Packers Fans Enjoy Football And Food At Curly's Pub With '5th Quarter' And 'Sunday Ticket Specials'



Packers fans this season have been enjoying two new featured programs at Curly's Pub: '5th Quarter' and 'NFL Sunday Ticket Specials.'

The '5th Quarter' features special pricing on selected appetizers and drinks, as well as discounted game cards for Curly's Pub Game Zone. The hours of the '5th Quarter' are 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday, except home game weekends.

The 'NFL Sunday Ticket Specials' are served each Sunday (or a Monday or Thursday, when applicable) when the Packers are on the road and feature culinary specials from the city in which the team is playing. For example, this Sunday's game vs. the Minnesota Vikings features a bluegill fish fry. Remaining road game specials are pan-fried trout (Denver), K.C. strip steak (Kansas City), chicken fried steak (Dallas), barbeque ribs (St. Louis) and Italian beef and sausage combo (Chicago).

Watch Sunday Night Football with Mark Tauscher: An additional component of the new programs at Curly's Pub is a contest whose winner and five guests will have the opportunity to watch Sunday night football at Curly's Pub with Packers offensive tackle Mark Tauscher.

Now through Oct. 15, during '5th Quarter' hours at Curly's Pub, patrons can register for the chance to win an evening of watching the Pittsburgh Steelers-Denver Broncos game, Oct. 21, with Tauscher. The winner will be notified Oct. 16.

On Oct. 21, a section of Curly's Pub will be specially outfitted with comfortable seating and a 50-inch high-definition flat-screen TV. Throughout the evening, Tauscher and six lucky fans will be treated to food and non-alcoholic beverages.

For more information on the contest, and to take in some great '5th Quarter' and 'NFL Sunday Ticket Special' action, fans are encouraged to visit Curly's Pub.

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