Packers Getting Situated In Lambeau Addition


While much of the administrative staff will move next week, the Packers' football operations staff has relocated to their office spaces inside the new east wing of Lambeau Field. Of course, that doesn't mean they're 'moved in.'

Tuesday morning, the number of boxes waiting to be emptied still outnumbered the flattened ones. As he unpacked, offensive line coach Larry Beightol joked that he was still trying to figure out how to position his office furniture.

With training camp just around the corner, Pepper Burruss and his staff worked feverishly to get the training room in order. Tuesday evening, the equipment staff planned to unpack 400 crates full of team gear.

And this is only the beginning. The rest of the administrative staff will relocate late next week.

In the near future, after things have been put in order, plans to provide fans with a video tour of portions of the new building, including player facilities like the locker room, training room and weight room. Stay tuned!

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