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Packers fans everywhere unite


Packers fans from Maui to Miami localize the spirit of Lambeau Field weekly during the season, uniting to cheer for the Super Bowl XLV champions in bars, restaurants and in their homes.

The Packers are now providing an opportunity for those fans to easily share their passion for the team and watch games together. Today, the club is launching "Packers Everywhere" (, a free, comprehensive directory of official Packers bars and restaurants throughout the United States. It's also a way for fans to sign up and connect with each other. is an online destination for fans looking to find the best places to watch Packers games with those that share their dedication to the team. Nearly 1,000 bars and restaurants have already signed up, and the list is growing daily.

The website features an interactive, searchable map that allows fans to find official Packers bars, restaurants and events near them, no matter how far they live from Lambeau Field. The team will be offering exclusive Packers deals, tickets to games, giveaways and other benefits to fans, bars and restaurants.

"We are fortunate to have such a unique fan base that supports us across the country," Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said. "If I'm a Packers fan, whether I'm at home or traveling, I would want to know where the best places I can go to be in a great environment with other fans. We recognized there was nothing officially affiliated with our team that provided this, so we created this opportunity for our fans to make that easier." will provide new, original content about the team's fans and bars, and fans can also send in photos and stories to be featured on the site. Bars and restaurants will be able to update their information for upcoming specials catering to fans who visit It's free to everyone, and a soon-to-be-released mobile phone app will keep fans and bars connected.

The club will be sending gear to official "Packers Everywhere" establishments. For a handful of road games, team officials and alumni will make stops at official "Packers Everywhere" bars. On similar trips in past years, Murphy saw the support around the country and he realized the need for a program that makes it easy for fans to find each other.

"A few years ago we went to Arizona, and I'll never forget it because the line to get in wrapped around the building," he said. "That was the first time I thought we needed something across the country where people could come together. This will make it easier for our fans and something they'll appreciate.

"We have a huge fan base, and I think more than any other team, I think if we aren't someone's favorite NFL team, we might be their second-favorite. Being in the smallest market makes us easy to pull for. The bars and restaurants are going to appreciate this, and our fans prefer to watch the games together. People are going to like it."

Visit to join the team today.

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