Packers-Bucs Postgame Quotes



Opening Statement on injuries) "I'll start with injuries here. Will Blackmon had a quad, he did return. Jason Hunter had a hamstring injury, did not return. Aaron Rodgers had a shoulder bruise. We're looking at him right now, don't know the extent of that. (Cullen) Jenkins had a shoulder, he did not return. Aaron Rouse had a knee, he did not return and Nick Collins reinjured his lower back, he did not return."

(On A.J. Hawk leaving the game) "I don't have anything on Hawk."

(On Aaron Rodgers' return next week) "I have no idea. It's too early to tell. Maybe he was able to go back in and play the one series. I think tomorrow morning, like a lot of cases, will have a lot to do. Pat McKenzie really hasn't had the chance to put him through a thorough examination."

(On holding Aaron Rodgers for the one series) "I think they were still checking him out and it was clearly a medical decision to hold him that one series and then it was ok to go back in. Then they felt it wasn't ok for him to go back out after the interception."

(On their struggles) "I couldn't tell you specifically an exact breakdown. I'll just go through. Offensively, we were poor today, didn't run the ball very well. I thought they got after us upfront, the running back and the run blocking unit is not in sync. We need to get that corrected, that's two weeks in a row. We need to do a better job there. Pass protection, as a whole, the down and distance, particularly in the second quarter, we were playing up hill with the field position and the penalties. We just made a number of the same mistakes that we've made the first three weeks. That's four weeks now where we have penalties, turnovers. It's very difficult to win a football game like that. You're playing a good football team, they're a good defense and a tough environment. I just felt offensively we clearly didn't do enough to win the game. Not that our defense played outstanding. Time and time again they gave us a number of opportunities to win this football game and we didn't take advantage of it."

(On their tackling) "I thought the tackling was something we probably could have done a better job of in space. As it looked on the field, I mean on the film we'll ultimately tell, but the gap control looked like it was better than it was a week ago. But, I thought we could have done a better job in spots as far as our tackling."

(On play calling) "I'm confident that we have plenty of ammunition for our play selection as far as things we felt comfortable with, and as far as what Matt Flynn and Paul Cummings, the quarterback coach, felt comfortable with. We had opportunities to win the game, and excellent field position there at the end. It's disappointing that, once again, our defense gave us the opportunities on offense and we didn't take advantage of it."

(On their mistakes) "We're making the same mistakes which really bothers me. You know mistakes are going to happen. I'm not naïve to that. The fundamentals of football or the things you practice every single day and when they don't show up on Sunday, I definitely have a problem. That starts with me. I need to get it out of them. That's exactly what I told the football team. It's unacceptable for us to do the fundamental things wrong week in and week out. We need to get it fixed."

(On going for it on fourth-and-one in their first drive) "We actually quarterback sneaked it. It was fourth-and-inches. To start the game, like I stated earlier, we wanted to start fast. It was important to get up on this team. To answer your question, yes I was confident that we were going to be able to run the ball on the defense."


(On his take on the game today) "It's tough. We hurt ourselves, especially on offense. The defense gave us opportunity after opportunity and we just didn't come through. It hurts. It's one of those things that you can take from this game and you can grow from a game like this. We fought back, but yet we didn't fight hard enough because we didn't finish all the way through. It comes down to penalties and execution. At times we executed and at times we failed to execute, but more so than anything, I think we shot ourselves in the foot too many times and you can't do that in the National Football League."

(On the consistency of the offense) "It's tough, but you got to find a way to be consistent. I think the thing about it is if you can start to sustain drives and hold the ball you start to get into a rhythm and you start to develop that consistency, simply because you are on the field. You got everything going but you can't do it for one possession and not do it for the rest of the game. You have to at least have a constant flow every so often. Three-and-outs are going to happen. You are not going to just beat up on a team the entire game and everything go your way. There are going to be some negative plays that happen, some negative things that come out of it but in order to have a consistency, we have to be able to move the chains. You have to be able to execute number one first off and we at times were able to and at times in crucial moments in the game we weren't able to."


(On today's game) "Not very good, plain and simple. I started off pretty good, we started off moving the ball and doing some things, and then we didn't play well. My fumble in the second half is inexcusable, plain and simple. I have to perform at a higher level."

(On his individual performance) "Not good, not to my standard. Anytime you put the ball on the ground, it's a bad performance. Like I said it's inexcusable. It's not something we take, not something we allow. Putting the ball on the ground is not a part of what we do."

