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Packers fans jittery, but it's a good jittery

Week off should help Packers have fresh leg


Philipp from Stuttgart, Germany

I see more and more experts pick the Cowboys over the Packers. The main thing everyone keeps saying is they will be able to control the clock and keep Aaron Rodgers off the field. How much of this is actually as important as we think?

Stopping the run? It's critical.

Ryan from Chippewa Falls, WI

Vic, athletes and fans alike have all kinds of weird superstitions. Are you a superstitious guy when it comes to rooting your team on? I received a vintage Bart Starr t-shirt for Christmas and I'm thinking that wearing it on Sunday will help channel Bart's magic and bring victory.

I wear my Joe Greene jersey backwards for the big games.

Greg from Yorktown, NY

Vic, while watching replays of the "Ice Bowl" on TV the past few days, I've noticed that kickers used to take a straight-line approach toward the ball prior to kickoffs and field goals. Around which year did kickers begin taking an angled approach and what was the reasoning behind it?

Pete Gogolak is widely considered to be the father of soccer style kicking in football. He played for the Bills in 1964-65, before signing with the Giants. His success resulted in more soccer style kickers entering pro football. Before long, the straight-line guys were gone. The theory is that soccer style kicking allows for more power and control because more of the foot contacts the ball.

Harry from Houston, TX

Vic, would you expect some early blitz packages by Dallas to test how mobile Rodgers is?

That makes a lot of sense.

Chris from Burlington, ON

Vic, with Rodgers' calf injury, do you see a lot more shotgun and pistol formations?

The Packers have been using the pistol formation during Rodgers' bout with his calf injury. The pistol allows him to avoid having to use his bad leg to drop back into the pocket, but having the backs set behind him produces the same effect as Rodgers being under center. The pistol allows a team to run the ball with power.

Brad from Gallatin, TN

Vic, some of my earliest memories as a Packers fan have been from the playoff games at Dallas in the 1990s. I am still haunted by John Madden's voice telling me Favre has overthrown, yet, another receiver because he cannot figure out the crown of the field. Tell me, what is it that Troy Aikman will say that will haunt Cowboys fans for years to come?

The Cowboys have dropped, yet, another pass because they cannot deal with the cold?

David from Warrenton, VA

Vic, it's third down and inches to go to pay dirt. There are 15 seconds left on the clock and the Packers are down by three. What do you call?

Field goal.

Patrick from Glendale, AZ

Vic, since you stated you like playfulness, wouldn't it be a good idea to make sure there's a large pile of snow behind the visitor's bench? I'm sure the Dallas team would appreciate it since the young fellas probably haven't ever had any snow to play with. It would give them an opportunity to make snow men and do snow angels. Of course, we wouldn't want the snow pile to be too high to block the fans' view of the field.

I wouldn't go that far, but I'd make sure there was a large pile of snow where they would step off their bus when they arrive for the game.

Alex from Tipton, IA

Couldn't stand the thought of a "Tundra Takeover," so I bought tickets. Lambeau Field, here we come!

You're a good man, Alex.

Patrick from Latham, NY

I went to the Buffalo game this year and by the end of it I was numb because I hadn't prepared. I know Packers fans prepare much better for the tundra games, but knowing how you feel about the Green Bay cold, does it stun you as much as it does me that so many fans are able to sit through the cold for hours on end?

I'm amazed by it. I couldn't make it 10 minutes. Packers fans are as hearty as they are loyal.

Nathan from Oconomowoc, WI

Other fans leave the stadium when their team is losing by an unfavorable margin. When is the last time you noticed this happen in Lambeau? I think it says a lot about our fans.

Packers fans "stay" better than any fans I've ever seen. I've also noticed that Packers fans have the longest arms of any fans in the league.

Connor from Thousand Oaks, CA

What's the mood like, Vic? Is Packernation excited or nervous?

My inbox is jittery, but it's a good kind of jittery because it's a respectful jittery.

Patrick from Minneapolis, MN

If you could write the script for the last two minutes of the game, how would it end? Last-second field goal or TD to win? Defensive stop? Victory formation?

Any kind of drama works for me, but imagine the storyline should Rodgers limp his team to victory in the final seconds of the game. Imagine where something like that might rank in Packers lore. That's the kind of stuff about which sportswriters dream.

Ken from Long Beach, CA

Vic, there is a lot of media hype claiming Dallas is a hot team coming off the Detroit win. Decades ago, I recall Tom Landry commenting about a team coming off the first-round bye with fresh legs. I am not a Cowboys fan but feel his statement has merit. Do you think the extra week's rest significantly helps the Packers?

I'm only concerned about one leg, and I think the week off is going to make a big difference for that leg.

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