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Packers Hall Of Fame Displays Telegrams To Lombardi & Team


The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame this summer again is proving to be a popular place for fans to visit and new displays in the Hall are drawing rave reviews.

The new displays, two kiosks and a mural both located just inside the entrance to the hall, feature Northwestern Union telegrams from the Vince Lombardi era. The kiosks contain the actual telegrams that were sent to Lombardi and the Packers offering congratulations for victories in various championship games of the '60s.

The mural displays large reproductions of some of the more notable telegrams, including a message from President John F. Kennedy. The mural also features a picture of Lombardi and golf legend Jack Nicklaus taken while the two enjoyed a round at Green Bay's Oneida Golf and Country Club.

"The new displays have been an excellent addition to the Hall," said Tom Murphy, the Hall of Fame's archivist. "Lombardi literally had hundreds of telegrams that he kept in his files. The family donated them to the team after he went on to be coach and general manager for the Washington Redskins. What's interesting is that he kept so many, not just the ones from other NFL owners and family members, but also telegrams from ordinary fans.

"We've had the telegrams in our archives for years and this is a great way for fans to see them. It's been quite a hit with the fans. The Hall has the ability to add these types of new displays and rotate in some of our great memorabilia."

Among the telegrams received by Lombardi are several congratulations from his mother and father and other members of his family. Other NFL owners, including George Halas, offered congratulations, as did former Packers great Don Hutson, broadcaster Howard Cosell, prominent politicians and classmates of Lombardi.

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