(On the team wanting to win) "Absolutely, we wanted to come down here and get a win. It's the next game on the schedule. We knew it was a big game against a good team, but we felt like if we came down here, played our game and played smart, we would be able to come out with a win. We still feel that way. No disrespect to Tampa Bay, they deserve it, they won the game, but we feel like we did some things to kind of give it away when we still had a shot. Like I said, my performance individually in the clutch, the backfield in general, is inexcusable and to put the ball on the ground and to give up turnovers like that."


(On why he was pulled in the first series) "I hurt my shoulder on the possession in the third quarter. The possession right before, I threw the touchdown pass. I was not sure if I dislocated it or what. It hurt pretty bad. I was getting diagnosed on the sidelines and we got the interception so I went back out there and threw the touchdown pass to (Greg) Jennings. I was in some pretty intense pain. We got the lead back and I tried to throw on the sidelines, but I just couldn't do it. The doctor sat me down but, as bad as it hurt I wanted to try and give it one more go."

(On which play he hurt his shoulder) "I hurt it on that third down scramble."

(On being able to play next week) "I'm not sure. We will take a look at it tomorrow and if there is any way that I can go, I'll go."

(On not being able to get in sync) "Turnovers, we had too many turnovers today that led directly to points. I think they scored off every one of our turnovers. They had 24 points off those turnovers. Our defense did a good job keeping us in the game and gave us great field position in the second half. We didn't execute at all on offense. You got to give the credit, they had a good game plan, but I think it was more about us not executing than them executing. We didn't make any plays."

(On whether they should have won the game) "You're not going to win in this league when you turn the ball over four times like that. It's disappointing; we have to be very critical of ourselves. We are 2-2 and have a tough stretch coming up. We have three games before the bye week and we need to get back to playing the kind of football we feel we are capable of playing. We haven't put together a whole game yet; four quarters where we are playing our style, which is executing and keeping drives alive. Today we didn't do that and Tampa Bay did and made the big plays when they needed to."

(On the running game being a problem again this year) "We'll have to watch the film to see what the biggest problem is but obviously we need to get that phase of our offense going. We are not able to put ourselves in a second-and-manageable and third-and-manageable situations than convert on third and one. That's been a big problem here the past couple of years. We've got to keep drives going by converting those third and short situations. I'm not worried about the line or getting the guys going, we just need to execute."


(On his interception and taking the lead and feeling as though the game was over) "Wish it was, but you have to keep playing. You might get a big play but you have to keep playing."

(On the team's performance) "Not playing good football, that's what it boils down to."

On the interference call) "I have been a part of worse calls. All you can do is keep playing, I had good position there is no question about that but he made the call. You have to line up and keep playing."

On his interception) "Nothing was open for him down field, he was going for the check down and we were in a zone, so I was able to sit there and read. He went through his progressions, he tried to go to the running back and I just broke."

(On making big plays) "You try to prepare yourself. The things you see on film, you have to trust that those are the things that are going to happen in the game. You just have to trust your instincts and go out there and try to make a play."

(On the physical and mental aspect of the team) "It has been a tough couple of weeks really; tough game. We had opportunities today nonetheless; we didn't come up with the win. We are beat up but there are no excuses, everybody in the league is beat up. That is not an excuse."


(Opening Statement) "I would just like to thank the Buccaneer fans for hanging in there with us. We won a very important game today against a very good team. I am really proud of our football team. Two weeks in a row we have shown a lot of grit coming from behind in the fourth quarter against a very good team. There are plenty of things that we can talk about and clean up, but at the end of the day, to beat the Green Bay Packers at home is a huge win for our football team. I can't say enough about Matt Bryant; what he has been though and what he did today. I think we all need to sit back and put ourselves in his shoes and recognize what a great performance he did under the circumstances."

(On what he said to Matt Bryant) "We gave him the game ball. There is not a lot to say. It has been a very, very difficult week for our team, and obviously for Matt. All I can say is 'God bless him' and we're praying for him. Everybody out there, I appreciate your support. It has been unbelievable."

(On if Matt Bryant said anything prior to the game) "No. He is a man of very few words. He always has been, and always will be. This was very important for him to play. I think he needed the game today; he needed football today. Boy, did he deliver for us."

