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Packers Lead Campbell's Campaign


Winners a year ago, the Green Bay Packers currently lead the Click for Cans contest that's part of Campbell's Tackling Hunger Campaign.

Located on the Campbell's Chunky website (, NFL fans can log on and click the helmet logo of their favorite NFL team. In turn, Chunky's will donate a can of soup to a local food bank.

Currently, the Packers are in the lead with more than 17,700 votes. The Cleveland Browns are second with more than 13,400 votes, followed by the San Diego Chargers, Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints, respectively.

Fans can vote once a day for their favorite NFL team.

Campbell's goal is to donate 5 million cans of soup in conjunction with the Click for Cans project.

Last season the Packers received an astonishing 896,762 votes, nearly double that of the Buffalo Bills' runner-up total of 479,087.

Click here to cast your vote and help Campbell's tackle hunger!

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