Packers Fans Called Upon To 'Click For Cans' With Team In Championship


Clicks Needed Through Jan. 22 to Defeat Buffalo, Earn Total of 18,000 Cans

Packers fans are being called upon to "click" their team to its seventh consecutive title in the annual Campbell's Chunky soup "Click for Cans" online food drive.

The Packers are matched up against the Buffalo Bills in the championship round. Voting runs through Jan. 22, with individuals able to vote once a day.

Fans are encouraged to vote online at

A victory and its 5,000 cans would earn the team a grand total of 18,000 cans of soup to be donated to Wisconsin hunger relief efforts. Thus far this season, the Packers have earned 13,000 cans: 1,000 cans automatically go to each team, and the Packers' win last week at the conference championship level garnered 12,000 cans.

In winning each of the past six contests, Packers' fans have earned nearly 80,000 cans of soup for Wisconsin food banks through the virtual food drive.

The Packers will work with the Wisconsin Hunger Task Force to select statewide pantries/food banks to receive the cans. A distribution date will be determined as well.

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