(On the play of the Defense today) "We needed everybody, let's be honest. This was a strange game. They take the opening kickoff, moved the ball; it appeared to be easily for a score. Our defense played tremendously after that. Then, we had them in a 3rd down and 17 and they get a touchdown out of that. We give away the ball and it's an unbelievable turn of events. Third and 18 for a touchdown Green Bay, interception, interception down in the red zone; another interception. Woodson, I have always liked Woodson until today. Charles, I do not like you today, man. That was a big play. But again, we are down 21-20 and we ran the ball effectively. I really have to tip my hat to our team. Our defense, as you say, really did a great job down the stretch."

(On the play of Brian Griese) "Green Bay is good. Anybody who tries to throw the ball against Green Bay is going to struggle. I thought the first interception at the start of the second half, we had a great drive. We took the opening kickoff, moved it right down the field. It was a tight play, ball was tipped and intercepted. Not a lot I can say about that. I thought the ball was thrown fairly accurately. The second one, Nick Collins makes an unbelievable play. We got an open receiver, a tight end on a corner route. I don't think Brian Griese in his career has seen a middle safety break like Collins did in that particular situation. I am not making any excuses."

(On the play of Derrick Brooks) "Unbelievable. We had a long discussion this week with Derrick and knew he has been nursing and working through a tough injury. What he played like today was the Derrick Brooks that everybody recognizes. He made plays sideline to sideline; caused a couple turnovers, in my opinion. There is a lot of strength left in Derrick Brooks, and we need him in the final 12 weeks."

(On the play of Earnest Graham) "I hope somebody recognizes-maybe one of these fancy cable channels- we got one hell of a back here. I know they have all these other backs they have to cover, but this guy has had 100 yards in almost every game he has played here, period. Somebody will step up to the plate recognize he is a big-time back. He makes some explosive runs. He had a 60-yard run, a 50-yard run and a 47-yarder today. I just hope Earnest Graham gets the respect he deserves. I think he is very, very overshadowed in the world of backs."


(On back-to-back weeks with interceptions) "You've got to give that to the pressure that we had up front. I was just fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time again. The three down linemen got pressure, hit the quarterback, and fortunately, like I said, I was in the right place at the right time."

On the defense forcing turnovers lately) "It's just staying focused, that's the main thing. We've got a tough schedule and we've got some great teams coming in here. Green Bay, we knew they were going to give us a hard time, but we just had to stay focused and make key plays at the right time."

(On Aaron Rodgers being rattled) "In the heat of the game you don't really think about that, you just try to get to the quarterback. But like I said, we had good pressure all game. We've just got to stay focused and get better."

On if being 3-1 feels good) "Most definitely. We've just got to stay focused and get better."


(On how he played) "I just thank God I was in the position to make some great plays today. Our defense as a whole playing a better second half than we have in the previous weeks was a real big emphasis. We knew we needed a complete game to beat the Green Bay Packers today because they are explosive on offense."

(On the progress of the younger guys on defense) "We don't look at guys as being old or young, when you're in the game, you're in the game. You're expected to play well no matter who you are, being myself or Aqib. It doesn't matter because that is just the standard. When you are in there you are expected to do a job. Today it was a complete effort on defense."

(On his big plays) "I just try to be as humble as I can. I'm just thankful to be in the position to make the play. I've probably felt the best I've felt in weeks, with the hamstring. Today I felt as close to one hundred percent as possible. Thank God it showed with me be being able to make some plays. Anytime time the defense scores, we have a goal we are trying to get to and again another score today. So hopefully we can keep it going."


(On if considered not playing) "Did it cross my mind? Yes. I wanted to go out and honor Tryson's name. I didn't think that it was very fair that his life was so short. This is the best way I believed I could get out and honor him. I miss him and I wish he was here. He was here and he helped out."

(On the gesture he made after making field goals) "Today is his day. It was all about him for me. I talked with him personally, in my head throughout the game. I just wanted to remind him that he is my baby boy and that he is with me at all times."

(On the support from fans) "It was greatly appreciated, and that's another thing. I need to thank the Glazers, they helped out tremendously with my transition from here back to Texas and back here for the game. All the fans, we got a ton of letters, e-mails. Some players' wives went down and helped, Doug Gilcrease our team chaplain, Josh Bidwell, Josh's wife, Bethany. I am probably going to forget people, Coach Gruden. Anybody that has anything to do with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, fans, they all helped out tremendously, just being there for me and my wife and my family. They made it as easy as it could be to get through this."


On being 3-1) "To end the first quarter, what you call the first four games, 3-1 is a big deal. We have some wins against some division teams and some very good teams in our conference. It was a big deal for us."

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