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Packers launch 'Get Loud Lambeau' campaign in advance of Sunday's Packers-Lions game


The Green Bay Packers announced today the launch of a new fan engagement campaign called "Get Loud Lambeau," aimed at encouraging fans and game attendees to get loud and on their feet during Packers games.

With the opportunity Sunday afternoon to secure a first-round bye and a home playoff game, the team is asking for help from the fans to make the most of Lambeau Field's home-field advantage this Sunday and beyond. Standing up and getting loud during appropriate times, such as while the Packers are on defense, can make Lambeau Field an even more electric and exciting gameday atmosphere. 

The Green Bay Packers launched a 'Get Loud Lambeau' campaign in advance of Sunday's Packers-Lions game. Photos by Tyler Gajewski,

Packers players, coaches and employees will wear "Get Loud Lambeau" t-shirts throughout the week. During the game, messages on the TundraVision, new music, signs and game giveaways will help to let fans know when it is most crucial to get loud and stand up.

"Our fans make Lambeau Field one of the best stadiums in the NFL both for visitors and competitors, and Get Loud Lambeau can help to make the Packers even more formidable at home," said Gabrielle Dow, the team's vice president of marketing and fan engagement. "If our fans get loud and on their feet, they can energize our players and coaches to make a huge difference in the game's outcome."

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