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Packers have tough finishing schedule

Trades usually favor team trading the player


Steven from Hackettstown, NJ

Vic, have you ever watched NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone? If so, do you think it's a great way to see everything, or do you miss the true meaning of watching one full game?

I got into it a couple of years ago because it was a way of seeing everything, so to speak. Then I found myself relying on it and having to break the habit of wanting to see every game. The red zone channel is addictive. I'm not ever going back there. I need more from football than highlights. The NFL has done a fantastic job of creating a product with something for everybody; not everybody is a football purist, as I am. Most people, in fact, watch football solely for entertainment. I'm not one of them. I need more than entertainment. I need meaning. For me to find meaning, I have to follow one team closely. Maybe that's a result of what I've done for 44 years. If it is, I'm glad it happened.

Jeff from Peynier, France

Vic, the problem isn't really the refs, is it? I'm amazed how skilled and accurate they are on 95 percent of the calls you see in replay. Someone upstairs is telling them to throw all these flags, don't you think?

The league obviously wants the game called closely. From where I sit, there are two main areas of concentration: offensive holding and defensive pass interference/illegal contact/holding. I get the feeling the league favors passing and pass rushing. The irony is the rules changes of 1978, which made the game what it is today, seem to be the targets of officiating today.

Tyler from Neenah, WI

Of the contenders, the Packers' away schedule is the toughest in the league. We potentially will face five away games against teams with a winning record. As you know, it's extremely hard to beat good teams at their own place. My prediction is by season's end the Packers will be extremely battle tested with a few lumps and some tough losses; 11-5 with the fourth or fifth seed. Then look out.

I like the way you think. You have verve. You're not afraid to have to play to win. You don't want a title handed to you. You're my kind of guy.

Aaron from Lutz, FL

Vic, I'm so relieved! Can I now stop worrying about peaking too early?

Absolutely. I'm relieved, too. My inbox is a quirky place. After a win, I can hear it giggling as it waits for me to open it so it might proclaim the Packers to be the greatest team with the greatest fans, traditions, history, etc. Following a loss, it angrily yells at me: "Ketchman, open me! You're a shill! Fire everyone!" I love my inbox.

Cory from Milton, ON

Vic, where do you set your expectations for the Packers finding a running game with Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis being on the other side of the ball?

The Panthers are No. 20 against the run, so somebody must've run the ball on them. They're No. 7 against the pass and they have 20 sacks. Based on those stats, running the ball would seem to be a reasonable option.

Joe from Milwaukee, WI

Please remind your readers Vernon Davis' last receiving touchdown was Week 1 of the 2014 season. I imagine he's going to be a weapon for Denver, but they aren't getting the Vernon Davis we're all thinking of.

Trades are a crap shoot and they usually favor the team trading the player.

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