kicker especially in a primetime game like this. It's kind of the same thing as last week (versus New Orleans): you get an opportunity to win the game, you want to do your job and you want your teammates to know they can rely on you at any time. I think the best part about it is how we fought back to get a big victory. We're still alive in the playoff hunt."


On the second blocked FG and the push from the Bears defensive line

"The season's on the line. This is a team we really can't stand and they're trying to ruin our season. We made a play, it was great and was an unbelievable game. I'm definitely going to get a copy of it."

On the play of special teams

"They were unbelievable. I think everybody did their job, everybody contributed when they needed to. (The) Offense put points on the board, special teams did their part by getting a turnover and Danieal (Manning) did his thing. (The) Defense gave up three points in the second half and they were put in a difficult situation with 2:30 left in the game."


On the clutch play of Robbie Gould

"You can't find a more clutch guy than him. It's almost not even a thought. If it's within a reasonable distance, he's about as automatic as you get. Every time the team calls on him to make a kick, he delivers."

On the division title race

"It's exciting just like how we won today on the big stage and coming from behind. It's a real credit to the team and the coaching staff. Everyone's excited, we obviously have to get back to work, we have one more week to take care of business and we'll see what happens."


On his long kickoff return

"Those guys in front of me, we work on timing schemes all week and basically you got to hit. Those guys are blocking their tales off. Pretty much, it's easy to run behind."

On dragging a Packer defender on his long kickoff return

"I'm just running, trying to be the Incredible Hulk out there. It feels good to win and Robbie Gould is special, this team is special. We just kept fighting.

On being without the big plays from special teams this year

"It's hard to say but if you didn't have big plays or turnovers on special teams it would be that much harder to win games."

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