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Packers need to lean harder on run game

Packers' points-allowed ranking impressive


Ben from Greenville, WI

A friend of mine attended a game a few years ago in which the Packers were blowing out the other team. Someone asked him if it was even fun to go to a game like that. He responded, "Yeah, cuz then it's just a party with 80,000 of my closest friends."

That's an interesting point of view. I think that might represent the opinion of the majority of season ticket holders.

Derek from South Point, OH

Eddie Lacy's run count seems much less this year. Is this simply because Rodgers is healthy, which means Lacy doesn't need to be the workhorse, or does Coach McCarthy have him on a pitch count, saving him for later in the year?

Aaron Rodgers mentioned regret for not getting more carries for Lacy and James Starks. I think the Packers need to lean a little harder on the run game. I think they might've become victims of their own aggressiveness. The running game is a valuable tool. Right now, it's No. 22 in the league. I'd like to begin seeing that number rise as we head toward December.

Mitch from Hackensack, NJ

Vic, when looking at defensive statistics, it's safe to say some stats are overrated. Currently, the Packers rank 19th in yards allowed per game, but ninth in points allowed per game. Some naysayers will point to the yards and claim the Packers haven't improved much on defense, but the points allowed tell a completely different story.

You have to look at all of the stats to know the whole story. Ultimately, it comes down to points allowed, but even that can become a misleading stat if it's married with an offense that's dominating time of possession. Ninth in points allowed per game is much more impressive when achieved on a team with an up-tempo offense than it is on a team with a bleed-the-clock approach. I think the Packers' ranking for points allowed per game is very impressive considering the Packers' low ranking in time of possession.

Peter from Allendale, NJ

Vic, I'm a big fan of James Starks and what he brings to the Packers offense. Who is the best change-of-pace back you can remember?

James Brooks. It's probably an exaggeration to put him into the change-of-pace category, but Ickey Woods was the Bengals' star and it always felt as though Brooks was Woods' complement.

Ted from Overland Park, KS

Thank you, casual football fan. You caused me to miss the second half of my beloved Packers because the network felt compelled to switch to the Rams-Seahawks game on Sunday. When will this madness stop?

That's exactly what happened and it's not going to stop. The casual fans are TV's target audience.

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