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Packers defense has young lions

I'm not going to whine and cry about an official's call


Raff from Wallingford, CT

Vic, is it fair to say Coach McCarthy is in the prime of his coaching career now?

It is, and it's being defined by his quarterback.

Patrick from Minneapolis, MN

With a quarter of the season in the rearview, what has surprised you most?

I didn't expect the defense to get this good this quickly. The defensive coaching staff has done a fantastic job of developing young talent.

Rich from Grand Rapids, MI

Is the impact of the Rams' front lessened somewhat by the playing surface, or are they more than just speed rushers?

At the Senior Bowl, Aaron Donald threw Cyril Richardson, the Outland Trophy runnerup to Donald, through the air. The Rams have speed and strength. This will be the best front the Packers will have faced to date.

Brian from Lenexa, KS

What has changed the most in the Packers defense? Don't say Clay Matthews!

The Packers have young speed. The 2011 defense that finished last in the league was old and slow. This defense has young lions.

Jon from Bath, England

I know you are not big on stats, but I was surprised to see the Packers are only 21st in passing yards but third in rushing. Don't know about you, Vic, but I find that quite comforting.

It's very comforting because if you know how to read stats, what this means is the Packers have spent a lot of time protecting leads by running the ball. When you have the best quarterback in the game and you're 21st in passing, the next stat to check is pass attempts; the Packers are 24th in pass attempts. Bingo! Stats make sense when you use them to massage each other and explain the big picture. When they're isolated, they often lie.

Josh from Des Moines, IA

Is it your expectation for the Rams to rush four and drop seven into coverage? If so, Lacy is going to have a day.

I like the way you think.

Jeff from Anchorage, AK

I have to take issue with your comment regarding the recent hoopla with the Lions/Seattle game. You don't seem like the Teflon kind of guy, but that was a Teflon response. We all love the game and would talk ad nauseum if we could. The media food is all we have to eat in between games. We feed off the excitement of the game and form our own opinions, just like you. Unfortunately, we go off to our daily lives and live in worlds far from our love of the NFL and rely on the media to interpret what happened. Every fan has an opinion, but do you really believe the media is representative of what the fans think? If so, how does fan opinion influence the media so quickly?

I'm not sure I understand all of that rhetoric, but if you're saying you want me to whine and cry with you, then you've got the wrong column. I tell you what I think, not what you think.

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