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Packers defense was playing at high level

Independence Day is last stop before football


Don from Green Bay, WI

Vic, Joe Gibbs did, in fact, have "The Man," and his name is John Riggins, simply because back before this quarterback-driven era, a dominant running back could fit the classification of "The Man."

I disagree. Your statement might apply to the era previous to the rules changes of 1978, but even then the best teams had the best quarterbacks.

Paul from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I get it that the Bears is a more important game. We simply just want to beat Seattle and beat them good. Haven't you ever wanted you or your team to kick someone's butt just because they had it coming to them? Just from raw passion?

First of all, the players will decide the game, not the fans. All I'm trying to do is help the fans achieve a level perspective. Revenge is not a healthy emotion.

Sean-Luc from San Diego, CA

Do the Packers have enough depth in the defensive line to make it to the Super Bowl?

Yes. My expectation is for the Packers' young defensive line to become one of the team's strengths this season. A lot of draft picks have been spent on the defensive line. I think we're going to see young lions emerge.

Simon from Baltimore, MD

Vic, I love your writing style and insights, but the first time I watched one of your videos here on, I couldn't finish it because I had imagined your voice as low, resonant and somewhat gravely; in short, a real tough-guy voice since it matched your writing style and personality. Your real voice was too jarring for me. Thankfully, I have overcome that initial reaction and I'm now enjoying "Video Ask Vic."

This is great news.

Matthew from Maffra, WI

How would you rate Bakhtiari and Bulaga as a tackle tandem, compared to the rest of the league?

Grossly underrated.

Luke from Aiken, SC

Attending games in person, I always get an adrenaline rush as my Packers enter the field. I do not get this at home. Vic, not being a fan, do you still get this rush of emotion?

I love the build up to the start of the game. It always excites me. I get the same feeling that goes with the moments just before a heavyweight title fight, or the moments before the start of the 100-meter dash in the Olympics. I don't get that in baseball or basketball. I wonder why.

Patrick from Minneapolis, MN

At what point did football supplant baseball as America's most popular game?

It was on Dec. 23, 1972.

Barry from Hayward, WI

Vic, are there teams that will be cursed forever to never win a Super Bowl?

Every team will have its day.

Mary from Orange Park, FL

What little girl changed football forever? Do you remember the Heidi affair, Jets and Raiders, November 1968?

The "Heidi Game" was one of the early indications football's popularity was exploding.

Jim from Glen Ellyn, IL

Vic, I couldn't agree more that the game needs to become more Lombardi-like, however, I have to differ with you on warm-weather Super Bowls. Football is meant to be played in all kinds of weather. Rain, cold and especially snow can only add to the fortitude of the game. I miss the grimy, dirt-streaked uniform days of the Lombardi era.

I agree with you, except not for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is supposed to be a celebration of the season. It's difficult to celebrate in bad weather.

Craig from Lake Church, WI

When will they spend for the defense? Or will they waste Rodgers like they did Favre?

They spent for defense last season, and when the season ended the Packers defense was playing, by far, at the highest level I've witnessed since I began covering the team in 2011.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, what does Independence Day mean to you?

For me, it has always meant the last stop before football. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a full summer. For me, summer ends with the start of training camp. One of my sons was born in August. I've missed a lot of his birthdays covering preseason games. Labor Day? Doesn't exist for me. For me, Memorial Day is the mid-point of summer and the Fourth of July is the end of summer. For me, the Fourth of July evokes memories of the beach and "Street and Smith's" and football on the horizon. Independence Day makes me melancholy. I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer, and that's become especially true since I've been in Green Bay because this is when the hot weather begins. My seasonal clock is a mess. I hope yours isn't. I hope every Packers fan, especially those within the "Ask Vic" community, has a safe and happy Fourth of July. It's summer! Yippee!

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