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Packers keep general seating ticket prices flat for 2021 season

Potential for 17-game regular season, three-game preseason reflected in invoices for Gold package; “Pay As We Play” program again offered for playoff tickets

Lambeau Field
Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers today announced that general seating ticket prices for the 2021 season will remain flat, with per game prices the same as the 2020 season.

Invoices are being sent to Season Ticket Holders this week and will include a brochure outlining the details. All ticket holders, regardless of whether they applied last year's payment to 2021, will receive an invoice.

Beginning this year, the NFL may move to a 17-game regular-season schedule and a three-game preseason schedule. While the change has yet to be finalized, it is anticipated that NFC teams and AFC teams would alternate hosting the additional game annually, having either nine home regular-season games and one home preseason game, or eight home regular-season games and two home preseason games. The NFL is still determining which conference will host the additional game in 2021.

Because the Packers have two ticket packages, the Green and Gold package will take turns receiving either the additional regular-season game or the preseason game. The Gold package will be first to receive the additional game, and the Green package will receive that year's one preseason game. When the additional game is hosted for the second time by the NFC, Green package will receive the additional game, and the Gold package will receive that year's one preseason game.

In years when the 17th game is not hosted at Lambeau Field, Green and Gold packages will both remain the same, with each package receiving a preseason game and their ordinary number of regular-season games.

Gold package Season Ticket Holders will receive an invoice for 2021 that reflects the additional home regular-season game and the elimination of the preseason game. Those who applied their payment from last year to this year will be required to pay the difference between the price of the preseason game and the addition of another home regular-season game. In the event that Lambeau Field does not host a ninth home regular-season game in 2021, Gold package Season Ticket Holders will receive a refund of the difference between the cost of the regular-season and preseason game. Green package Season Ticket Holders' invoices will be the same as last year.

Should the COVID-19 pandemic prevent Lambeau Field from hosting fans at full capacity, the Packers will initiate refunds similar to the process in 2020, and Season Ticket Holders will have the chance to opt in or out for the opportunity to purchase tickets if a limited group of fans can be hosted. If fans are hosted at full capacity, refunds will not be issued and Season Ticket Holders will not have the chance to opt out.

"We're pleased to keep our prices flat this year to reflect that many of our Season Ticket Holders could not attend games last season," Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said in a letter enclosed with the brochure. "We are hopeful and optimistic that we'll be able to enjoy games with our Season Ticket Holders at Lambeau Field in 2021, and we look forward to the potential expansion of the NFL regular-season schedule."

Pricing in 2021 is as follows: end zone seats are $58 for preseason, $118 for regular season; south end zone 700 level seats are $61 for preseason, $121 for regular season; south end zone 600 level seats are $64 for preseason, $129 for regular season; end zone to the 20‐yard line seats are $69 for preseason, $134 for regular season; between the 20-yard lines seats are $74 for preseason, $149 for regular season.

Payment is due in the Packers' ticket office by May 14, an extension to the ordinary deadline in consideration of the ongoing pandemic. Season Ticket Holders are reminded that Lambeau Field is now cashless, and invoices must be paid by credit/debit card or check.

Additionally, "Pay As We Play" continues as the method for both Green and Gold package holders to pay for playoff tickets. There is the potential to host three possible home playoff games, and by signing up for Pay As We Play, ticket holders commit to purchase tickets for all home playoff games. By registering online for the Pay As We Play program, both Green and Gold package ticket holders can lock in special pricing for a possible Wild Card home game. These special ticket prices, which range from $112 to $142, are lower than their respective regular-season prices.

Green package holders have the first right of refusal on seat locations for the playoffs and are being asked to commit by Aug. 13. Gold package holders who register by Aug. 13 will be placed in a drawing and, if selected, randomly assigned seats not used by the Green package holders.

Lambeau Field premium seat ticket prices are set per client contracts. Additional information regarding ticket prices, as well as invoices, will be sent to premium seat ticket holders in the next week.

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